• We announced a few weeks ago that Faithlife is exiting the church management space, and we have one more announcement today. We have sold Servant Keeper and Ministry Tracker, and they now operate independent of Faithlife as a new company called Servant Keeper, LLC. For Servant Keeper and Ministry Tracker customers, everything is business as usual. You aren’t losing access to your accounts or data, and the Faithlife and Servant Keeper teams are working together closely to support you and your church’s needs. For now, Servant Keeper customers and Ministry Tracker customers will continue to contact your current support centers for any help with your software. Servant Keeper HelpDesk: 800-785-3416 Faithlife’s Church Support Center for Ministry Tracker: 888-634-2038 Learn more on this FAQ page: http://www.servantpc.com/servant-keeper-and-ministry-tracker-faqs  Or read the initial announcement about Faithlife Equip here: https://blog.faithlife.com/faithlife-strategic-direction-moving-forward/
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    Dear Faithlife Equip Customers,  We have spent the past few months working through a variety of options and carefully considering the next steps for Equip. This process has taken longer than we anticipated, and we appreciate your prolonged patience with us. We know it hasn’t been easy for you and your community.  If you didn’t see our announcement from last week, you may want to take a look at it here to get caught up: https://faithlife.com/posts/4819078.   Today, we are providing additional information. If you are an Equip, Live Stream, or Sites customer, you should receive an email from us this morning outlining which of your subscriptions are impacted by these changes.  Please read through that email for additional details and next steps. If you have further questions, you can reference the frequently asked questions document (FAQ) our team prepared for you: faithlife.com/transition-faq. Additionally, our CEO, Vik Rajagopal, has written a blog post to explain more about why we made this decision and where we are headed as a company. You can read that post here: https://fl.vu/fl-updates. As always, our customer support team is available to help you with any additional questions you might have.
  • Thank you for your continued patience. We promised you an update by the end of September, and we are here to deliver on that promise.  As some of you know, we’ve been taking a critical look at our business, evaluating where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how we’re living into our mission and vision. This is difficult, time-consuming work. It’s also painful work because it has forced us to face some challenging facts, and to work toward crucial changes for the sake of our customers and business. We were hoping to provide a fuller announcement today, but there are still a few items that need to be finalized. That said, we also now know enough that we can provide you with a few pieces of information—we hope the following gives you peace of mind in the interim: Faithlife Equip will remain fully functional and supported through June 30, 2023. That’s a full nine months from now and will get you through Christmas and Easter. So, nothing is changing anytime soon.  Some elements of the Equip bundle will change after June 30, 2023. Stay tuned for more information on these changes. We are committed to making things lighter on you financially as further announcements are revealed in the coming weeks. As soon as we can tell you more (and there is more to share), we will. We expect to share more with you all in the coming weeks.  As always, we are here to support you. However, our staff is not able to tell you any more details than we’ve provided here. Please hold tight as we roll out further communication in the coming weeks.
  • Hello Faithlife.com users. We have been contacted about 2 instances of Bad Actors (Email Gift Card Scams) creating a Faithlife account and requesting to join ministry groups as a Member. If given Member level access they will have access to your online member directory which may include email addresses and phone numbers of your members. Stay Vigilant! If you do not know them, do not add them as a member.
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  • BE WARNED: SCAMMERS are sending emails to admin pretending to be church members claiming their account was hacked and requesting to urgently update their Faithlife email to access their giving. This is a SCAM! It is very convincing. Don't fall for it!
    1. Thanks for sharing!
  • Every morning for the last 20 years, I have gotten an email from "Our Daily Bread Ministries Devotional" in Grand Rapids, MI., which I love the Devotional Readings. All of a sudden, I get a few emails from Faithlife asking me to join them with "Our Daily Bread Ministries Daily Video Devotionals." Is Faithlife getting into other avenues as they get rid of Faithlife Equip?
    1. , Thanks for reaching out, I'm glad to investigate. Would you mind forwarding the email you received to support@faithlife.com so we can look into this a bit more?
    2. Sean, Here is the email I received.
  • Anyone know anything about churchtrac?
    1. I'd be curious about this as well
    2. We are in the process of switching to Churchtrac. It's been a very easy platform to enter things in. They took care of the initial transfer of records, then we worked with it in their 30 day free trial, then we purchased it.So far, it actually seems easier than Faithlife and much more reasonably priced. It has some features FL didn't, and doesn't have a few. Overall, we think it has what we need. Here is a 20% off coupon for your first years fee if you're interested. https://www.churchtrac.com/signup?rc=D35416AE
    3. We're a church plant (In our 2nd year). We've been using Churchtrac and it meets all of our needs.
  • Regarding transferring files from our Faithlife site to a new website: We have a couple hundred sermon notes on our Faithlife website. What is the best way to transfer those to a new site? https://hopenowbiblechurch.com/Sermon-notes
    1. Thanks . The sermons are not located on Faithlife sermons currently. They are uploaded files within a text box.
    2. Ok, for that content you would be able to either continue to host the files on faithlife and link to them from your new site, or you can download the files from your faithlife content vault and reupload them to your new site.
    3. Thank you.
  • If anyone is still considering switching to the Subsplash platform, using this link will result in your receiving a 30% discount off setup costs as a new Subsplash One customer. And, in full disclosure, it will result in my congregation receiving a referral fee roughly equaling one month’s subscription fee.
    1. Any remarks on how it compares to faithlife equip?
  • Hi Everyone, We decided to go with Planning Center. Since our Faithlife site will be going away, I'm trying to forward my domain (which I have through GoDaddy) to our new Church Center site. I already did the forwarding steps on GoDaddy last week, but it doesn't work. I think my domain is still connected to the Faithlife site. I guess it has something to do with DNS settings, but I don't know much about these things. Anyone have an idea of what the problem may be?
