• If you built and published your church website with Faithlife Sites, share a link to your site by commenting on this post! That way, we can see some good examples and inspire one another. Thank you for the suggestion, Dennis Davis.
  • hi there, i posted a reply to an earlier thread, but no one has responded, so i'm not sure if it has been missed. i've copied it here: hi, thanks for fixing the earlier bug. But it seems like another has come up as a result - the menu icon is now right next to our church logo on the left (pls see the screenshot), and we can't click on the church logo to get back to the landing page (https://rainbowcovenant.church). Thank you for your assistance.
    1. Hello, - I can reproduce the behavior for your site on my mobile device. I will pass this to our Sites Team and keep you up to date with whatever we uncover.
    2. Hello, -- We have a fix coming for this. It will likely ship next week!
  • Please pray.

    PLEASE, ORASHON pa Guatemala! - SUPLICA pa Dios dirigi e tempu aki, i si Señor kier kita Prsidente, cu E mes ta kite. - CLAMOR pa Dios destrui e plannan di malvadonan. - SUPLICA pa Dios Su PAZ goberna curason di hende den parki cu nan ta kimando i destruyendo edificionan di gobierno. - Pa e mas di 50 mil hende cu a wordu saca di nan luganan pa Orcanan i serca di 20 mil cu ta bibando den luga di refugio. - Pa Cristianan laga Dios dirigi nan pensamentu i no bira apasiona politicamente. Na e momento aki tin manifestacionan cu NO ta pacifico i cu ta manipula pa socialistanan, hende cu kier kita presidente simplemente pa pone un persona cu nan kier. President i congreso a hasi malo, nan ta HORTANDO hopi placa, pero e cambio cu cierto gruponan ta propone ta pa pior, pa un control manera na Venezuela.
    1. Does anyone else have an issue with using the video widget to post videos to your site? I have my services recorded and uploaded to my Faithlife, but they don't display properly with a title and can't do full screen. Any ideas?
      1. Steve, there is an alternative you can try that works well for us. We use an HTML widget and paste in the code provided when you click on the Embed button on the individual sermon page of any one of your uploaded sermons. Select the options you want and the code is provided for copying.
      2. I am having some issues too. The title and description is not showing properly. It shows this link: https://sites-assets.faithlifecdn.com/Themes/Shared/common/assets/.description?ssi=0
      3. Thanks for the replies - Sean, the video plays full screen because I am using the HTML widget, not the video widget. I've had to use the HTML as a work around because the video widget doesn't do what I need - (which is a pretty basic thing). I'll chat with someone today to see what we can figure out.
    2. This site, lakebaptist.org, I want public. However, while daughter pages have a public/members setting, I don't see where I can change the home page to public?
      1. Is anyone having trouble adding images to a page?
        1. Yes, will do. Thank you.
        2. I talked with support. They were able to see what my issue is. It's possible it has to do with the new OS Big Sur, but he sent the info to the dev guys to take a look. Thanks for the help.
        3. Awesome, thanks for doing that.
        1. . Thanks, I will give that at try. I appreciate the feedback.
        2. Sorry for the delay, hmmm let me pass this feedback to our team. Sounds like a UX issue that we could potentially make better. My email builder I use when I have it scheduled lets say for Friday at 4pm for my team, even if it hit scheduled it still doesn't send right away, it respects the scheduled time...probably how we should handle it. Probably what you were expecting ?
        3. Looks like we do plan to update this and make it more user friendly. We did with newsletters where we removed the publish button on scheduled newsletters to make you choose save. We plan to do the same for bulletins.
      2. To public

        hi there, i notice Faithlife made some recent changes to the design elements of the drop-down tabs on the website template (it looks great!). There seems to be an issue with the drop-down tabs when accessing them on mobile devices. When i tap on the menu icon on the top-right corner of our church landing page (https://rainbowcovenant.church) on a mobile device, all the drop-down tabs appear at once, but the two bottom-most tabs can't be accessed at all, as the page can't be scrolled up (pls see the red arrow in the screenshot). Could you kindly please assist us with this? Thank you very much!
        1. Thanks for the report, this is a bug and we will get it fixed!
        2. hi, thanks for fixing the earlier bug. But it seems like another has come up as a result - the menu icon is now right next to our church logo on the left (pls see the screenshot), and we can't click on the church logo to get back to the landing page. Thank you for your assistance.
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        Hello. I set up a Bulletin and "Scheduled" it for Sunday, November 22. Yet when I published it the notice went out and it appears on our website with Today's date. What is the purpose of scheduling a bulletin if it posts immediately? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.
        1. With the arrival of Logos 9... are there any new features coming to the Faithlife websites? We have a premium account but feel our website is getting tired looking. Maybe new sets of Web templates?
          1. I would like to be able to create "scheduled" posts. This would allow me to put future events in the diary without them appearing on the page instantly. I would also appreciate being able to use video banners for the welcome/home page instead of just being able to insert static photos. I'm aware that more can be done if you are a proclaim user, but we just can't go in that direction. I would also appreciate a widget that can create different kinds of forms ("contact us", membership, registration, surveys, etc) that would also be native to the Faithlife websites (not a third party html code insert). I would also appreciate being able to insert many of the free Faithlife resources (interviews, short animation movies, etc) which could be embedded on our website for anyone to view. Older members of our church will not be interested in becoming Faithlife TV subscribers... they do well to reach our website. Due to the pandemic many small churches just don't have online resources (or the finances), and find themselves having to purchase worship lyric videos, Bible study material, and anything they can get, to show online. I wish that Faithlife websites could offer more quality free resources that could freshen up our websites with dynamic features, making it more attractive and where people would want to come back. Sorry, I'm just rambling away... I should really write things out more clearly. On a totally different note... how do you delete assets which are in the deleted folder? We had to delight items because of copyright issues. They can still be viewed and restored.
          2. Sorry that should read... "we had to delete items"
          3. And a big thankyou - Bob Pritchett - for Logos 9. Since my days using Libronix, its been amazing to see such great advances in Bible software.
        2. When I type in my Faithlife URL on my iPad, regardless of which browser I use, this is what returns.
          1. On my computer it renders correctly.
          2. Thank you for the report and for the screenshots. I see the issue on the user about page, and we'll be updating this page shortly to address it.