• Hello Faithlife.com users. We have been contacted about 2 instances of Bad Actors (Email Gift Card Scams) creating a Faithlife account and requesting to join ministry groups as a Member. If given Member level access they will have access to your online member directory which may include email addresses and phone numbers of your members. Stay Vigilant! If you do not know them, do not add them as a member.
  • Proclaim will not open on mac book air!
    1. Hi , Sorry to hear you're having issues opening Proclaim. Have you already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Proclaim to see if that helps? It's also worth checking to make sure your up to date with the MacOS you're, you can be on and MacOS 10.14 or high but want to be on the latest version of that OS.
  • To public

    why did my billing just fail? 2 cards and money is there... I can't access my presentation for tomorrow morning!
    1. Hi I just double checked and it looks like you have an active Proclaim subscription. Were you able to access your presentation? If not, please let us know so we can resolve this for you. It may be best to call our support center! 888-634-2038
    2. I can open proclaim but all of our past history is gone. No one on my team who logs in can see any past presentations or recordings. We lost last weeks sermon due to this.. How do we resolve this? Quickly.?.
    3. Good morning, John. Did things work out with your presentation?
  • Necessary Food For Life
    1. What time is eucharist tonight?
    2. Word...
  • Hi! How can we purge "Deleted" assets from our assets"? It looks like deleted assets are taking up a huge amount of space which affects our billing. How can we get rid of these deleted assets? Thank you!
    1. Hi At this time, we don't have an option for deleting deleted assets. However, if there is sensitive information, we can have the developers to take that down. I'd like to assure you that you're not being billed extra by exceeding any storage limits. These storage limits are not enforced.
    2. so if we upload then delete an item... It just gets flagged as deleted and we need to contact the devs to get it pulled, ummm I would classify that as a design flaw.
  • I have question if someone can help: what language Eve and Adam used to communicate with the serpent or animals in the garden
    1. I don't think anyone would be able to help with this, there's no Biblical reference to the language, and that was before the flood, and the tower of babel. So it's even further removed from historical references that would most likely be accurate.
  • you can see our title slide says happy day, but we had changed the song from happy day to rejoice. The rest of the song is the lyrics of rejoice but the title stayed at happy day.
    1. Thank you, Yes, I understand I think what you are saying. I know I can manually change it every time. But if I were to change the song again from this slide to import another different song. I would assume the title would change to the new song and not stay at happy day. That is my problem. I change the song via ccli but the title doesn’t change.
    2. Or do I just empty that box and that would solve it?
    3. So it solves it for s one off. But next time I change a slide the same problem happens with the next song. I should not have to change that box each time with a new header title it should auto fill with the new song I changed the lyrics to. It’s only been playing up the last few months. I’ve been using proclaim for 10 years.
  • Please pray.

    That I meet the right person in keep me safe on the road