• If you built and published your church website with Faithlife Sites, share a link to your site by commenting on this post! That way, we can see some good examples and inspire one another. Thank you for the suggestion, Dennis Davis.
  • Why won’t google pull up our church site? ibcnatchez.org If I type it in the regular web address bar At the top it comes right up but if I try to google our web address google list everything but our church.
    1. Its the verifying ownership that is the challenge. Maps, Pics, etc. is a go but Google will not allow a website button or link.
    2. That’s not what I mean. Inside of the Google search CONSOLE there is a tool for verifying ownership of a domain. Just go through the process and then Google will crawl your site for a couple of days. Everything will show up in Google search just as you want to after that.
    3. Google is starting to pull up our website now. I filled out the verification that Faithlife email me and it took about two days to start working. It was either that or Faithlife fixed the problem. I told our success coordinator about the problem and he said he was going to talk to the Faithlife site guys about it. Either way people can find us on google now so we’re happy about that. Thanks for all the suggestions and help.
  • Our website is not functioning properly today. It's running slowly and some of the pages are wonky. I tried it on multiple browsers. bransonbible.com
    1. Please try as much as possible to resolve this issue. Please work on it... I am also having issues on the site
    2. David Groh, it doesn't look weird, but it's still running VERY slowly. (And yes, I'm sure it isn't just my internet connection. :-))
    3. It now seems to be running more smoothly as well.
  • On my churches Faithlife Sites Calendar, I am receiving the following error "There was an error processing your request." This appears whenever I try to edit any of the Sunday services on the 9/8/2020 or later. No other events show this message.
    1. The top of the errors says: "Internal server error"
    2. Same problem here editting any existing event
  • Hi there, I've added a page to add discipleship videos, and have ticked the boxes 'show titles' and 'show descriptions.' However, all I'm seeing are the large black box placeholders for the videos, without any titles or descriptions. I can confirm that I have added a title and description to the video.
    1. How do I allow other people edit our church website?
      1. Thanks!
      2. I know this has been suggested before but it would be really helpful if there was a way to enable people other than and admin for the group to edit the website. I'd love to delegate that to someone in our congregation, but I don't want to give them all the privileges that the admin has in the group.
      3. We are actively building this feature, very soon you'll be able to add people to a Website Team to delegate permission to manage your Faithlife Site without having full Admin privileges in the Church group.
    2. Need help! I am embedding a live stream file into my Faithlife website. However, Youtube is requiring that I verify ownership (with a number of choices). Since Faithlife is the domain host can you help me with this host verification?
      1. I originally had the Youtube Live Stream as unlisted. However, it would not let me check "allow embedding", so I changed the Live Stream as public. Still doesn't allow me to check "allow embedding". (No response from Google to many users reporting this issue). Instead, as the owner of the Live Stream if I can authenticate that am the owner of my website it will allow me to embed my Youtube Live Stream.
      2. I think Youtube is undergoing a policy shift, could be related
      3. I went back out to YouTube and it is now allowing me to embed and all is working. Hope it stays that way.
    3.  — Edited

      Hi there, My recent sermon published in proclaim is appearing in my faithlife sites, as a picture with a link to an MP3, and not a clickable video. You can see it here: https://mountisabaptist.com.au/ and scroll down to 'Sermons' you will see that the video titled 'Hannah's Hope' doesn't have a play button as an overlay.
      1. It is now back to normal, perhaps it took longer to process than normal.
    4. hi there, i've been trying to upload the video of our online service, but the video isn't loading (it has been like this for the past several hours). The video thumbnail doesn't appear, and it says 'Processing' in the upper-right corner (https://faithlife.com/rainbowcc/files?filter=kind%3A%22video%22). We haven't had this problem in the previous weeks when taking similar steps to upload videos. Thank you very much in advance for your assistance!
      1. I am having the same problem as well since last night. did either of you solve this?
      2. I have videos that I tried to add via URL over two weeks ago and they still say processing. Has anyone figured it out?
      3. Thanks for the report. We were able to find the issue and ship and fix yesterday. Please let us know if the issue continues.
    5. I am posting a blog post under articles. It keeps giving me an error message. Is there a word limit? Or any other uploading issues?
      1. YouTube provides the ability to embed a livestream into your website. Does Faithlife allow this function? If so, would I need to html widget - or can I use the livestream widget?
        1. Hey You can paste the URL into a content widget and it should auto embed for you. Another option is to use the call to action widget and change the button type to “external link” You can use the live stream widget if it’s one of the providers we support. YouTube, technically isn’t one we support for the widget though. If you are curious on which providers we support, you can view the full list by going to your church group —> settings —> Faithlife TV and you’ll see the providers we support for live stream.
        2. Perfect! Thank you Matt!