• I can't seem to figure out how to open my books.
    1. You can either log in to app.logos.com or install the Faithlife eBook app to access your digital books or install Logos from https://www.logos.com/get-started then log in to it. You would use the same credentials either way, .
  • I purchased the free audiobook Humilty, but I cannot access it in the audio section in my app. Says I have 0 audiobooks. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
    1. Hi Melissa, were you able to get the help you need?
    2. Yes, I figured it out! Thank you!
  • Recently I have been purchasing more books on Faithlife, largely for the convenience of having it electronically. I am finding a problem with the books from Faithlife however, because I am not able to find page numbers on many of the books. Is there a way to get page numbers from these books?
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      When you open a book, look at the top of the window next to the magnifying glass, and you should find an icon of three dots. This opens visual filters. One of the choices there should be to show page numbers, if they're available for that resource. Once you select that option, you should see the page numbers appear at the bottom of the resource window.
  • I purchased a Faithlife ebook but it is still not showing up in my Logos library. Am I missing something to get it onto my Logos?
    1. Although there are some resources that won't work in the mobile version, you could check to make sure it shows up there. Also, has your desktop app updated and indexed again after you made the purchase? It probably won't show up in your library until that has comleted.
    2. Everything you buy on Faithlife should show up in Logos, but it may take a bit to show up. I know I typically have to wait 5-20 minutes for Logos to sync, download, and make it available, whether I buy off Logos or Faithlife.
    3. Thank you! I’ll wait a bit and check desktop first!
  • Hey everyone. We entered into an international podcasting competition with a short message of the good news of Jesus during these rough times. Please vote for our entry myrodecast.com/listen/entry/2470
    1. How do I undo highlights in the ebook?
      1. Reselect the highlight and then delete.
    2. I am a Faithlife Connect Essentials member, i cannot seem to figure out how to get my two books each month. Are these preselected books that are just added to my library, or do i get to pick two books? if i get to pick two books, how do i get them free? Also, i am not getting any emails from Faithlife regarding my subscription or any promo deals and i just checked all my settings and i am supposed to. They are not in my spam or junk email either. Please help.
      1. You need to use the coupon code you can fine at... https://connect.faithlife.com/get-started Select the link for "Ebooks" About 1/2 way down the page on the left you "Should" see a coupon code to use. You should be able to select any resource classified as "Faithlife Classic eBooks". (You can filter foe these by selecting the proper filter on the left side of your browser while viewing the store from either Logos.com or ebooks.faithlife.com. put the proper number of books in your shopping cart, apply the coupon code before finalizing your purchase and you "again should" see the price for your book choices drop to zero ($0.00).
      2. oops... the code is on the right side of the screen (at least it is for me).
    3. Hello, I wonder if perhaps or can request someone look into a resource question I have. Can you say when "Rejoicing in Christ" by Michael Reeves will become available? It seems the same book is available in the UK under the title "Christ Our Life." Someone told me they were able to purchase Rejoicing in Christ at one time, but it is no longer available on Logos or FL Ebooks. Will the UK edition perhaps be showing up soon? Thanks!
      1. Hi Eric, this resource won’t be be available for purchase until we are able to get it into the Logos store. We are in the process of making this happen, but we do not have a solidified date.
      2. Thanks for checking into this for me, , I really appreciate it. Have a nice weekend!
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        Of course!
    4. Hello. So Fortunately, I got the ebook Catena Aurea volume 1 by St. Thomas Aquinas (St. Thomas!), For free; But I can't seem to find it in my library. I closed and restarted the app. What might be the problem? Please, I really eagerly desire to learn of this book. thank you in advance. God bless!~
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        Can you find in in the desktop version but not the mobile version, or vice verse? Make sure your desktop version has completed its synchronization and updates. Also, do you live outside the United States? Some books are not deliverable to some areas due to the publisher’s regulations.