• Important Update For Anyone Using Dymo Printer

    Right now it appears the latest version of Dymo Connect is not properly detecting where the Dymo printer is connected to on the computer. Any individual who is on Windows that is using Dymo version 1.4.2 is recommended by Dymo to uninstall and use version from this link. Any Mac users using Dymo should be on Dymo Label Software 8.7.4 to make sure the Dymo connect and web service is installed.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


    Q: When can I update to the latest version?

    A: We are in contact with Dymo and once we know more on a future update. We'll post here.

    Q: Is this impacting all Dymo Printers?

    A; Yes, any Dymo printer will run into this issue and will need the right version listed above.

  • Wanted to know if anyone knows how to set up a kiosk for your church sign in’s giving and register for classes. I wanted to know if I had to get a kiosk software on my iPad before I start. I look at the Faithlife supporting page I may have missed something or misunderstood how to set it up. Thank you let me know
    1. I have been using the Kiosk for a couple of weeks now - it runs entirely from the website or the app when you go to the group and then under event you run a Kiosk. Have you already gone through the setup and created an even with classes so that you can run the check in?
  • Looking for help with giving statements. I requested help from support last week and received a response but no solution. Maybe someone on here can help. Below is another email I submitted today: We accepted online giving into a fund in 2021 to allow participants to pay for a trip the Ark Encounter in Lancaster, PA. I created the fund as non-deductible. As we prepare to mail out giving statements I noticed that the payees were getting tax credit for those payments. After reaching out to customer service, I now realize Faithlife Giving does not allow for a general non-deductible fund. The deadline for publishing those statements is very soon approaching and I need help on fixing this. Below are some possibilities but I am hoping you have an easier solution. 1) Create a separate fund for each payee so that I can make the fair market value specific to what each person paid. (tedious) 2) Delete the fund and lose all records of their payment. 3) your suggestion here Some suggestions for Faithlife Giving: 1) Make it possible to sort the giving records by fund. Currently I can sort by Date, Giver, Type, Status, or Amount…but not by Fund or Campaign. 2) Make it possible to create a fund that is non-deductible without entering a fair market value. A benefit: we can create a fund for Youth Camp. Parent can pay their fees online. To be able to do this as your system is currently set up, I would have to create a Youth Camp fund for each family with a fair market value that reflects what they paid. 3) Make it possible to “uncheck” funds that you do not want included on giving statements. Suggestion #2 above was possible on all other online giving platforms and CMS we have used in the past (MoGiv, ShareFaith, Church Community Builder, Fellowship One) therefore we assumed it would be possible in Faithlife. Not having this option will severely limit the purposes for which we use Online Giving. In the past we have used this option for youth camp payments, purchasing media products, purchasing books for Bible studies, collecting rental fees for our activities building, etc. Your feedback and solution assistance would be greatly appreciated ASAP as giving statements are due to be distributed by the end of the week.
    1. This is the answer I received about sorting by fund. From the gifts page you should be able to use the date range filter and set it to last year, and then 'Export > Gifts By Fund'. The gifts by fund option in this case should provide a better break down to get a CSV where each gift is broken down by the funds it gave to. From there you should be able to create a pivot table with a spreadsheet tool like excel or numbers
    2. Thanks! That helps. I would still like to see the ability to sort by fund onscreen. Faithlife Equip was supposed to save time but I'm finding some tasks aren't as intuitive as they are in other platforms. I realize this is still relatively new though and needs time to grow.
    3. Hey , I emailed you back this morning, please feel free to let me know the best time and way to connect. This is great Feedback! Churches want to use Faithlife Giving for transactions beyond just gifts. It is an opportunity for us to better serve a churches needs. In your case you had transactions with varying amounts given that are not tax deductible. Currently Faithlife Giving only supports one type of Non Tax-Deductible gift type, Quid Pro Quo. https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360062104112-Quid-Pro-Quo-Gifts https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/charitable-organizations/charitable-contributions-quid-pro-quo-contributions I understand you felt that the options we gave you were tedious, but unfortunately it is the only way to support what you are trying to do. Faithlife Giving is not designed to record non-deductible transactions outside of Quid Pro Quo at this time.
  • I don’t usually have any problems with Proclaim, but this week has been a mess. On Sunday during service, I could not use the “OSB” to put up a scripture, there was a circle going round and round, and the scripture was never displayed. This morning I was not able to create a Member’s Directory. The preview doesn’t show up; I just got a circle going round and round for hours. Everything is up to date! Please advise!
    1.  — Edited

      You might double check your internet connection. 1. Reboot computer 2. Power cycle (unplug and wait 1 minute and then plug back in) your router and any switches and access points (if using wireless). 3. Open Proclaim and try OSB again. Also try to create your Member Directory. Please update us with your results.
    2. OSB seems internet related. Curious as well on what your results are for the member directory. “This morning” — Just to double check. Are you at the same location as you were Sunday?
    3. Thank you Troy Dotson and Matt Mattox for your help. I tried everything you said with two different computers and there is still a problem. I found out why the scripture using the "OSB" did not work. That was solved! But the creating of a Member's Directory is not working on none of the computers. Below is a picture of the Computer speeds for the Router and device, also a picture of the Member's Directory trying to create.
  • Is there a way to print the calendar? Like just a month at a time?
    1. The request for a print button has been made and we will add your vote for that. The only option at this time, though, is printing your screen or a screenshot.
    2. Thank you for letting me know!
    3. Please add my vote as well... Thank you. 🙂
  • Server error on the financial module
    1. Is this still the case for you, ?
    2. No ma’am. It corrected later in the day. Just giving a heads up to IT.
  • is there an issue with adding members to groups? one of the pastors here is attempting to populate a group and says he just keeps getting an "invitations can't be sent at this time" message.
    1. We had the same issue yesterday afternoon did not report it yet
  • Hi! Is anyone else having issues viewing "Faithlife Study Bible Videos" in Logos desktop app on Windows? When I start a video the image is just white, the sound is audible though. Sorry if this is not the right group for this question.
    1. I've forwarded your request on to the Bible Study Products department, .
  • Is there a way to indicate that a member is deceased but to retain their information, especially including them in relationships for future reference? It might even be good to indicate on those relationships that a relative is deceased as future staff might not know.
    1.  — Edited

      On Monday I’ll chat with the team and see what we can do to make this more visible.
    2. I posted this to the feedback feature request area. I think I described what I would envision better there.
  • People database display online showing some of the names. Please advise.
    1. One team is looking into this for you, .
    2. It appears that the FAMILY was being displayed without a "Name" field. Not sure why this happened but displaying a "name" field corrected.
  • I've just begun to experiment with the Tasks feature in Faithlife. Right now I am co-pastoring our church and I'd like to be able to replicate tasks that need to be done on a weekly basis and assign them to both of us so that we make sure they get completed every week. As far as I can tell there is no way to create recurring tasks, so the only way to do that is to create all those tasks from scratch each week. Is there an easier way to do that?
    1. Interested in this as well
    2. This is a feature request, and .