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    Welcome to the Faithlife Equip group

    Faithlife Equip is currently in early access in a handful of U.S. churches. When Faithlife Equip is released, this group will be the first to know.

    Members of the Faithlife team are part of this group to share the latest Faithlife Equip developments, answer questions and listen to your ideas for product improvements.

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  • Scheduling Stopgap Solutions. Does anybody have a temporary approach to scheduling church volunteers until such time that Equip includes this feature?
    1. Hey you can see all the calendars on the public calendar because you are an admin and a part of all the groups. People who are not a part of the subgroups do not see the calendars for those groups.
    2. Anh - I had a suspicion that that was the case. Is is legit for me to create a second (non-admin) account at a second email address so I can see what a typical user sees? Or I could just borrow my wife's phone/laptop.
    3. , totally legit. It's your group! I have two logins.
  • How can we create an anonymous election form to allow our people to vote for the various positions without showing who voted for what publicly but allowing us to see who voted so we can make sure nobody votes twice?
    1. , you can utilize our Forms feature to accomplish this. The responses will not be visible publicly, but you will be able to see who submitted them.
  • Hi, I am Inez, and I am the assistant minister at my church. I am also the media and IT for our church. I have been using proclaim for a while for the morning services. I have a hard time understanding the other part of this program, which seems to be an excellent program. I have Logos, and I have WordSearch, which is now part of Faithlife. I had those programs before going to seminary, and I use them regularly now. My church has been using PayPal for a long time. My Pastor has asked if we could bring everything we are using now into the Proclaim platform. I told him I don't think so because that means we would have to discontinue what we have, which we have mastered, and learn something new, which will be very difficult for a congregation of mostly seniors. I have started a group for women, and the young women are having trouble joining. They don't understand that they must join and understand checking out the site is not joining. I can't see what they see unless they call me to walk them through the joining process. Maybe someone got some suggestions about this process of joining when an invite is sent to members. Getting the members to join the Proclaim group is hard. Some have said they got messages to purchase or download, which they do are afraid to download anything.
    1. Hello Inez . I will reach out to you directly to see if we can't get your questions answered.
    2. I have been calling, and the support has been great. We were able to straighten out my setup of groups and clear up some other matters of setup. It is hard to reach them in the mornings. I am using the group part, and it has been great. I just got walk the members through the setup. I found it was hard for our members to join using their cellphones or iPads. The invite took them to connect.faithlife.com and asked for a credit card and billing information. I had to instruct them to download the app first and then join. Those that join love it and we are exploring the program, looking at all it is offering. I wish I could have my bulletins show in any group I select without the person having to join the Church group. Love the program!
  • No matter which party holds office, our God still holds the world!
    1. I added a Bible study from Logos to my “Green Team.” The first time I did it one of the people from my group saw it and started reading along with me as we were trying to use group features we had not used previously. Now, I assigned another one, “14 Days of Worship,” and I cannot seem to see it on our “Green Team.” I double checked and it is shared and shows it is shared with the “Green Team” in Logos but does not show it in our Faithlife group.
      1. Can you share a link to where all your Wednesday videos are? I found them once but apparently didn't favorite the page. I am holding a training for our congregation Nov. 15th. any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
        1. Please?! :)
        2. Thanks , Here is a combination of a couple of my posts of what I did. , I did have to take extra time with people but it has been worth it. Here is some of the things I did to train and engage. Getting people started on Faithlife (especially the groups' page) can be a challenge. Some of our congregation reads (but do not post). The majority of participation that I have seen is in my small groups. I began with them by training each week and learning different devices to help them. Yes, I did invest a good amount of time into this because I see the potential of all aspects of Faihtlife. Getting an individual or individuals on board with training so that they can help others seems to be the best use of volunteers and time. In my three groups, (about 50 ladies) I began giving out 'homework', communicating, and encouraging everyone to share life (pictures, stories, etc). This has been successful, however, I still need to encourage and 'do by example'. Unfortunately, the 'Facebook' mentality is prevalent. On Facebook, one can scroll aimlessly and hit 'like and share' without giving one concrete thought to it. Faithlife, on the other hand, requires one to think. Yes, they can 'like' on an announcement or event reminder, but if you put out a discussion question, now they are in a dilemma because most people have not learned the art of developing thoughts on paper. I believe engaging others in a discussion is an important aspect of our Christian life. I have had to greatly encourage my small groups to develop critical thinking, so I post questions and articles that invite a response. Sometimes it is an article I have found or most of the time I post questions concerning our week's lesson. During the group, I incorporate teaching using Logos and Faithlife TV. Many times I post during the week about a program to watch and then discuss from Faithlife TV. Because of the world's influence training people to develop a 'mind like Christ' takes much effort. I see so much potential in Faithlife for this because there are so many resources available to everyone in the congregation. Changing a mindset takes much time, I have posted articles in our paper bulletin about resources in Faithlife as well as descriptions of programs in Faihtlife TV. I would encourage you to get one or two people trained and willing to go the extra mile to help people get set up and receive whatever notifications you decide. We have people of all ages (from the early '20s through the late '80s) using the system and doing well. Bring people alongside you to help engage people. Consider Faithlife as a whole system that will keep people not only notified but also get them excited about God's word and to grow in it.
        3. Thank you Lei Felmey. I appreciate the information. I have been working with a few people and we do have more people one here than we did. I am trying to encourage them. I also see Faithlife as a great asset. Most of my grumblers are on Facebook too! Thats what really gets me. They aren't incapable.
      2. posted an announcement


        You are an INVALUABLE part of the Body of Christ! Who you are matters. What you do makes a difference.
        1. Installed the latest version of Proclaim this evening saw a number of error messages appear as it installed including a number 1946, is this something that should concern me Anyone else having problems?
          1. Just replying that I replied to your post here: https://faithlife.com/posts/2902010
        2. What is the different between groups and team? They seem to do the same thing.
          1. Hi , Teams are associated with products we have here at Faithlife. For example, your presentation team is what is used for Proclaim and your Finance team is what you use for Faithlife Giving.   Groups will be more designed for new groups you manually create. For example, Woman's Bible study or your Men's Retreat 2020 group would fall under the groups not the team section.
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            Thank you Tanner, I created a group for the Elders, than I saw the is a Elders template for Teams. that’s what confused me.
        3. Does the Communications module support HTML formatted emails? I would like to keep our emails consistent, between our previous provider and Faithlife as we consider the purchase of Equip.
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            Hi HTML formatted emails are coming, but not currently available right now. For others who see this, we have rich text and plain text at the moment.