• I am making a post here, and in other channels, to make sure you know that our support team is here to assist during the last 2 months to the sunset of Faithlife Equip, Faithlife Giving, Faithlife Sites and Faithlife Live Stream. https://faithlife.com/church-support-center We know that many of you have already made a decision of where you are migrating your services. Our Software Product team and Customer Care and Experience team have appraised potential partnerships with other vendors to make sure that the options we recommend are in your best interests. Church Management and Online Giving Servant Keeper is Faithlife’s recommended partner to replace Faithlife ChMS in Faithlife Equip, and to replace Faithlife Giving. If you are an existing Faithlife Giving customer and want to move to Servant Keeper Giving please stay in contact with their team and their Payment Facilitator GPI to ensure a timely migration. https://servantpc.com/book-a-demo-with-servant-keeper Website, Domain and Live Stream Hosting 
FinalWeb is our recommended partner for Faithlife Sites and Faithlife Live Stream users. They have created a streamlined process for migrating your site and domain. 
https://www.finalweb.com/faithlife As a Company we are focusing our efforts on what we have done best for 30+ years. Helping people dive deeper into the study of God’s word. Logos and Proclaim allow us to do exactly that. Academic, Personal and Group study of the Bible with Logos. Sermon Preparation and Presentation with Logos and Proclaim. Please, review your options if you have not already made a migration decision. Reach out to our support team with questions. We want you to be ready for the sunset of these products before June 30th 2023.
  • Will the calendar in Faithlite dashboard still be available after June 30? (I have an online calendar for Faithlite Proclaim group online and trying to verify if it will still be available).
    1. nope, unfortunately.
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    Has anyone besides me been having problems with the debit card you have connected to Faithlife equip-live stream? Here is what has happened. We received a fraud alert from our bank asking if we tried to make a purchase of $43.99 from "Planetengineers" of which we didn't. Our bank shut our card down and therefore our monthly payment couldn't be debited. Faithlife sent me a message stating that our card had been declined and that we needed to add a new method of payment for Faithlife. So we added a new method of payment and the same exact thing happed. This time the amount that "Planetengineers" tried to charge was $42.99. And unfortunately, that card was shut down as well. So I personally contacted Faithlife and spoke with someone named "Nate" and he told me that Faithlife had no affiliation with any company named "Planetengineers." It's very strange to me that the fraud attempts only happened to our cards connected to our Faithlife account, not only only once, but twice. So as it stands now, I didn't add a new method of payment because I did't want a repeat of a 3rd fraud attempt on our bank card. Can anyone offer any suggestions? We never had any problems before all of the new changes with Faithlife and Servant Keepers merged.
    1. Seems like Givelify doesn't want to play well with Faithlife. Personally, if it has happened multiple times, might want to switch or just keep your fingers crossed.
    2. Thanks very much JB.
    3. Hello , we appreciate you letting us know. Dealing with attempted fraud is never a fun experience. I want to confirm that Nate is indeed a member of our Accounting Customer Service team, and he is correct. We do not have any affiliation with Planet Engineers, which appears to be a micro electronics supply company in California. Faithlife is a PCI Compliant company using safe and secure coding practices and handling of customer information. All payment information is tokenized and processed securely. I would highly recommend reviewing who has access to the card information that you are using, as well as verifying that the Browser and the Device that was used to enter the payment information have not been compromised by Malware. We are not able to enter credit card information on your behalf over the phone (Part of the requirements for our PCI Compliance), however you can call in and our team is able to direct you through a secure Interactive Voice Response process that you can use to update your card.
  • 📣 Attention all Faithlife Equip users! 📣 If you're wondering where to go next for your website and live stream needs as the Faithlife Equip, Sites, and Live Stream near their sunset date, we've got you covered. We're excited to announce Finalweb as our recommended path forward for Faithlife Sites and Live Stream users, with an option to automatically migrate your site. Here's why: 👉 Faithlife is missionally aligned with Finalweb, which has been providing church websites for over 20 years. 👉 Finalweb allows you to copy your Faithlife Site to their system and move your live streaming service to their platform with only a few clicks. 👉 Finalweb has discounted their pricing by 48% to help serve your ministry. 👉 Finalweb is also partnering with Servant Keeper to provide a turnkey, all-in-one solution to integrate your website with Servant Keeper’s powerful church management tools. Plus, Finalweb comes with a robust feature set, including: 🎥 Live streaming with optional simulcasting to both Facebook and YouTube 🔍 Sermon libraries with Scripture-based searching and built-in podcasting 📅 Multiple calendar options including integration with Google Calendar 💻 Drag-and-drop responsive design that looks great on all devices Make an instant copy of your site (or build a new site) now. Click the link to go to their website where you can import your site now and test it out for free: https://www.finalweb.com/faithlife (If you’re not a Faithlife Sites user but want to build a new site, hit the “start from scratch” button and use one of their easy-to-use, beautiful templates.) Got questions before giving it a try? Check out this short informational video to learn more:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gKUkpcTPo4 And as always, we're here to answer any questions you may have.
