• Pastors are worn out. The church is stretched thin. And for many Christians, finances are more strapped than ever. So how can we obey God’s call to be cheerful givers when every day seems bleaker than the last?  Join Faithlife and Randy Alcorn for an exclusive online event exploring the intersection of faith, finances, and technology.
    1. The Apostle Paul think says don't sound a trumpet as when you give contributions to God. But I give contributions to the Church I go too. Vida City of Houston Texas
    2. Its Vida City Church Of Houston Texas
  • I am Danial from Sri Lanka doing church ministry in the war-affected area, please pray for my ministry because I facing lots of challenges. God bless you all
    1. Pray the Lord will sustain and protect you. God bless
    2. Danial, I have prayed for you and will pray as the Lord brings to remembrance. Heb. 2:8 "You have put all things in subjection under his feet.” For in that He put all in subjection under him, He left nothing that is not put under him. But now we do not yet see all things put under him." Tom
    3. Pray to Mary and you shall win!
  • Just wondering if there is any plan to upgrade the website features and functionality. Are there any upgrades ??
    1. Hi , Our team periodically updates Faithlife Sites features and functionality. Depending on the feature/function you may see smaller updates often throughout the year and usually some bigger updates a few times a year. The Faithlife Site team overall is constantly working on making sure they are creating relevant solutions. If you have a specific feature you'd like to request, I recommend submitting it here for the best visibility and tracking for yourself and our development team: https://feedback.faithlife.com/boards/faithlife-sites
    2. Ok I think what I want are more widget options like a Bible trivia for example. What are the new features because I see premium ones but that’s it.
    3. unsubscribe please l need to cut back on my reading of materials load for health reasons. Thank you.
  • I'm looking at the Faithlife Music and have a few questions - where is the best place to ask them? I see there's a Faithlife Music group, but I can't post anything, and there are no posts I can see?
    1. Thanks 👍
  • Please pray.

    Sreenumoodu from🇮🇳 india looking for church⛪💒 pastor job opportunity in London🇬🇧 or USA🇺🇸
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      Why do you keep promoting woke theology? Do you know that hell is a real place where people really burn for a real eternity? You money mongers are going to have a lot to say at judgement Day.
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        I've read Bobs business plan before. Yet he doesn't address verbum. Y'all don't even add God to Jesus titles in your Factbook. Redflags redflags. I wish I had a laughing emoji to add to your useless comment.
      2. Pretty sure it addresses it in the general terminology within that link/page
      3. I appreciate the variety of resources, so I can study what's said, I'm just wondering if there's a way to flag the resources so I see when I open it that the resource is from whichever point of view, so I can be aware of what I'm reading? I suspect the categorisation of flags might become contentious though?
    2. Why don't the Jesus factbook article name Jesus as God? .... not only should it be the first position there, but its not even there at all... Do better Faith life. this is a huge red flag for me. Let's hope it was just a mistake, you are human after all, aren't you?
      1. I'm trying to add someone from the church to a group (The toggle to restrict to the church is really helpful), I can see they're there twice, and there's some colour coding which I don't understand. What is the difference between users in blue and green? It would be helpful if there was more info, to make it easier to choose which user I want.
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          I would suggest starting with your duplicate records in People and merging duplicates (you can only merge 2 at a time), just to clean everything up but the blue name shows that it's going to default to that top record as it's the selected record,
        2. Thanks that's the duplicate people merged. Thanks for the suggestion
      2. I was trying to add just the people in my church presentation team to a test calendar event during a demo to church leadership, but keep getting other people who aren't even in the church or the team suggested, is there an easy way to limit where the suggested people come from?
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          Thanks I can see the checkbox for the team invite, but not on the calendar event invite, so this doesn't help me with my current issue
        2. You can invite groups and teams to the event. Inviting your presentation team would be the same as inviting everyone on that team individually.
        3. Thanks, I'm trying to invite individuals from the team, rather than the entire team. This would be for inviting some of the members to worship practice, rather than the entire band
      3. So I just bought and downloaded the logos for family level 1. I was thinking there would be some sort of tutorial to really put it to work for my family studies but I have found nothing. I’m trying to make sure that the whole family can be engaged and the children ages range from <1-11 and my husband and I are in our 30s and my mom in her 60s. We also all have a different level of understanding and knowledge of scripture. So I need somewhere to start. Any suggestions???
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          Hi Katrina https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019103211-Logos-Feature-Training-Videos is a great intro to the software. The whole of the support site is very useful. And also https://mpseminars.com/course/quickstart-for-logos-9/ which a short series by the Logos authorized trainer Morris Proctor. There is also the forum https://community.logos.com/forums/ where other members of the community can help.
        2. Logos is a huge money grab, where their sales team makes commission on your sales, and do not offer training for their complex system. There are basic videos but those do nothing in comparison. What they want you to do however, is stroll on over to Morris Proctor @ MPseminars.com and pay over $200 for basic training of logos. Complete rip off. I call them out on their trash all the time, like selling verbum - A heretical religious study tool. Sad really. However logos is a good tool for bible study just dont get scammed into buying huge packages full of things you'll never open for "Discounted pricing" Also, you don't actually own anything when buying logos libraries or books, you're just renting it. paying for the licensing and faith life can take it from you even if you enter a pandemic and lose everything you own and end up in a homeless shelter like they did to me. stole $700 from me because I fell on hard times and couldn't continue to pay for it anymore.