First Christian Church St. Francis, Kansas
August 13th, 2017
Serving Today

Pianist: Tema Trumbo

Song Leader: ?

Shut-Ins: Brad Matthies and Daryl Loyd

Elder: Brad Matthies

Deaconess: Jessica Matthies

Children's Church: Crystal Schultz and Carter Matthies

Call to Worship

offered by Royce Cook, Elder

Opening Worship Songs
  • All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name - Hymn #325
  • Jesus, Your Name
  • Overcome
Confession of Our Christian Faith

Pastor:  Why is He called God’s only-begotten Son, since we also are children of God?

Congregation:  Because Christ alone is the eternal, natural Son of God. We, however, are children of God by adoption, through grace, for Christ’s sake. 

Pastor:  Why do you call Him our Lord

Congregation:  Because He has ransomed us, body and soul, from all our sins, not with silver or gold but with His precious blood, and has freed us from all the power of the devil to make us His own possession. 

  • Joys and Concerns (scroll down for information about persecuted Christians in Malaysia)
  • Silent Prayer
  • Pastoral Prayer
  • The Lord's Prayer
  • Prayer for Offering
  • Communion Prayer
  • Communion Hymn - There Is Power in the Blood
  • Communion

Mark 3:7-35ESV

Conclusion of Worship
  • Song of Response - Yes, Lord, Yes
  • Announcements
  • Benediction
  • Song of Dismissal - God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again
Prayer for Persecuted Christians in Malaysia
Prayer Requests

Sincerest Sympathy is extended to David Meyer and family on the death of his brother-in-law, Kenneth Knorr, whose funeral service was hosted by Peace Lutheran Church on Friday, August 11th, at 2:00 p.m. Burial followed at the St. Francis Cemetery.

Special Prayer is requested for Shanda and Telia Williams. (Shanda is the daughter of Amelia Zuege; Telia is Shanda's daugher.) Shanda recently broke her ankle and Telia recently fractured her collar bone.

Barb Barnhart (recovering from a broken femur), Rodney Bracelin (continual recovery), Laura Brunk (continued recovery), Mary Ruth Burkett (knee replacement surgery on May 31st), Delores Bursch (broken leg), Shelley Christensen (issue with her liver), Compassion kids in Brazil, Esther Confer (breast cancer), Mandi Cooks (Achilles tendon surgery recovery), Pat Crabtree, Vicki Cress, Patrick Delano, Dean Dinkel (cancer surgical recovery), Henry Dinkel (cancer), Ron Donald (Paula Keller's brother-in-law; health concerns), David Dunn (Becca Landers’grandfather; Alzheimer’s), Ron Ewing, Doyle and Doloris Hall (FortCollins), Tish Havel (ongoing recovery), Ron and Dot Hill (health concerns), Diane Hockenbary, Dan and Sheree Keller and Campus Crusade staff, Connie Kirk (Fern Forsythe's daughter; recovering from knee replacement surgery), family of Kenneth Knorr (died, August 5th), Pete and June Lauer (Brad Matthies’s and Leisha Hilt’s grandparents; health issues), Dan McCurry (torn meniscus in one knee), Gerri McCurry(recovery of strength), Megan (breast cancer), Danny Penton and family (Danny is receiving chemotherapy treatments in Denver), Tammy Pettitjohn (surgical recovery), Kerry Pollock (rehabilitation after accident), Jackson Reese (continued health after chemotheraphy treatments), Dee Richman (Andy Poling’s mother-in-law; cancer), Pat Rooney (rehabilitation), Doug Ross (stem cell procedure), Gordon Ross (nearing the end of radiation treatments), Keith Schorzman (ongoing surgeries for and recovery from 2nd and 3rd degree burns), Michelle Stafford, Rolle Stephens (friend of Brad Matthies; pancreatic trouble), Dan Stevens (throat cancer), Kelly Studer (had a lumpectomy last year), Nic Sulc (recovery from tractor accident; now at home in Virginia), Tariq and Xavier (in need of adoption), Jo Turbeville (recovery of health), Col eVap (Perry and Paula Keller's nephew; health concerns), Judy Vaughn (sister of Susie Walz; colon cancer), Stephanie Vaughn (Susan Dinkel’sf ormer college roommate who recently experienced a stroke), Carol Weeks (stage four melanoma cancer), Holly White (missing from Taos, New Mexico, since May), Dave Wright (heart condition), Leon Wright (recovering from a stroke), Phyllis Wright (rehabilitation at GSV since April 4th)

*Those residing in care/assisted care facilities: John Bartlett (Parsons), Joan FINLEY Davis (California), Janetta Evins (St. Francis), Ella Mae Keller (St. Francis), Margaret Hilt (St. Francis), Don Love (Kansas City), Marie McConnell (Julie Brunk’s aunt; Idaho Falls, Idaho), Debra McCurry (St. Francis), Charlene Meyer (Atwood), Florence Peacock (St. Francis), Fleda Raile (Goodland), Kenneth Roberson (St. Francis), Rob Webb (Wichita)

Offering Report

July Offerings: $8,226.00
July Expenses: $7,274.61 

Last Sunday’s Offering (August 6th): $1,220.00

Operation Christmas Child August Focus
August Church Mowing Volunteers

Sunday, August 13th - Kyle Schultz Family
Sunday, August 20th - Eddie Brunk Family
Sunday, August 27th - Brad Matthies Family

It is recommended that the mowing be done just prior to the Sunday listed.

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