• If you built and published your church website with Faithlife Sites, share a link to your site by commenting on this post! That way, we can see some good examples and inspire one another. Thank you for the suggestion, Dennis Davis.
  • When using the map function in Faithlife Sites, is there a way to tell it the actual location? It doesn't seem to be able to figure out the geocoding properly, even if it's Google Maps, which does get the location right, it has the location wrong on the map displayed on the page.
    1. Something in the process of parsing the church address as defined in Faithlife is coming out on the maps as "S 5th St" rather than "921 5th St".
    2. Google has no trouble with the address...
    3. Ian any chance you can take a look into my issue, I can't seem to get answers from anyone at Faithlife on any of my questions or issues?
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    God is never away off somewhere else.He is always there!
    1. Are we able to add a video to the background of our Website's Main Page?
      1. Hi , thanks for taking the time to post this question. As it turns out, adding a background video to your website is currently not supported. I apologize about any inconvenience.
      2. Slav, can you take a look at my post above, and see if you can find me an answer? I have had no luck getting help with Faithlife so far on any thing.....
      1. How do I add a link to the video on YouTube or our Facebook Live version?
        1. I understand that; but I have to use Faithlife sermons to update the website. So how do I get that link on my site for that particular sermon when I have to upload from a different place? I’d like to link an archive page of older recordings also but I don’t seem to have the access to the sermon page in Faithlife sites.
        2. to get videos from facebook or youtube, you'd have to obtain the embed code (usually provided under "Share" options). Then go over to your site and add the HTML widget. Paste the embed code inside the html widget and voila! The video should be embedded on your site.
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          I'm having trouble getting sermons to list together in the proper series. I don't seem to be able to manipulate them. I loaded two series yesterday and one of the sermons insists on remaining outside the series list in both of them. I wish I could drag and drop to fix mistakes. Suggestions? THEN, I go to Sites and only three of the 8 sermons exist?
      2. It will likely change but here is our first attempt at Faithlife Sites= carbondalechurch.org
        1. Is it possible to create Emails with the church name? Ex. @familiasdefe.com
          1. Hi , thanks for reaching out! Right now, emails are not provided with our Faithlife Sites. But here's some info on how you can set up a G Suite email account to mimic your domain (church name). - Sign up for G Suite Account: https://gsuite.google.com/signup/nonprofits/welcome - How to Activate G Suite for Nonprofits: https://support.google.com/nonprofits/answer/3367223 - G Suite Nonprofit Eligibility: https://www.google.com/nonprofits/eligibility/ If you need troubleshooting assistance or have product questions, please feel free to reach out to our at (888) 634-2038, or email them at: support@faithlife.com. Thanks!
        2. Any idea why on Safari one of my website pictures is sideways and on other browsers it's fine?
          1. There are some known issues on Safari. Could you try removing the image and then re-uploading it and testing on chrome. **Make sure to re-upload it in Chrome**
          2. Unfortunately, that did not fix the problem. The image was originally uploaded in Chrome.
          3. Safari may detect the orientation of the original picture where the others fix it automatically. Just thinking out loud.
        3. I have been having trouble with my Proclaim software synchronizing. It keeps saying error ever since I added Equip. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Equip or Proclaim, there is just something that is not connecting. Please help because my sermons are not being uploaded for the members to access later.