• Not sure about the proper reading. I am trying to read here in Nicaragua. It took me to Luke 19 and I Chronicles 11. Hope I am good. Blessings to my friends. David had some mean young warriors, kings and pastors need to be surrounded by faithful powerful men. Pj
    1. Caroline can you please tell me where we are at in the reading, both or all 3 readings please. Joe
      1. Good Morning blessed and highly people of God! I am pressing this morning, I am grateful for the breath I breathe thank you Jesus! I am conquering the enemy through the Blood of Jesus who's propitiation cover us all!  I am thankful for life in it's fullness that God has blessed my family, friends and neighbors whether near or far. I pray that God continues to gird each and everyone of us to be steadfast in our ministries! Have a blessed and highly favored day in the Lord!  God bless my perceptions and attitude today in the name of Jesus!
        1. Welcome on board Romy. Remember that it takes 21 days to build a habit. You can do this. Pj
          1. Yes Romy. Lets make it happen!
          2. Thanks pastor
          3. Yes Carolina it will happen
        2. Great reading this morning! How are you doing friends...stay with itt and be encouraged. Pj
          1. Hi friends. I had a little trouble with programming my app for the year but I am now on task. Actually I am ahead cause even though I stated reading on the 1/1 , I was not able to connect until the 3rd so my reading shows me ahead Sunday 1/8!and I do not know how to set the calendar back. I am reading the 365 days but connecting both OT And NT. Hope you are all well. Read, reflect, apply to life and pray. Pj
            1. God has given to us everything pertaining to life and godliness. This is comforting, we have an unending resource to pursue that  ultimate goal of Christ likeness. Don't give up, keep moving forward.
              1. Just finished the two letters to Timothy. Pray for me as I think through a new series in 2017 out of the pastoral epistles. I want to title it, "the house of God" . I want to help our church understand the directives to have a healthy biblical church. Blessings. Pj
                1. Christ has given us freedom from religious bonds, he nailed all precepts to the cross.
                  1. What  a beautiful book, Phillipians. Oh that I can live out Phil. 3:10. "That I may know him, the fellowship of his sufferings, the power of his resurrection, and to be  like him in his death".  Let that be our prayer today. Pj