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Wednesday Night Bible Study - 6/24/2020 - Acts 9:32-43
  • In this end of chapter nine, the scene switches back to the activity of Peter. These verses contain two specific miracles performed through the power of the Holy Spirit by Peter.

    1. The healing of Aeneas (Acts 9:32-35)

    A. Peter traveled to Lydda. (Acts 9:32)

    Acts 9:32 CSB
    32 As Peter was traveling from place to place, he also came down to the saints who lived in Lydda.
    Lydda was about 25 northwest of Jerusalem.
    Notice the word “saints”. The word means “holy people”. Luke doesn’t generally use this word to refer to Christians; however, he uses the word three times in chapter nine. Interestingly, the New Testament never uses this word about an individual. It is always used about a group of people. It is not a word used for a special class of people, rather it refers to God’s people. It refers to those who belong to God. God has separated out his people, the holy ones.

    B. Aeneas had been paralyzed for eight years. (Acts 9:33)

    Acts 9:33 CSB
    33 There he found a man named Aeneas, who was paralyzed and had been bedridden for eight years.
    We don’t know how he became paralyzed. He wasn’t born in that condition. Perhaps he had an accident or something else happened to him.

    C. Peter healed Aeneas through the power of Jesus Christ. (Acts 9:34)

    Acts 9:34 CSB
    34 Peter said to him, “Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and make your bed,” and immediately he got up.
    Peter clearly gave Jesus the credit for the healing. The Scriptures do not tell us why this man was healed among so many others who needed healing. Peter was confident that Jesus wanted this man healed.

    D. The result of the healing was an evangelical explosion. (Acts 9:35)

    Acts 9:35 CSB
    35 So all who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him and turned to the Lord.
    Perhaps this is the reason. People knew of Aeneas and knew of his condition. Such a dramatic healed caused the gospel to reach more people.

    2. Dorcas is raised from the dead. (Acts 9:36-43)

    The story of Dorcas is different. Aeneas was bedridden. He wasn’t really doing anything because he really couldn’t do anything. Dorcas is a different story.

    A. Dorcas was known for her charitable activity. (Acts 9:36)

    Acts 9:36 CSB
    36 In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (which is translated Dorcas). She was always doing good works and acts of charity.
    Joppa was about 35 miles northwest of Jerusalem. It was a sea port town near modern day Tel-Aviv. Tabitha was extremely active in serving the needy.

    B. Dorcas died. (Acts 9:37)

    Acts 9:37 CSB
    37 About that time she became sick and died. After washing her, they placed her in a room upstairs.

    C. Men from Joppa went to Lydda to get Peter. (Acts 9:38-39)

    Acts 9:38–39 CSB
    38 Since Lydda was near Joppa, the disciples heard that Peter was there and sent two men to him who urged him, “Don’t delay in coming with us.” 39 Peter got up and went with them. When he arrived, they led him to the room upstairs. And all the widows approached him, weeping and showing him the robes and clothes that Dorcas had made while she was with them.
    I am not sure if they wanted Peter to come with them because they thought he could do something about the situation or if it was because she was a principle lady in the church at Joppa. Normally, a deceased person would be buried quickly, even before sundown on the day of the death. Peter went with them.
    Upon arriving, he found the people in mourning. Dorcas had done so much to help the needy.

    D. Dorcas was raised from the dead. (Acts 9:40-41)

    Acts 9:40–41 CSB
    40 Peter sent them all out of the room. He knelt down, prayed, and turning toward the body said, “Tabitha, get up.” She opened her eyes, saw Peter, and sat up. 41 He gave her his hand and helped her stand up. He called the saints and widows and presented her alive.
    Peter would have been present when Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead. He followed the same procedure as Jesus. He sent them all out of the room and he prayed. We don’t know how long he prayed, but he got down on his knees and prayed.
    Then, turning toward the lifeless body, he said, “Tabitha, get up.” By the power of Jesus, through Peter, Tabitha was raised from the dead. He presented her to the church alive.

    E. The word of this miracle spread throughout Joppa. (Acts 9:42)

    Acts 9:42 CSB
    42 This became known throughout Joppa, and many believed in the Lord.
    Again, the response to the miracle was an evangelism explosion.

    F. Peter stayed in Joppa for some time with Simon, a leather tanner. (Acts 9:43)

    Acts 9:43 CSB
    43 Peter stayed for some time in Joppa with Simon, a leather tanner.

    Are we supposed to pray for miraculous healing today?

    From the passage we looked at, the people looked for someone with a special gift of healing to come and help in a time of need.
    The book of James outlines what we are supposed to do when we are sick. We should have people pray over us.
    Jesus healed people. The apostles through the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit healed people. Is there any prohibition about us praying for healing over sick people? No. We should remember that death is a door to victory for a Christian. Most people in Scripture were not spared untimely deaths, but I see no reason why we should not pray for healing.
      • Acts 9:32–35NIV2011

      • Acts 9:32NIV2011

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      • Acts 9:40–41NIV2011

      • Acts 9:40–41CSB

      • Acts 9:42NIV2011

      • Acts 9:42CSB

      • Acts 9:43NIV2011

      • Acts 9:43CSB

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