    1. Not a problem!
    2. Now that I think about it you may just need to make sure your redirect is not masked in godaddy for it to work properly.
    3. I did have masking turned on so I changed that but still have the same problem. It seems that Planning Center's system just doesn't allow redirects altogether.
  • Hello, looking for some help. I am trying to receive the domain back from Faithlife. The service I use is asking which platform it is coming from and asks using names like Go Daddy, Host Gator, etc. So I guess my question who does Faithlife use to manage the domains? I have the auth code, but need the location it is coming from.
    1. Dreamhost is a domain and hosting service only. Subsplash is church management and content. For example we are using IONOS with Subsplash
    2. In our case IONOS is where our domain sits but Subsplash hosts our website. We just configure the DNS with IONOS
    3. Thanks, we are planning to continue using Servant Keeper for church management, but need to decide on egiving, website and streaming. We are considering Subsplash as previous stated. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Apparently I've been Kicked Off the group "Faithlife Equip Pastors" for my Post earlier... The group that says its about About "Welcome to the Faithlife Equip resource group specifically for pastors!" I am a Pastor and I was speaking of the main Resource that the group was formed around "Faithlife Equip" which was stopped for all of us because it was "TOO GOOD" and Faithlife let the competition (Servant Keeper) purchase it only for the sole purpose of shutting it down and sunsetting it! I and hundreds of other Pastors, who represent thousands of Jesus' people, are now forced to scramble around and find something else to use simply because Equip was shutdown due to GREED. Many Pastors didn't go to Servant Keeper anyway! So it's a Big Mistake to sunset this system in the first place There is NOTHING out there that can compare to Equip. And since "Pat Diamani" didn't like that I've told the truth, he took it upon himself to delete and silence my voice by Removing me from the Group. * Pat Diamani when you were complaining about issues, no one kicked you off the platform. This is wrong and I was only saying that Faithlife should go to Servant Keeper and demand that they keep the platform open and stop sitting on it, or the deal is off! This is "Breach of "Implied" Contract" Faithlife. You said you would be here to take care of Pastors and churches, but you didn't have our backs. As soon as you heard about the 30 pieces of money, you sold JesUs out ! That's all I have to say. Keeping silent gets nothing done. And speaking up gets you kicked out. Are you guys really leaders? Vik Rajagopal should explain!
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      Hey thanks for explaining as I missed the memo that the group's purpose has changed. Again, a Faithlife employee told me to post my letter there on that group when I asked for Vik Rajagopal's email address. Also, I'm not involved in any type of coercion. Coercion is the use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance. I believe someone may have been doing that, but it wasn't me. Secondly, you keep mentioning January 1st? I was told that Faithlife ChMS was not planned to sunset until June 2023.
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      To All Faithlife Equip Pastors group I've been kicked off the group and silenced by as of yesterday for posting my concern about Faithlife ChMS being sunset because it was "Too Good" and Servant Keeper was allowed to purchase it for the purpose of shutting it down, along with our websites, data, videos, mailings, interactions, people accounts, plans, giving campaigns, social media posts, announcements, bulletins, and everything that we Entrusted to Faithlife for safekeeping. If you reply or comment on anything that I've posted in that Equip group, I can only see that you’ve replied. I can't see what was said because some people (mostly ) has determined that there is no chance for a win-win negotiation with Faithlife and so I'm not allowed to collaborate due to censorship. The easiest win-win would be if Faithlife stood up for us and told Servant Keeper they are in breach of contract for not taking care of FL current customers, and REVERSE the deal or if you must sell it, SELL to someone who will use it without any interruptions to your current customers. However, IF Faithlife knew that this was going to happen as part of the GREED deal, then Shame on you Faithlife for deceiving God's people into believing that you were for us, but ate actually working against us. Vik Rajagopal and others involved, your actions are outrageous. Are you really working to advance the Kingdom of God or another kingdom, yours? Jehovah is watching and so is Jesus. Currently, I can still collaborate here. except I won't be able to do this with my church soon since this is sold without regard for what we've all built here based on Your Promises Faithlife. So sad... You sold us out. like Judas! I'd be careful not to be kicked off here too, or do you plan to repent and fix this situation. Find a win-win to cover your sin Vik Rajagopal! Pastorcandice@rainchurch.org
    3. Interesting dialog…Seems like a lot of misunderstandings. No time to try to clear them all up, but we were approached as early adopters but declined because the technical team could never commit to requests we made that seemed relatively Simple. I love what they were trying to sell but could not commit until it was delivered. We never switched from Ministry Tracker although we trialed some of the Equip products. Saw lots of potential, but not ready for prime time. DemoniZing a person or a company for something out of their control is concerning. The Scriptures teach us that we should not even entertain an accusation against an elder unless there are 2 or 3 witnesses. I am not a witness to these accusations. Are there any witnesses? What I witnessed was a company that came up short and in there coming up short still created an amazing product that many of us helped create through our prayers, feedback, and yes 🙌 even our complaints.
  • For those that were deciding between tithely and subsplash: what made you choose one company over the other? (cross posted in the Pastor's group). Thanks for your insights.
    1. Many thanks, I'll have a look at that. At the moment we just want to continue with a user friendly website creator. With Faithlife we were paying around $199 per annum. All the other recommendations are charging a lot more than that. Most are averaging $35 - $50 per month. Before Faithlife we had a homemade website.
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      tithely quoted around $19/mo and you get 30 days free of whatever level you choose. They're calling it the faithlife fix.. comes w site, giving, people, events, and storage. (storage is for small files not whole vids).
    3. That's definitely more in our price range. Many thanks for these helpful suggestions.