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    I have a general question that I am hoping someone can answer. Under the admin section and under settings there is a campuses section. What is this used for and can people be added to campuses? I can't see where its beneficial.
    1. it can be used to keep records for different campuses. Like if you put in a Facilities request for a different campus as an example.
    2. Ok thanks
  • Just intrigued, I am now not only logging errors to support, then posting the ones I want to discuss in the groups, but then also logging them as change requests here so we can all vote https://feedback.faithlife.com/boards/ I am then pleased to see thee is a roadmap https://feedback.faithlife.com/roadmap I am however a little concerned there is only one CHangelog and that is for the LOGOS product, is this a reflection of Faithlifes priorities? Would love even more understanding of the journey forward, particularly if you are going to select key partners in areas you do not plan to develop in such as Giving platform outside the US Texting outside North America? Keep up the good work but please do keep on talking? https://feedback.faithlife.com/updates
    1. Hello, -- (Cross posting from Faithlife Equip) Great note here, Dave! We never want our followers and customers to have to speculate where we’re headed next, so we apologize for any confusion. As many know, we are currently in the process of reviewing our roadmap to ensure the best experience for our customers, which is a step we take regularly. Also, simply to clarify, we have not made any edits to our change logs or feedback loops, even with our internal roadmap review underway. If our plans change as we journey forward, we will communicate any major changes to our valued customers. In the meantime, you can expect us to continue to provide the same level of service we have in the past. We are hoping to be able to share more in late spring. We’re grateful for your support in our work, and we will continue to be as transparent as we can be.
    2. Hi Dave, Well, from my experience thus far there is just very little going on here. We had one conversation going and it died out within half a morning. Disagreement over a bad doctrine showing Scriptural precedent from the Apostles. Oh well...
    3. Thanks Dave
  • Good morning brothers and sisters in the Lord, wanted to ask for strength and provision in my life, I'm 62 year old disabled man, who has no job and no access to public benefits, please pray for me that the Lord will supply according to His riches in glory! Thank you
    1. Strength and provision will be with you this day in broad abundance you who believe.
  • Dear Support I just wondered whether you had an update on Newsletters? Please see below; this is the first newsletter in 6 months I have got out at the end of the month, it requires a fair bit of wrestling with the Newsletter App in Faithlife, but I have done it. https://faithlife.com/5232534/newsletters/149883576 The remainder of the improvements are all flaws in the existing interface. So can you let me know when the following will be sorted, please? 1. Titles being pulled across of a blog into the Newsletter 2. Line breaks are being held consistently from the blog into the newsletter. 3. Formatting being pulled across from the blog into the newsletter. 4. The sequence of the items is either configurable or understandable on how the newsletter chooses the sequence within the section. I would be grateful for an update, please. Regards
    1. Thank you for your feedback and we're sorry for the delay. In line with some recent changes in our roadmap, we view these items more as feature requests and so they functionality is not likely to change anytime soon. However... A possible solution to help ease your workload is to use multiple news widgets and choose which announcements you want to be displayed. Once it's published only the items that were checked in the widget will be displayed based on the order is was listed. If you want to configure that order. You'll want to use multiple news widgets and you can drag and drop them in the order you wish. We apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced.
  • I need some help...for some reason 3 blank digital bulletins are auto-distributed every Sunday morning. I follow the link and delete them only to find they will auto-distribute next week. I have no idea where there coming from. Where do I look to stop this until I can learn how to use them effectively? :)
    1. If you go back to where you delete them, I believe there is a gear menu that should have an option to ‘auto publish’ bulletins. You can uncheck that to prevent them from publishing. As for why, normally they publish when you go on air with a presentation. Do you have any extra presentations you are using the might be causing them?
    2. Where might I look for the extra presentations? I am assuming that although I "uncheck" the box to "auto-publish" the bulletins will still be created, just not published? Is that a correct assumption? If so, where would I find the bulletins being created every week?
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      https://documents.logos.com/groups/11985453/documents?offset=0&sortType=Date&sortOrder=Descending&deleted=True&privacy=All&documentKind=all will show your deleted presentations, . Then, if you change the Deleted dropdown menu to Available, you can see the available presentations.
  • Can I edit the "Church Status" list (member, attendee, deceased, etc)? I would like to make my own categories?
    1. Yes you can, when you select a church status you're able to choose a status of "Other". Once you do so a window will pop up where you can add comments with a dropdown where "Other" is listed. If you select that dropdown menu you can type in any church status you'd like to
    2. Is it possible to edit the current list? Maybe remove them to not show? I assume there are some defaults and that wont be possible for them.
    3. You are correct, the options which show up originally are default options and cannot be edited or removed as options
  • Pray for the family of Mona Foster, she passed away today!
    1. Hello Im Boris Ivan 62 year old disable man living in fear of losing my housing and with that the deterioration of my health, would you be so kind in praying for me that the Lord will make a way for me not to loose my housing and if I do find another one!! Thank you brothers and sisters
      1. Thank you to all my brothers and sister praying for my present situation, may the Lord Jesus bless you even more, than He already has!!
      2. Thank you all for your prayers for me!!
      3. Your welcome
    2. Let's make this an active group so we can reach more in His name. I'm looking forward to meeting whether in person or online more children of God.
      1. You have a powerful testimony brother
      2. But now you are the salt of the earth
      3. Kind words. I know ... if I have any 'power' and any 'salt' ... We both know and believe where 'power' comes from! This great 'force' that spoke this whole thing into existence.
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      Are there downloadable user guides for Groups, Proclaim and Sites? I'm the only technical person in my church and others learn by reading books. Any links to downloads gratefully received.
      1. Thank you David, seems I have a lot of Printing and collation to do to get all the information they'll need, shame it's not one document. Thanks though.
      2. Great Feedback . The reason it all lives online is so that it is easily accessible and easily updatable as we release improvements to the software.
      3. Yes I understand it does make your lives easier, but a complete guide for each version would be far more user-friendly for the folks who use the software. This in not a complaint as I understand the issue, but small changes to one document when you update your software is easier for the end user to deal with and easier for you to manage.