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Working Together

Faithlife’s online community is the perfect way for churches to organize groups, stay connected, and plan events.

Easy to Use

  • Popular Bible translations
  • 3 layers of study notes
  • Lexham Bible Dictionary
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  • Shared notes
  • Photos, videos, and infographics
  • Shared reading plans
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Study Together

The Faithlife Study Bible is the first of its kind: a study Bible made with community in mind. Its layers of notes, variety of translations, and connection to the Faithlife Community make it the ideal study Bible for groups.

Always Connected   

The FSB connects with the Faithlife Community. Your groups can share Faithlife Community Notes as you dig through the Scriptures together. You can also share Bible reading plans with your groups.

Still Yours   

The FSB is perfect for groups, but it also fits with your individual faithlife. It includes a variety of popular translations, including the NIV, ESV, and NKJV. And with the Faithlife app, you can take the FSB and Faithlife Community wherever you go.


The Faithlife Community is wrapped around the Word, and we recommend the Faithlife Study Bible for the best Faithlife experience.

Community Notes   

Faithlife Community Notes make it easy to share your thoughts on passages in the FSB with your groups.

Reading Plans   

Read through the FSB in a year with your group, or set up another reading plan of your choice.

Better Together   

The Faithlife Community and FSB are great on their own, but much better together. And now, you can get the FSB for free!

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App Advantage   

The Faithlife app unites the Faithlife Community with the FSB on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, and Kindle Fire, giving you the best Faithlife experience wherever you go.