• Hello Faithlife.com users. We have been contacted about 2 instances of Bad Actors (Email Gift Card Scams) creating a Faithlife account and requesting to join ministry groups as a Member. If given Member level access they will have access to your online member directory which may include email addresses and phone numbers of your members. Stay Vigilant! If you do not know them, do not add them as a member.
  • When will analytics for the website be available?
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      Hello Thorsten, thanks for reaching out to us with this question. Here is a support article on setting up google analytics for your website with us: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/4411329054989-Set-up-Google-Analytics-on-Your-Faithlife-Website. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
  • Does anyone have experience with the confidence monitor in Proclaim. It seems to me that it doesn't work when you attempt to edit. Does anyone know how to use it?
    1. Hello, , Rob - I continued to play with this after we talked on the phone. I put a Presentation "Song with Confidence" in with your other Presentations. It shows the singer's name on the slide and lyrics in the confidence monitor for Amazing Grace as you were wanting. I'll be available 8 - 4 (Pacific) to discuss should you need further assistance.
  • This isn't really Faithlife related, but I thought I'd reach out to this community for some recommendations. We've been using Quickbooks for our accounting and payroll, but we have seen some pretty significant prince increases with them and another one on the horizon, so we're considering a switch. Not to mention that our treasurer really hates Quickbooks anyway:) We're a small church and our accounting is pretty simple and we only have 4-5 employees who get payed through the payroll system. Just need to be able to record expenses and income, reconcile our bank account and create reports. We don't need to produce giving statements since we do that with Faithlife (and if Faithlife discontinues that platform I think we would be able to do that with any replacement we select). Been looking at Wave, but wanted to see if others have a favorite. Thanks!
    1. yes we are.
    2. - How difficult was it for your ministry to get in TechSoup? We attempted, but we don't hold a 501(c)(3) - yet - and when we attempted they wanted a federal tax id that the feds recognized as non-profit. Hence TechSoup didn't let us in.
    3. Samuel stone, can you give some details about TechSoup and explain how to use it. I think this would help a lot of those with the cost of purchasing things like Quickbook etc. Thanking you for the heads up on TechSoup!
  • When will font, bold, colour, etc become options when posting under News? Without these options, posts are not as impactful as they could be. See below. No options (pic 1) versus options (pic 2).
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      Appreciate the feedback, sorry the current route isn't adequate. Curious to know why the article route isn't feasible here? Does it not have all the bells and whistles to create a post that gives you text customization while drawing a CTA (call to action) to your audience?
    2. I guess...for me personally...I automatically go to posting. It just seems the logical place for a quick notification to our members instead of using the article way. I am just curious why the "bells and whistles" aren't included with ALL of the News postings. How do YOU use Post under News or how did FL envision users to use Post?
    3. I use POST most often. If you use articles you must sacrifice the BLOG widget on your website. Articles post to the website and I personally don't want all my postings on the website.
  • It happened again! Sent a Communication out on Sunday morning. 73 were detected as spam. Sent to the same group another message later in the day with no problems. 70% of my recipients were left out of the loop on Sunday morning. Not Good. Please find a solution to this problem.
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      Hi , We think the url link in the text might be flagging spam on certain mobile platforms. Can you do a test without the url link to a sample of those that were getting the errors that you feel comfortable testing with?
    2. I send that same link out every week.
    3. If you notice the "Experiencing God!" comm I sent later in the day had the same url link included and did not fail. Now 12 show still sending. That's a problem in itself.
  • any update on the lengthy assessment of Faithlife Equip? Word on the street is Faithlife Equip will be shuttered, and I would like to know which components might stay and which will go. As a pastor of an older congregation, I have a lot of trust equity tied up in recently convincing them to spend time, energy, and no small percentage of budget on a ship that may have already begun to sink. Answers?
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      , your title is "Senior Director of Customer Care and Experience" and right now Faithlife's customers are getting very bad care and a negative experience (which is being talked about in a wider scope than this thread!). Will you really wring out every cent of subscription payments by waiting to the last possible second to tell us which components of Faithlife Equip are being terminated? I've had a website waiting in the wings for months now, all the while paying fees, but waiting to hear if it would live more than a week after I publish.
    2. Hi, . I will reach out to you this week and we can discuss your concerns.
    3. Will we be getting THE update from Faithlife this week?
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    Please up vote this feature request: Currently, if we want to reorganize the sections in the newsletter we are only able to drag sections DOWN. This becomes tedious if one section needs to move above multiple sections. We have to pull down all those other sections for the one to be above instead of just moving the one section up.
    1. is there a way to create a link that I can include in a newsletter that invites folks to sign up for Faithlife and join our church group?
      1. Hi , You can provide the link for your Church Group's activity page which will give them an option to request to follow or join based on your groups privacy settings. Otherwise, I think the QR code we provide when your in your mobile app settings is a great way to get people to join your group in a seamless way that also helps them to download the Faithlife app. You can see more about that here: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045605431-Customize-the-Faithlife-Mobile-App-for-Your-Church
    2. I have a team (MOBC-Ensemble) When I select Team Prospects, the display continues to re-load on the screen in a loop.
      1. Hi , Thanks for the report, are you still having issues with this? I'm not quite clear what you mean by the display continues to reload on the screen in a loop. Can you elaborate a bit more about what you're seeing? Or are you able to perhaps send in a video capture of what you're experiencing?
    3. We uploaded a bunch of pictures from a 200th anniversary celebration onto the website. Only some people can view them. What could be the problem?
      1. Hello sorry to hear you are having issues with the photos. It soulds like the photos may have their permissions set to a specific Church Group Participation Level you can check/change this by going to Community > Content > Files Hold the Shift Key and Click on the first Photo and the then the last Photo in your recently uploaded then release the Shift Key The Pane on the right will tell you how many assets have been selected and you would want to click on the Participant Level in the "Can View" section to set it to the group you want to be able to see, if you are OK with sharing it publicly you can set it to public.