• Pray that we do not enter into temptation! What are the temptations you are facing today? Jesus biggest trail was coming on, and his heart was in doing the will of the father. His human side had to fight the temptation to avoid the trial, and for the disciples persecution was coming. Jesus foresight was supernatural, he knows all things and his intention is to prepare us for what is ahead. Let’s face all things with resolve, courage and faith.
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      Absalom’s death brought grief to king David. No leader is without grief. Grief is hard, we are sustained by the strong God almighty. COVID has brought much grief. Life unexpected takes a turn and we experience pain. This is hard to handle. However, we cannot live in fear but we must leave every day under the grace of God. Bless The Lord each day and live life in his presence. See Ps 103:1-5.
      1. The Lord cleanses the temple of the merchants who had made it a business to sell and abuse and rob the people of God. How can we apply this today? When or how does the church become a place off business rather than a house of worship? When does making money become a primary objective and winning the lost and making disciples is secondary? This must be thought through.
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          Our Lord is the Lord of the "minas", he expects a return for what he has given us. What are my minas? I can talk of my own life, the family I have, the gifts he has given to me, my ministry of service, my skills, my marriage, and so much more. How well am i investing in these things for profit in God's kingdom? A conversation with a grandson or granddaughter for example to love them and steer them in the right direction and plant some seeds of righteousness in them. Every moment is an opportunity to take advantage for the kingdom of God in this life. It is about his kingdom, he is the king and you and I have nothing else to say.
          1. In Ezekiel 14 God makes note of three names: Noah, Daniel and Job. He makes examples of them and how they are able to save themselves under God’s judgment when no one else can including their own families. These were righteous men and I admire them. God gave the world a chance through Noah, Daniel unlocks the wonders of the end times, and Job, well Job was an exceptional example of endurance and total reliance on God. Love these three guys, my true heroes!
            1. Jesus said some hard things, see Luke 16:18. Divorcees are to be closely examined before you marry one. Adultery produces adultery. The guilty party has a stain and one should not marry one. We have made a mess of marriage in the church. I know of some very sad cases like that. I have to rethink my own practices of marrying individuals and not violate God’s word. Of course all sins are forgiven but the consequences still remain. This is a hard saying.
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                God does not give up on the wayward sons or daughters. He is the seeking God. He seeks us not the other way around. The Bible says that no one seeks after Gods, there is none righteous, no, not even one. Luke 15 is about the seeking father who rejoices over the return of the lost. Don’t give up on the wayward, keep praying, keep waiting , keep seeking. They will come back to your loving arms, parents. Lord today work in the hearts of our teens and young adults.
                1. Discipleship is a high calling. We are called to love God above family, to carry our own cross; to die to self, to finish what we started, fight to the win and be ready, and renounce all of our possessions. We are the salt of the earth. There is an inherent value in us. As the world crumbles before us let us remain the church and make disciples of all nations. Let our flavor be tasted by those who surround us. Preserving some good for this world in the midst of the chaos will bring hope. Let’s be true disciples.....
                  1. Luke 13:8, a fruit is expected to bear fruit. In time it should naturally give fruit. There is accountability time, the moment it should show its fruit. If there is no fruit it may be worthless, and it is only taking up space and wasting water. But, there still may be a chance for it to bear fruit by putting fertilizer on it. The word of God brings about that opportunity for believers to bear fruit. The word is life...
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                      Luke 12:24b , I am valuable to God. I am the crown of his creation. I am not afraid.....