• I am making a post here, and in other channels, to make sure you know that our support team is here to assist during the last 2 months to the sunset of Faithlife Equip, Faithlife Giving, Faithlife Sites and Faithlife Live Stream. https://faithlife.com/church-support-center We know that many of you have already made a decision of where you are migrating your services. Our Software Product team and Customer Care and Experience team have appraised potential partnerships with other vendors to make sure that the options we recommend are in your best interests. Church Management and Online Giving Servant Keeper is Faithlife’s recommended partner to replace Faithlife ChMS in Faithlife Equip, and to replace Faithlife Giving. If you are an existing Faithlife Giving customer and want to move to Servant Keeper Giving please stay in contact with their team and their Payment Facilitator GPI to ensure a timely migration. https://servantpc.com/book-a-demo-with-servant-keeper Website, Domain and Live Stream Hosting 
FinalWeb is our recommended partner for Faithlife Sites and Faithlife Live Stream users. They have created a streamlined process for migrating your site and domain. 
https://www.finalweb.com/faithlife As a Company we are focusing our efforts on what we have done best for 30+ years. Helping people dive deeper into the study of God’s word. Logos and Proclaim allow us to do exactly that. Academic, Personal and Group study of the Bible with Logos. Sermon Preparation and Presentation with Logos and Proclaim. Please, review your options if you have not already made a migration decision. Reach out to our support team with questions. We want you to be ready for the sunset of these products before June 30th 2023.
  • 📣 Attention all Faithlife Live stream users! 📣 If you're wondering where to go next for your website and live stream needs as the Faithlife Equip, Sites, and Live Stream near their sunset date, we've got you covered. We're excited to announce Finalweb as our recommended path forward for Faithlife Sites and Live Stream users, with an option to automatically migrate your site. Here's why: 👉 Faithlife is missionally aligned with Finalweb, which has been providing church websites for over 20 years. 👉 Finalweb allows you to copy your Faithlife Site to their system and move your live streaming service to their platform with only a few clicks. 👉 Finalweb has discounted their pricing by 48% to help serve your ministry. 👉 Finalweb is also partnering with Servant Keeper to provide a turnkey, all-in-one solution to integrate your website with Servant Keeper’s powerful church management tools. Plus, Finalweb comes with a robust feature set, including: 🎥 Live streaming with optional simulcasting to both Facebook and YouTube 🔍 Sermon libraries with Scripture-based searching and built-in podcasting 📅 Multiple calendar options including integration with Google Calendar 💻 Drag-and-drop responsive design that looks great on all devices Make an instant copy of your site (or build a new site) now. Click the link to go to their website where you can import your site now and test it out for free: https://www.finalweb.com/faithlife (If you’re not a Faithlife Sites user but want to build a new site, hit the “start from scratch” button and use one of their easy-to-use, beautiful templates.) Got questions before giving it a try? Check out this short informational video to learn more:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gKUkpcTPo4 And as always, we're here to answer any questions you may have.
    1. How do you subscribe to the live stream?
      1. Hello Handel, thanks for reaching out to us with this questions. Unfortunately at this time we are not taking any new livestreaming subscribers. I apologize for any inconvenience, please let us know if there are any other products you are interested in or need assistance with anything else.
    2. Is live Stream available on Mac yet?
      1. Hi , Our live stream platform isn't dependent on mac or windows? Are you referring to the feature in Proclaim that allows you to stream directly from Proclaim? That is currently still a Windows only beta feature.
    3. We are having issues with FaithLife’s restreaming feature to Facebook dropping out just enough to stop the FB stream and I am troubleshooting ways to stop this from happening. I’d like to continue to use the restreaming feature to keep things simple for future volunteers so I’m wondering if anyone here has any possible solutions or insight into what could help prevent this from happening.
      1. I've check our settings and a couple of the encoder settings were a little off from the suggested settings. I've adjusted most of them to match those suggested settings so hopefully that fixes it. I'll do a test here shortly and post the results.
      2. Ten minutes into the stream and everything looks rock solid. I've attached a ss of our current settings that seem to be working. For reference, here are the settings I needed to change on my end: Video- -Keyframe interval: 2 seconds (60 GOP) {Ours was set at 1 second} -Bitrate: 2640 Kbps or 4400 Kbps {Our Encoder was set to Auto} Audio -Bitrate: 128 Kbps {Our bitrate was twice this}
      3. Unfortunately, we are again experiencing unexplained dropouts to Facebook under these new settings. , do you have any other suggestions about what to try next? Both our Faithlife and Youtube continue to be without issue so I'm fairly certain the issue lies with either Facebook or how we're getting there but I am having great difficulty figuring out where exactly and Facebooks resources (at least those that I've found so far) are not being very helpful. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    4. Where do I see past livestreams? We have done a few tests and I would like to review them and possibly delete them as well. Is there a place they are being stored?
      1. Hi, ! Your Faithlife Live Streams are automatically recorded and deposited into your church group's "storage vault." You can head over to the "Community" tab in your church group, select the "Content" dropdown, and select "Videos." You should find your streams stored there once finished processing. They are conveniently tagged "Live Stream Recording" by default so that you can easily find them (and even set up a video widget with a "smart filter" on Faithlife Sites to automatically pull in any videos tagged "Live Stream Recording." This is a way to easily display past streams on your website.) To delete an asset, you can click on it and find the "Delete" button in the bottom right.
      2. Thanks so much I really appreciate how helpful everyone is!
      3. You got it! We're here to help.
    5. Is there a way to delay streaming after I hit start streaming from OBS? YouTube will delay the live publishing until the scheduled time. Can faith life do this? We want to test our streaming 30 minutes before service starts but not have it visible to the public. Is this possible?
      1. I also need to know if this is possible
    6. Hi. Quick question: Is there a tutorial or an article about using OBS to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously? Our goal would be to live stream to Faithlife and YouTube in the same time using OBS.
      1. Thank you, that presentation was perfect!
      2. So glad to hear it, Heather! 💖
    7. Hey. So I was messing around with one of our past live stream. I was editing the title and other metadata in the Content - Videos menu for this video. Before this the video could've been found on Faithlife TV, now after I've made some changes it is not visible under our church's channel. Did anyone else encounter this problem?
      1. Hi ! Thank you. We have only one video file in our storage and it's titled: "Act 1:1-11 • Preparing for the Birth of the Church"
      2. The video is visible again! Thank you so much! God bless.
      3. Our development team did fix that for you,
    8. Just a quick question. In our Live Stream settings... The Bible Sidebar Panels... Our preferred translation (NIV) is not listed in the drop down box. This is virtually the only version I use when preaching. Is there a way to get it there?
      1. Hi , thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately our licensing does not allow us to offer the NIV translation at this time. I passed the request along to our team to see if we have any options to make it work for you in the future. I will reply again if anything changes.
      2. Hi again , I was wrong about our licensing. We do offer the NIV, but it is listed under "The New International Version". I missed it too when I scanned through the list the first time :)
      3. ! You're my hero brother! Thanks! Totally missed that...