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    1. Fishers of Men
      1. The Belivers !
    2. A good friend is in critical condition. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for her life and salvation. She is unsaved.
      1. Is there a way to see the expiration date on temporary licenses?
        1. Is there a collection of user supplied/written books/resources someplace around for logos?
          1. This is another one for documents, filters, etc. that users have created: https://documents.logos.com/allusers
          2. Thanks those are exactly what I was looking for
        2. She was in a car accident last evening.
          1. Asking for prayer for my secretary Darlene Sagieon.
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              Thus says the LORD: “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, Let not the mighty man glory in his might, Nor let the rich man glory in his riches; But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD. Jer 9 Jeremiah uttered these words with the intention to instill a healthy Godly fear inside his brothers and sisters hearts. For too long they depended on their "elders" for advice, and wealth, even their military, They had strong walls and thought they had a strong ally in Egypt at the time, Jeremiah knew their sins of a nation had gone too long without repentance, he pleaded with them to first turn from the wickedness that plagued them and then to subject themselves to Gods Judgement that included them being subjected to the Chaldeans( Babylon). This was the course that was now set for them. Instead of attempting to preserve their way of life by adapting to the wisdom of the world, or building up their military might and alliances, or trade agreements with the top dollar in mind; what they desperately needed to do was Repent of their sinful ways and seek God first and for most with their sole purpose to glorify Him and The Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. They may not have been popular at times, They may have appeared to be foolish in the eyes of the merchants and Kings of the world who sold ideas and ways of life more than commodities, Some of us may know that there was a time when the merchants of Tyre were considerd and honored like princes to the Nations who loved their merchandise. These same merchants who the world loved and honored were Whores in Gods Eyes. At this time when Jeremiah said this Judah and Israel both looked through the eyes of the world because they lost their first Love.. Jesus told us “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. I ask will we pray for our Nation, I fear too many now want to replace the government for God. How far are to to think we can keep this up, we kill our young and under sensationalism cheer it on. God also told Jeremiah this concerning His People, Jer. 18 Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying: “O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter?” says the LORD. “Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, O house of Israel! The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it. And the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it, if it does evil in My sight so that it does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good with which I said I would benefit it. Pray that Gods voice is heard in the streets and in the hills and on the housetops, in our schools, and inside the courtroom. I know God has a Purpose and it will be done, I only Hope that we will not be like Israel was and think "who we are" or "what we possess" or "what we think we know" will keep us from glorifying God and His Kingdom.. It is our Kingdom too .. think like it, live like it, own it !.. God bless
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                Is there a way to make a public group, that anyone can become a member?
                1. Hello , anyone can become a follower. To become a member, users can click Ask to Join button prompting the admin of the group to confirm the users request. The other option is for the group admin to change the followers’ membership status to Member.
              2. I am in need financially please pray for me and my @family please help we need help to pay our utilities and car insurance payment thank you so much
                1. Try 211 for community resources that might be able to help.
                2. Due to COVID-19 virus, many states have been allocated Federal funding for just these things. I wish I knew a phone number, email address, etc. to give you. Perhaps the Social Security Administration, or Dept. Of Human Resources, or even a local church or police department would have this information. Or, Google it. God bless you, & please don't give up.