• I'm trying to add someone from the church to a group (The toggle to restrict to the church is really helpful), I can see they're there twice, and there's some colour coding which I don't understand. What is the difference between users in blue and green? It would be helpful if there was more info, to make it easier to choose which user I want.
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      I would suggest starting with your duplicate records in People and merging duplicates (you can only merge 2 at a time), just to clean everything up but the blue name shows that it's going to default to that top record as it's the selected record,
    2. Thanks that's the duplicate people merged. Thanks for the suggestion
  • I was trying to add just the people in my church presentation team to a test calendar event during a demo to church leadership, but keep getting other people who aren't even in the church or the team suggested, is there an easy way to limit where the suggested people come from?
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      Thanks I can see the checkbox for the team invite, but not on the calendar event invite, so this doesn't help me with my current issue
    2. You can invite groups and teams to the event. Inviting your presentation team would be the same as inviting everyone on that team individually.
    3. Thanks, I'm trying to invite individuals from the team, rather than the entire team. This would be for inviting some of the members to worship practice, rather than the entire band
  • So I just bought and downloaded the logos for family level 1. I was thinking there would be some sort of tutorial to really put it to work for my family studies but I have found nothing. I’m trying to make sure that the whole family can be engaged and the children ages range from <1-11 and my husband and I are in our 30s and my mom in her 60s. We also all have a different level of understanding and knowledge of scripture. So I need somewhere to start. Any suggestions???
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      Hi Katrina https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019103211-Logos-Feature-Training-Videos is a great intro to the software. The whole of the support site is very useful. And also https://mpseminars.com/course/quickstart-for-logos-9/ which a short series by the Logos authorized trainer Morris Proctor. There is also the forum https://community.logos.com/forums/ where other members of the community can help.
  • Need help with connecting a member to Faithlife group/directory. He was at one time connected and I see him connected - but he only sees 1 church in his groups and it a church with similar name and 1 member (though no logo). Been working on this for several weeks now and I haven't been able to resolve on my end. Can someone from Faithlife reach out to me for details and help review?
    1. thank you. I emailed the info. Let me know if you need anything else.
    2. Everything’s working now. Thank you so must for quick reply and resolution!!! Love the Faithlife community.
  • I've been wondering, if there are any plans on updating the Logos mobile app to have as much functionality as the desktop app? I've begun using my Galaxy Tab S7 for everything, instead of my laptop, because my tablet faster and I don't have the money to buy a laptop fast enough to run Logos. The mobile app works great for pretty much everything, but it doesn't seem to have all the tools available, and is difficult to use in landscape and with the SamsungDex OS.
    1. We're constantly working on adding more functionality to the mobile apps, but we're trying to catch up to decades of development on the desktop platform. It will take a while to get it all there! :-)
  • Please pray for our church. The owner whom we rent from is trying to sell it, and we're such a small church that we cannot afford his asking price.
    1. Terrible news.
  • Hello there everyone! I have finally gotten to th epart where I start working on my sermon using the preaching suite. My first question is it recommends I get the silver logos package but if I have the preacher's suite, do I still need this ? The next question is there are loads of tutorials here and for me I am confused where I start the sermon process which tool do I use FIRST?
    1. You can edit or create your own Workflow to have just the steps you use: https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018252991-Workflow-Editor
    2. Thank you everyone for your help. I feel more confident now that I know there isn't just one way I had to learn. I am a visual learner, so I have to see it in my mind before I can get the idea of how everything works. I do know that I will take all of your advice and any more that you can give so I can use Logos effectively and efficiently! God bless you fine folks for helping me.
    3. This is a very supportive community, so feel free to ask questions and share what you've learned about the software. Be sure to spend some time in the training videos (https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/sections/360001775112-Videos-and-Tutorials) and even Morris Proctor's seminars (https://mpseminars.com/blog/), who regularly does free ones for new features and techniques, besides the subscription for the entire training library. I'd also recommend checking out some of the other Faithlife Groups that might be helpful for specific needs, such as: - Logos Bible Software (https://faithlife.com/logos-bible-software/activity) for general questions - Logos Search (https://faithlife.com/logos-search/activity) for general search questions - Logos Syntax Search (https://faithlife.com/logos-syntax-search/activity) for more specific questions - Free Faithlife Books (https://faithlife.com/free-books/activity) to find free resources that regularly pop up, especially free books of the month - Free Fiction Books (https://faithlife.com/free-fiction/activity) if you're looking for those types of books - Faithlife Forums (https://community.logos.com/forums/) for about every topic or issue people can come up with - Logos How-To Guides (https://www.logos.com/how-to), though you might prefer the video training if you're better that way just to name a few. There are many helps, and I don't mean to overload or overwhelm you, lol. Like I say, the Faithlife community is very active, so you should always find some help somewhere.
  • Question: For those of us who have a strong social media following, how do we send an invite to become faithlife members of my group? How do they sign up in otherwords...is there a special link?? Happy Sabbath!
    1. You’re amazing!
    2. your great
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