• Is it possible to link a sermon file within Logos to a presentation in proclaim on Faithlife sermon? I can publish a sermon file from Logos sermon editor to Faithlife sermon but there doesn't seem to be a way to link it to the Proclaim presentation that is published to Faithlife sermon. I know there are other ways to import sermon notes to the presentations on Faithlife sermon but the problem is the loss of formatting. I would like to keep the formatting from the published sermon on Faithlife sermon and link or insert it into the presentation that was uploaded from Proclaim. The best I've done so far is importing a .docx file into the presentation and playing with the edit function for formating. It's possible I'm overlooking something.
  • Hello, group! Is there a way for an automatic post to be generated in our church group feed whenever a new sermon is posted?
    1. Hi , I took a look into this for you. We are actually making some improvements to this feature currently, but right now one way to guarantee a post to your group would be to do the following. 1) Save your sermon as a draft. 2) Go back and publish your sermon This should trigger a post to your group. As I said, we are making improvements to this feature. So, hopefully, in the coming weeks, this workaround will no longer be needed.
    2. OK, so for now it needs me to save it as a draft, then re-save as published, in order to show up in our group feed?
    3. Yes, that should get it into your group feed.
  • I have a question (and I assume it's simply a setting I've not yet figured out how to change). On our Church website, we have sermons, both notes written/published from Logos, as well as audio files, uploaded via FL Sermons. The problem, though, is even though these are published as the Church and the page on the website is set to public, non-members aren't able to see them on the website. If we share a direct link via Facebook or something they're able to see/listen to the sermon. But on the Sermons page of the website, they only show up for logged-in members.
    1. Hello! For a given sermon, is there some way to attach an external link? We livestream our sermons to Livestream.com, and would like to link to that archived video in the sermon on Faithlife. I don't see an obvious way to do it. Also, we're not in a position to switch to Faithlife for our livestreaming. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!
      1. I just tried inserting a link into the sermon notes, and that seems to work!
    2. Hi, How do I "add" a teacher to Sermons, so I can attribute the sermons properly? I've uploaded about a year's worth of past sermons in mp3 form, and we're continuing to build the catalog as we go. When I add the teacher's name to a sermon entry, I have to type it manually each time, and each time, it says "not found" or similar. Do I need to add each teacher into a database somewhere? Thanks!
      1. Hi again, group! When I click to change the cover image for a sermon series, it opens a blank window. Changing the cover image for a sermon works fine. Any idea what's going on?
        1. Thanks! I'm in a TeamViewer session with Slav at Faithlife Sites right now. Will check it out as soon as he's done.
        2. it's broken in a different way now. I can open the File Picker dialog all the way, and select an image. But when I click Insert, nothing happens. This now affects sermons too, not just series.
        3. I just reloaded the page, and the File Picker is gone, just a generic uploader... which worked! Good workaround for now :-) Thanks.
      2. Hi, Group! Our church is just getting started with Faithlife Sermons... I haven't uploaded anything yet. I'm about to do a mass upload going back about a year, and am concerned with the order in which everything will display. I'd like to make sure everything sorts (and especially appears in our podcast feed) by the date of the sermon, not the upload date. Is there some metadata that I can assign to each mp3, or a setting in Faithlife Sermons, that will accomplish this? I'll eventually be uploading sermons even older than these, so the feed would be even more out of order if sorted by upload date. Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!
        1. you may have used your personal feed instead of your church’s. When viewing your sermons, use the group picker on the left to filter to your group. Then use the ‘profile’ button to go view the church’s profile directly. This is the page you want to grab the feed for. Also, when editing sermons, you have a ‘published as’ dropdown which lets you choose which account owns it. I think in general you want the church group to own it and the pastor to be the speaker. However, we have some pastors/scholars that use the site to publish their sermons under their own account directly
        2. The feed should update immediately and be visible in chrome as xml. While podcast providers can take some time to reflect the change
        3. Jordan Sjodin I did exactly as you suggested, and it works! Beautiful :-) Thank you.
      3. Hi there. We use Proclaim to present and record our sermons, and Faithlife Live Streaming for streaming the service. I love the integration with Proclaim for publishing the sermons directly to Faithlife Sermons, however there are a couple of issues that I would like to see resolved. After publishing the audio sermon, we like to upload the video recording of the sermon for later viewing. This later viewing works well for viewing the video through Faithlife TV, however on the Faithlife Sermons website the sermon page plays back the Proclaim slides and audio video that was auto-generated, even though I have removed this from the Sermon. Since we use lower-thirds for our graphics, having a mostly black video doesn't make much sense, and having the actual video is preferred. As an example, this is the published sermon from Sunday https://sermons.faithlife.com/sermons/682646-jesus-the-prophet. If I click the play button on the sermon page it is the Proclaim 'video', but if I select the only video associated it plays the uploaded video correctly. Second, is it possible to have the 600MB limit for video uploads within the Faithlife platform? We are able to upload 720p videos, but would like to add 1080p video which come in at around 1GB for an hour-long sermon. The platform can obviously handle the larger sizes, as our live-stream recordings are saved and play back fine. Finally, a progress bar for uploads to the Sermons page would be handy. Currently we cannot see how far through the upload we are of the video. Thanks in advance
        1. Thanks . We are recording the video locally through OBS, and it also sends the stream out to Faithlife. For now the request is for Faithlife Sermons to ignore the audio and slides "video" if we have uploaded another video (or if we remove the audio and slides "video" from the sermon).
        2. we use OBS as well. What I’ve done is created a smart filter for our video sermons and after each service go in to the video saved on our Faithlife page and add that filter. Our videos play just fine off of our website then. It takes an extra 4 minutes but works well.
        3. Thanks . We could do that, but the we lose the browse by series options available when we plug directly into Sermons. It’s little thing like this that have kept us from going all-in on some of the Faithlife services.
      4. Hello. Can anyone give me some help as to why on iOS the thumbnails for several videos are not rendering, but on the computer they do? Notice "Session 2" has the thumbnail, but the others in the series do not. I have the same thumbnail selected in each session.
        1.  — Edited

          Thanks for the report! I will take a look and see
      5. Faithlife has a new site for receiving feedback, feedback.faithlife.com With this new site, we hope to be able to gain valuable insight from you all regarding Sermons and the features you would like to see! For sometime now, Proclaim and Logos have used UserVoice to receive feedback on features and gauge customer interest, however with this new site we now have one place to receive and manage feedback across all of our products! We may be able to integrate with your Faithlife account in the future, but for now you’ll need to sign in with a social account (Google, Facebook, or Twitter) or create a new FeedBear account. Check out the Faithlife Sermons board here: https://feedback.faithlife.com/boards/faithlife-sermons Also, check out Phil Gons' post here for me details on the motivation behind our new feedback site: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/195030.aspx