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  • I have three questions. I think I know the answer to the first one, just want to make sure I understand the process. 1. How do I set up a reading plan for my whole church using my desktop Logos account? 2. Can I attach more data (i.e., a video) to each days reading? 3. Can the church buy a book for the whole church? For example, The Crown and Fire by N.T. Wright. Does each member have to buy a digital copy or can the church buy the digital copy and add to our logos for church account? Thanks!
    1. thanks for your questions. 3. A member of our team is following up with you about purchasing books for your church. The short answer is that you can absolutely purchase books on behalf of your church. 2. You could post a video to your Faithlife group that coincides with the day's reading, though you can't edit the reading plan itself to insert a video. 1. Here's how you can set up a reading plan in Logos, https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016525132-Reading-Plans
    2. Thanks for the help I appreciate it!
    3. Hi Jason, I'm a Customer Success Manager with Faithlife. I'll be sending you an email to connect shortly about the resources you're considering for your church. Looking forward to chatting with you more soon!
  • We're about to re-launch our Sunday school for our children's ministry this week. Any update about a child check-in and label printing? I would love to at least know if this functionality will be available, and if so any idea about specific name-tag/label printer support. We are trying hard to up our game with child check-in and security.
    1. , any indications of what devices will be ideal to use as a check-in machine? I know ipads would be ideal, but are often difficult to work with other devices like a label printer. Touch screen windows machine, perhaps?
    2. It just needs a web browser; I believe our developers did the most testing with a laptop hooked right to the label printer, though we'll also be testing and supporting other scenarios, especially tablets.
    3. Java client?
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    Hi there, We have just started using 'faithlife newsletters.' However, the duplicate button doesn't seem to be working. I have tried various browsers and halting the operation of browser plugins.
    1. Hello, -- I apologize for the delayed response... Which specific newsletters are you unable to duplicate? Could you give us an idea of their content? Would you happen to have any calendar events highlighted in the newsletter?
    1. Please keep my client Luba Koen in your prayers. She buried her son and the day after, her husband died.
  • Has anyone used the calendar to create a paid event registration?
    1. Sherri, until Faithlife Equip gets that feature, what I might recommend is to use Event Brite. Set up the event in there, then include a link to that event in your Faithlife Equip calendar. The payment and RSVP would be handled by Event Brite, but your church would know about it via the Equip calendar.
    2. i will think on that. Thanks for the idea!
    3. You're welcome.
  • Just coming into Faithlife, we are working on creating and populating subgroups under our church. I was wondering if there is a way to give permission to all church group admins to have admin-level permission in the sub-groups, without having to be a member of every subgroup.
  • Tried posting this to the Early Access group but haven't gotten a response... For the last week, I have not been able to add events to our "His House Worship Center" main calendar. I choose "New Event" and create as usual. When I click "Create", I get the spinning circle with the words "Saving Event"...after a while, it stops spinning and the "Create" button is dimmed for about 30 secs. Then I get a red banner that says "Failed to save event" or something similar. I have other team calendars and I haven't tried those because this is the one that the public will see. Please help
    1. This time I tried it with one of the options that Faithlife provides for an image...got the "Saving Event" indicator...still not saving...
    2. Hmm it looks like there's still an issue on our end with the images timing out. I am sorry about that. Hopefully we can get it sorted tomorrow.
    3. Again, any word on the timing fix?
  • We had our live stream drop for everyone today at around 01:45 UTC today. Thankfully it was after the sermon, though some people were having problems from 01:30 UTC. The stream was fine from our computer to Faithlife. It was from the Faithlife server to end users. I’ll check the recording to make sure everything was fine going out. Let me know if you need more information from me to help identify the issue. Thanks.
    1. so sorry
  • I created an exportable mailing list for regular attendees and members one label per family and selected family name. There are duplicates on the list and other names that are not on the list that should be. Also is there anyway for this to print in alphabectical order?
    1. Hi Kyle I'm glad you were able to duplicate the issue. I have a couple of more names and I cannot figure out why labels are not being created for them. One is Cheryl Crow and another one is Rose Hernandez. Would you please check. Thanks
    2. Hi Wendy, it appears that Cheryl Crow is showing up as "The Crow Family", but I was able to confirm that Rose Hernandez is not showing up. I think this may be an issue on our end with handling her PO box. I'll have the team take a look at this as well.
    3. Hi Kyle, first of all there are two Crow families different addresses. I agree I think it might be the PO Box issue. I opened a ticket on the po box issue a while ago just so you know. Matt has been following up on the PO Box issue also.
  • Can someone comment on the Kiosk giving option? I received an email on 7/29 that reported that churches can have a giving kiosk but wasn't able to find an actual way to do it.
    1. to turn on the Kiosk Mode: Navigate to your Finance Team, then select Overview from the menu on the left, then in the upper right corner click on the "Launch Kiosk" Button. confirm that you want to sign that device out of Faithlife by clicking the "Launch" Button.