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    Trying to get back on our feet

    Please pray for us. I accepted a new job, which I thought was a blessing, so we packed up and headed out. My wife and I, both felt that it was a good move. However, on our 2nd day of driving we stopped off to stay at a hotel in st. louis missourri area. We both had been taking turns driving with the hopes of shortening our drive. Therefore, we exited off highway, checked in and quickly went to sleep. Next morning we discovered our car had been stolen! Naturally we were devastated. We filed police report etc, prayed and waited. To our surprize, our car was recovered, but most of our possesions were stolen. Wallet, IDs, cash, birth cirtificate, social cards. clothes etc. We only had liability on the car as well, so now we are literally stranded and sleeping in our car. We can't get jobs yet, because we dont had proper identification and we cant get identification without proof of residency. So we are in need of help. Please, if any fellow christians read this, we desperately need your prayers. Hope is running thin and we are falling into deep depression which is whatthe devil wants. We have no family to speak of and the local places here can only help with food boxes. Please pray for us and If anyone can help us get back on our feet then we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and God bless.
    1. Thank u for the information. We reported everything to the proper authorities/departments. We only had 4200 in cash saved up and its of course gone. The problem with getting our birth certificates etc is it cost money to have them shipped, plus we dont have an address to ship them too now. Glad we got our car back although its beat up pretty badly and we still owed 1500 on it. Behind on that now as well receiving repossession emails now. We are trying to get into salvation army shelter but they said we need to be residents of Missouri and even then there its waiting list. Super depressed not sure what to do besides stand out with a sign at this point, but scared to death to do that. Anyway thank u all for your prayers. That's only thing keeping us going
    2. If you have laptop or you can go to a library and get computer access and order them on line
    3. Ugh I’m so sorry this world has turned upside down try to get into a family shelter they can help with a social worker
    1. I must always remember, my help comes from the LORD
    2. I thank God I ran to him & he came to my rescue Father thank you help me be obedience in running to you then to the world Amen
    3. Amen - Praise God for the help He provides in our times of need. God is awesome!
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    why did my billing just fail? 2 cards and money is there... I can't access my presentation for tomorrow morning!
    1. Hi I just double checked and it looks like you have an active Proclaim subscription. Were you able to access your presentation? If not, please let us know so we can resolve this for you. It may be best to call our support center! 888-634-2038
    2. I can open proclaim but all of our past history is gone. No one on my team who logs in can see any past presentations or recordings. We lost last weeks sermon due to this.. How do we resolve this? Quickly.?.
    3. Good morning, John. Did things work out with your presentation?
    1. Thank you so much for this! He’s a great teacher
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    Is there a way to make a public group, that anyone can become a member?
    1. Hello , anyone can become a follower. To become a member, users can click Ask to Join button prompting the admin of the group to confirm the users request. The other option is for the group admin to change the followers’ membership status to Member.