• Hi, all- I made a mistake and published a sermon with an incorrect audio file attached... so my podcast feed reflects that error. I've now edited the sermon, removing the incorrect recording and adding the correct one. Will the podcast feed automatically update with the new audio file for that sermon, or is there something additional I have to do?
    1. Solved, I think! For anyone else who may have this question... I looked at the XML in my podcast feed after making the above change, and the link points to the new, correct audio. Hopefully everyone's podcast apps will pull down the updated entry!
  • Is there a bulk download available to recover all sermons that have been uploaded to faithlife sermons?
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      Hi, I'm a Faithlife Equip user, and with Sites coming to an end, I'm working on how to replicate Faithlife's big, beautiful "Sermons" page on whatever new website we create. By default, the Sermons embed code gives a very big sermon player on top, with a tiny scrollable list below. I've been trying to massage it to give us a smaller top half (sermon player), and a much longer bottom half, the sermon list. My best tweaking so far has yielded a smaller player (with black bars), but still only a small scrollable list of sermons below it. Here's my current code: <div style="width: 100%"><div style="position: relative; padding-bottom: calc(28.125% + 184px); width: 100%;"><iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen allow="autoplay" src="https://sermons.faithlife.com/embed/profile/8533415/recent?includePlaylist=true" style="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;"></iframe></div></div> Any idea how to change this to allow for a much longer list? Right now, the iframe only shows 4 sermons at a time (only 2 if the user clicks "show more" in the sermon player), and we'd like to see more like 10-12, like the Sermons page. Alternatively, is there an easy way to embed the full Sermons page in an iframe on our new website? Or is the publicly-facing Faithlife Sermons page going away with the demise of Sites? I'm not a web developer, and only occasionally delve into this stuff, so any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
      1. let me get back to you. I have brought up this very thing internally already. The sermons experience on sites was quite nice and sadly the current Sermons widget is not nearly as attractive. I’m going to investigate a couple options as well as bring this up with my coworkers again. Sermons and and the public profile is here to stay, and I believe with an improved widget and our existing podcast support, Faithlife Sermons can continue to be a great option for churches to post their sermons online and get it to all the places they need easily.
      2. thanks so much for the reply. That would be great!
      3. what about converting the existing Sermons page to a widget, complete with a theme chooser loaded with the existing Sites themes? I know nothing, so that sounds like it would be easy, but I bet it isn't! Still, at least it's something that already exists.
    2. Hello, I would like to search through the text of my own sermons. Is there an easy way to do that? It seems I can search for speaker or text, but I want to do both.
      1. Hi , If you have transcribed your sermons you can search your sermon for specific content, is that what you're asking for: https://support.faithlife.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020087052-Sermon-Transcription-with-Faithlife-Sermons
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        My notes are published with the sermon, but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to search through the text in those notes. Searching text of other's sermons seems easier.
    3. Hello! Sermon upload is failing for me today. I get a whole sermon page filled out with Bible passages, topics, tags, etc., and when I hit Save, it hangs. Any idea what's going on?
      1. It's working now :-)
    4. Hi, all! Our church has been adding home Bible studies to our uploaded sermons on Faithlife. As we do this, we need a way to differentiate these sermons from our main Sunday services. We can't use "Sermon Series" for this, as we use "Sermon Series" to refer to the book of the Bible that the sermon is taught from. My solution for the moment is to add tags to these home Bible study sermons, so I can tell everyone they can narrow their search that way. It looks to me like this is the best way to go, but was hoping there'd be something that wouldn't require everyone to memorize the tags they need to search. Maybe Faithlife could add a "Service Type" field at some point, or something similar? Or is this really something I should be using "Sermon Series" for, and that's that?
      1. so we would use that to indicate the series (e.g. Matthew), and use "sermon series" to indicate whether it's a Sunday sermon, home Bible study, etc? That would work nicely for us; I'd just have to go through all our existing sermons and change the way they're categorized. Definitely doable!
      2. Hmm no sermon series and series are the same. So you would just have one flat list of series… containing your Books of the Bible ones and a single one for bible studies. Then name the Bible studies such that they are differentiable
      3. ah, I thought you were asking if adding a new field called "Bible study series" would help... and it would for sure. What you just suggested is another way to kind of get it done. We just lose the ability to designate a "Bible study" sermon as being part of one of our book of the Bible series. This may be OK; I'll see what our pastor thinks. That said, you mentioned that adding "Bible study" to the types that currently include "Sermon" and "Illustration" sounded interesting... I would agree!
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      When a sermon does not record for a variety of reasons, what is the quickest and easiest way to create a sermon file from the Livestream file, that can then be posted over the corrupted or silent sermon podcast file? All suggestions appreciated Regards Dave Food Runnymede Christian Fellowship
      1. I would download the sermon live stream from where ever you streamed it. Then I would trim it to just the sermon, and then upload. I actually do this each week. I download my video, trim it with Quicktime. Then upload to my Faithlife Church group and choose it when creating a sermon on Faithlife sermons.
    6. I want to start a new podcast alongside our sermon podcast. Is there a way to do that? I'm doing some shorter recordings of hot topics and theology discussions with church members. Does anybody know how I can create a second podcast?
      1. Hi , RSS feeds are generated for each of the groups you manage on Faithlife.com. If you're the admin of the group you will see an embed option when your on Faithlife Sermons that will have a podcast option with the group RSS feed. Therefore you can upload content into a unique group to manage a separate podcast.
      2. Would this work for the main church group? If I post audio to the main church feed, will it show up on a podcast?
      3. I don't understand where I upload the audio files in the group.
    7. I have a question regarding sermon notes... I use this section to insert a link to our livestream recording of the sermon (we have a grandfathered contract with another provider at a very low rate and can't justify switching to Faithlife's streaming service just yet). But because of the formatting characters this field uses (a forward slash disappears and italicizes the text, etc), in the Faithlife app, the link turns into nonsense text that's missing the slashes and some words get italicized. Is there a way to insert a link into the sermon notes? Thanks in advance for any light you can shed!
      1. Hi ! Unfortunately, there is no way to work around the automatic formatting where you upload your sermon notes. A work around I would recommend is including the livestream link in your proclaim presentation in the notes section. Hope this helps!
    8. When trying to change the cover image for a sermon via sermons.faithlife.com, it hangs on "Saving ..." Tried in two different browsers with no difference. Any next steps?
      1. I have requested that a colleague look into this for you. I will let you know more when I hear back as to what the issue is.
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        This has been fixed for you, as well as this past Sunday's video that had gotten hung up on processing, !