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    It is interesting to see how God comes to the aid of Hagar the slave. God from the beginning had a plan for the Palestinian people. God heard the cry of Hagar’s boy. That is so awesome. God hears our cry. He knows my sufferings and this brings me comfort. Jesus on the other hand healed a woman who had been bound by Satan for 18 years. He also shows his compassionate heart towards our pain. The devil cannot and will not have victory in my fight against cancer. Jesus confidently cast out demons and healed the sick. What a great joy! Let’s trust him.
    1. What a great Psalm we find in Psalm 19. Note the sufficiency of God’s word...meditate on its power and effectiveness. Nothing can compare to its richness. Congratulations on staying up with the reading. We are almost at 21 readings. That’s what we need to form a new habit! Keep going. Pj
      1. Abraham was confident in asking God to spare the righteous in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. His nephew Lot was included in this request as he had backslid. Abraham persisted and God did not reject his request or persistence. We ought to be persistent in praying for ourselves and for others. I think God is pleased with this mindset. Let us persist with God!
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          Hopefully everyone is up on their reading. Note today the Luke story about the contrast between two sisters. One is distracted with doing things and the other is enjoying being in the presence of Jesus and listening to his word. What good things are you and I doing that takes us away from the most important priority, listening to God’s voice in scripture? Blessings.
          1. Tidying my environment, my TO DO list, social media, family emergencies, etc. But I try my best to get back on track.
        2. We are reading about three great lives, the life of Abraham, the life of David and the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is clearly leading in the life of Abraham and we see the life of an imperfect man against the background of a loving God. He causes all things to work together for good for those that love him and are called for his purposes. The mistakes or failures of Abraham and even the choices he made could not alter the plan of God for his life. God was in control, and I loved it that Abraham in this part of his life went back to where he had started before he went to Egypt and he built an altar to the Lord and he worshipped. We ought to do the same, start all over if we blow it and look up and worship. How is worship part of your life? Blessings.
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            It is interesting that the sin of Ham the father was castigated on his son Canaan. The principle here may be that the character of the father was reflected on the son, and the subsequent generations would reflect this curse. We as fathers or mothers must always guard our actions, and consider the implications of these upon our children. We can either bless them or set them up for failure. The holes in our lives are an entry to the enemy’s attacks on our children. May the Holy Spirit of God reprove us and may we be proven docile in this reproof. Our actions have ramifications for the next generations. How are you and I protecting our children?
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              As you do your reading, read through the passages. Then pick a passage, story or verse to meditate on. This is called observation. If you have questions about the passage you can go deeper and look up more info on your study bible notes or commentaries. If you are following Faithlife browse through your screen options and you will find one where the notes are placed side by side with the passage. Try your best to use a journal to write down your thoughts and come out with a personal application. Finish by praying the truth into your life. Today I was struck by the response of the crowd after Jesus healed the paralytic, “We have seen incredible things today”. God has a way of showing up mightily. We should expect no less...are you willing to believe that you will see incredible things as God shows up in your life? Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God...William Carey.
              1. hey Diva. Miss you. Stay focused. Love you...
            2. Watch out for elitism in the church! Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit confronted the establishment of his day. He looked for the poor, the captives, the blind and the oppressed. He looked for the widows and the non-Jewish people of his day. This brought him persecution but he handled it in the power of the Holy Spirit. The church is a hospital not a country club for the elite or for those who look just like us. Who are the oppressed in our family or society as a whole that we can set free and proclaim God’s favor upon them?
              1. Will you let the devil stop you from the higher plans of God? Jesus did not. How did he do it? The enemy wanted to stop him before he even got started with his life calling. Fight back in the power of the Holy Spirit. Spent some time in fasting and praying. Fight back anchored in God’s word. Write God’s word in your mind and heart. Read and reflect daily and apply to your life circumstances. Fight back with a divine perspective. Be in tune to God’s higher purposes. “God, God, God” was at center of Jesus’ response to Satan. Fight back with a bold determination to move forward. The devil left Jesus and waited for another opportunity to sop him. What is holding you back today? What will you do about it?
                1. Noah. - what is it like to be chosen by God? I see a similarity between the choosing of Noah and Mary in Luke. Both were chosen at different times to to accomplish the plans and purposes of God. Noah built an ark of refuge. Mary gave birth to the Son of God and savior of the world. God is the one who chooses. The key concept in Noah’s character was “righteousness “. As men and women we can choose to live right, and as both of these characters be “blameless”, one a pure virgin and the other one righteous man in a sea of evil men. Noah walked with God. Are we walking with God daily? He must be our number one priority relationship. We need to be in his presence daily, this pleases God.