• Andy, Thanks for teaching the 4 part series on Jonah to our Road to Emmaus class. We are using the outline of how to study the bible to study the book of Nahum. It seems to really help in the understanding of what we are reading. Willie Redmon
    1. I hope you're keeping up with your Lenten reading.
      1. John's Baptism
        The description of John's Baptism in Luke is longer than in the other three gospels. Luke gives us a description of what John's message was. John instructed those who were coming for Baptism to turn toward lives of generosity (Luke 3:10-11); integrity (Luke 3:12-13); and justice (Luke 3:14).
        1. Conquering
          We cannot take what we think we know about conquering and project it into God. We look at God to define conquering.
          1. for their possessions were so great that they could not live together,
            Telling statement in Genesis. Their possessions were so great that they could not live together. How have you seen excess possessions create problems for people?
            1. Ephesians 1:6
              Jesus described as the Beloved. Possibile reference to Song of Songs.
              1. In Mark 16.9 the risen Christ appears to Mary Magdalene and she then told his followers that he was alive and she had seen him. It concludes "...they would not believe it." I can only speculate on the reasons they didn't believe her: their culture/tradition; their preconceived beliefs; or their deep grief. The followers lived in a tradition that held women were not witnesses; they believed Jesus was dead; or their pain and sorrow was so great they couldn't see beyond it. What does it mean to walk in newness of life? Maybe it means that I need to remember that the message is more important than the messenger. As evidenced by scripture, God's message is delivered by many unlikely people. The other thing is that when our grief is so deep that we lose sight of God's possibilities, we need the faith community around us to help us remember.
                1. I enjoyed what you expressed here. Let us all have ears to listen to God's message through whatever means he sends it!
              2. If I want to participate in the discussion about the daily texts, should I post to my Faithlife or the FCCA Faithlife. I've been posting to mine but had no responses.
                1. There's a new reading plan in the Documents. It will guide you through the resurrection passages.
                  1. The word used here is Kurios elsewhere translated. Though it is expressed as a proverbial statement it is a clear reference to Christ himself.