    1. Is anyone using Finalweb? What are your thoughts? I checked the website, but it seems like outdated software. Subsplash looks better, but their reps are very slow.
    2. What about a replacement for the Faithlife App? Any ideas?
    3. We don't currently have any planned replacements or partnerships for the Faithlife App. We will keep you updated if anything changes.
  • Not sure how many have switched over to Tithe.ly but it looks like it can replace much of the functionality that will be lost with the sunsetting of FaithLife Equip. I was beginning to set up an account but Tithe.ly seems to require a personal Social Security number for establishing an account. I’m not comfortable with that as I’ve already been the victim of identity theft once. I don’t know why s/s number is required. Does anyone have any helpful information like is there an alternative to using one’s personal s/s number?
    1. Servant keepers 3rd party service request social as well I thought it was strange.
    2. I looked into this, but didn't select this product as it wasn't a good fit for us. I was disappointed when Faithlife finally tells us the website provider they used after I have already switched. Very frustrating!
    3. I had setup Tithely. The purpose for the SS# with any account is because they are establishing a merchant account and with an merchant account the responsible person for the account will be the person they go after if anything negative happens with the account. Plus they qualify the account by that individual. Also, for money laundering prevention purposes. As far Tithely themselves, I just canceled! There are a lot more manual procedures to use the platform especially if you are using the live stream. The sermons from Proclaim ports over once and you will manually have to update that as you go from there. The thumbnails do not port over. They blamed Proclaim for this. You have to manually set up the live stream every time and in advance if you want it to show the count down timer. They offer two streaming options, iFrame and port your YouTube. They recommend porting the YouTube because there are issues with iFrame. I tested it and it freezes constantly during the stream. The phone app is a little better with the streaming. However the app and the website are not connected so you have to setup separately. Those were the main issues that I had, there was a couple more, it was enough to get frustrated. In addition, I had a Zoom call with the support team to discuss. Their first response is always the other product. For example they blame the streaming freeze on Restream that I have been using over the last 3 years with 99% no issues. Then they blamed the podcast thumbnails on Proclaim not working properly. We all know that’s not true. Finally, I was told “Well, we are a giving platform first and that where we spend our focus. All the other services are optional and we don’t give them the attention that they may need.” That was enough for me to say not the company for me. I’m a service first person. I believe Tithely has the potential to have a great product but their focus and commitment it not where Faithlife Equip has been. Maybe Faithlife Equip spoiled us. Just my two cents, Blessings
  • Are you an Equip user with Faithlife Giving? Ready to see your new giving solution with Servant Keeper? Save your seat here for a live Q&A and demo on March 28th and 29th. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/9146310995331621978 This session will be led by Servant Keeper, and we'll be joined by Faithlife and Global Payments Integrated. Ask anything and see a demo of this new solution built for Faithlife Giving users. PLUS, hear how your church can now have an all-in-one solution (ChMS, Giving, Sites, Live Stream and more) with Servant Keeper and our new partner. You don't want to miss this!
    1. I appreciate the effort, but I think a lot of customers, like us, have already switched to other solutions and are unlikely to switch again. It’s too bad that this new “all-in-one solution” with Servant Keeper and your new partner could not have been hinted at before so many had already switched.
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    Replacing a church management software system can be challenging. Register now to join Chris, a former Equip user and Account Executive, in a webinar available March 16th and 30th  as he addresses the challenges your church may face, and shares how Equip users are finding success for their entire ministry team with Servant Keeper. Chris will share: How Servant Keeper and Faithlife are working together to migrate your data for you How Servant Keeper’s team, who are fluent in Equip and will help you get up and running in your new ChMS quickly How your ministry will be supported and cared for by the Servant Keeper HelpDesk team Special pricing and savings for Equip users Plus, Chris will demonstrate how Equip users are finding powerful tools and solutions inside Servant Keeper to serve every role on their ministry team: from people and groups, to contributions and online giving, check in, and so much more in between. Register now to join us and see why switching to Servant Keeper is a great path forward for Equip users. If you can't attend, register and you'll receive a recording. Register here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/2019206255075618144
    1. I need to have my domain unlocked. Anyone know who to talk to to make that happen
      1. Figured it out
      2. Hello, - Contact us at Church Products support: support@faithlife.com or 888-634-2038. We can unlock your domain and generate a Transfer Authorization (EPP) code you will give to the Registrar accepting the transfer of your domain.
    2. As FAithlife Equip is closing, there is a lot of data we are having to pull into our new Church platform. Can I ask how other people are getting data out of the faithlife equip platform? We have successfully edited and reshaped the people database But are now looking to export blogs, attendance, calendars, podcasts etc These are not so simple - any tips and tricks from anyone? Regards Dave Food
      1. I'm having problems pulling my attendance records into the reports, I create a report, use Check-Ins for the Data Source and at a date range, I get everyone regardless of their check in status. I have also tried to just pull from the people records and then go to interactions to filter, same thing, everyone gets pulled in, and no checks in show up. What am I doing wrong?