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    1. Can I publish a sermon to my personal AND church feed?
      1. , Not simultaneously, no. You can always publish a sermon from Proclaim twice, and on one of them, just edit the "Publish As" field to your personal feed. They would be separate ones technically of course. But nonetheless, even if you just published one, you can publish it under your Church group and attach yourself as a speaker. You'll still have your own playlist available of all sermons where you are listed as the speaker.
      2. Super helpful!!!!
    2. I'm trying to add an existing sermon to a sermon series but I can't seem to make it work. When I add the series name into the blank it just create a new series with the same name.
      1. Hey Great question! When you are uploading your sermon you'll want to make sure the `publish as` field is the same as the other sermons in the sermon series. Otherwise, it'll prompt you to (create new) series. Once those fields are the same you'll get results like my 2nd screenshot.
      2. This was resolved. If anyone else is having issues with this. Check the Publish as field and switch to another publisher and revert back to the correct one. #bug We'll look into fixing this and apology for any inconvenience.
    3. Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
      1. I am attempting to add my RSS feed from Faithlife sermons to Google Podcast and Spotify Podcast. Both Google and Spotify gave me a similar error saying that I am missing episodes. I was able to add iTunes a while back without this issue. Thanks for the help!
        1. Hello , Are you sharing your Church's RSS feed instead of your personal? This is the correct: https://sermons.faithlife.com/api/channels/7361396/feed
        2. I must have been sharing the wrong one. That one did the trick. Thanks!
      2. Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
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          Hi! — We're currently trying Proclaim again as well as the audio/sermon recording in it. We're liking it. One issue — My sermon notes from Logos are published with the sermon and we do not want them published... I never clicked/gave permission to publish these, and the "Publish..." checkbox in my Logos Sermon Doc is not checked. They have some personal/church info we don't want published with the sermon (nothing major this week, but still... the box is not checked). Often my notes may contain comments meant for me while preaching and/or things that are for the church, but not on the recording, and not intended to be broadcast publicly. I shared the sermon slides with Proclaim from Logos, but (again) in my Logos sermon doc, the "Publish" checkbox is not checked. After I exported to Proclaim, my notes still published to sermons.faithlife.com without giving permission. Then again, after publishing the sermon in Proclaim, my sermon doc/notes was published publicly along with the sermon. How did this happen? What am I missing? We're trying the sermon transcription as well. Is that part of the issue? We want the transcript to be available, but not the notes. How do I do this? Loving the simplicity of Proclaim and publishing sermons, but very concerned on the privacy side of things being published without permission, and having no idea how they were published as the "Publish..." checkbox is unchecked. (Please read all of this only as concerns/questions, not anger. :) I'm thankful for all the work you guys do!) Glad to chat on this over the phone, too. Thanks!!! http://sermons.faithlife.com
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          1. Hey Josh, Can you try publishing as a new sermon rather than updating. I might of mislead you there. (let me know if this doesn't work) -- maybe a bug if it doesn't. I'll add x5 new credits to your account. Apology for the trouble.
          2. You're my hero, . That did it. Thanks!
          3. Your very welcome Josh! You should of gotten an email summary with the transcription credits I added to your account as well to account for the few you lost in the process this morning.
        2. Hi, I've tried to upload a sermon twice now but it eventually says "upload failed" with no information as to why. It also doesn't have a list of acceptable file types or sizes. Couldn't find the answer elsewhere so here I am :) Help is appreciated!
          1. , I would stick with the standard formats, mp3 for audio and mp4 for video. I believe the file size limit is rather large, like 600MB, so I don' t think sizing will be an issue unless it's a long HD video. We can also send you a Google drive invite if you need space to upload the file into.
          2. Oh boy I'm definitely over the size limit then! That's what I was worried about. I'll try compressing it and re-uploading. If that doesn't work I'll send the files your way. Thanks !
          3. , ok! One possible alternative is you could always split the video and label Part 1 and Part 2 depending on how long it is and if there is a reasonable breaking point.
        3. Last week's top 10 media series. #Top10
          1. Our Heavenly Father leads us into our inheritance, equips us for the inheritance, and co-works with us to help others into their inheritance. Click to read and listen to the message... #ManuelsRenderedThoughts #AllIHaveisYours