• Hey Friendly St! I hope everyone is doing well and surviving this whole social distancing stuff. Ian and I recorded a few worship songs, please watch and worship along with us. You can find them in the menu > content > videos. If you’re on the app you get to the menu from the top left corner where the three bars are, click on that and you will see the list of options. I added some pics of our kiddos because we all miss you and the twins are growing like little weeds! Wishing you all well. Xoxo
    1. If anyone is able to access and view the worship videos as Abby directed, would you please let us know below? Thank you!
    2. Hi Jenny - was able to pray with you and listen to Abby and Ian sing. Thank you so much for putting this all together.
    3. Wonderful, Julie! Our joy! Were you able to access the sermon yet?
    1. Thank you, Susan! It helps so much to have this feedback.
    2. I hope you get it figured out soon. I'm sure you will.
    3. Yes! Susan, the updated one is in the menu>content>video folder with the worship set, too, or you can go directly to the sermon at this link https://amber.faithlife.com/shares/Qu9HTCt1TQtLfFMB
  • Good Morning, Friendly Street Church Family!! Thank you for being here and continuing to connect as a church family. Worship Pastor Ian and Abby Anderson recorded a worship set for this morning, and Pastor Mike and I recorded announcements, prayers, and his sermon. Jon Davie has been a Rockstar helping us upload media behind the scenes. Thank you for your patience - there are many churches trying to do the same thing for their congregations. Faithlife has been wonderful to so many in the same boat trying to provide services online. We will get the service uploaded here as soon as the internet allows us. It may take some time. WAHOO! Praise God for His faithfulness! AND secure online giving is now set up!! Depending on your device you will see a blue "Give" button option when you login. You are also welcome to give via mail or on our church webpage https://fscog-s.faithlifesites.com under the "Giving" header, or on the main page bottom screen "GIVE" button. The website option is the temporary name of our webpage until the domain approval. Our website then will return to the non-confusing name, friendlystreetchurch.org, and we will have both Faithlife and the webpage as great communication tools. Thanks so much!
    1. WAHOO! Back to yoooooooou guys! Thank you team!
    2. Julia always seem to make me smile no matter how I feel. Jenny I have Faith in our team. The Lord is always here if we let him in. It is really an AWESOME morning.
    3. Thanks, friends! We are still ironing out the kinks. Thank you for your patience. We look forward to having future weeks uploaded in advance for you!
  • Good morning! Is there a virtual Church service this morning? If so, how and where do we find it?? Thank you! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
    1. Nevermind....I just found your email Jenny!
    2. Perfect! We are working on getting them uploaded before 11 AM on Faithlife. This week we are doing pre-recorded video and encouraging people to watch at that time. Stay tuned!! Excited to worship with you from afar!
  • Please pray.

    Hello Friendly St. family! I pray that this note finds you all well and healthy! Doug and I are asking for prayers for some upcoming testing that Doug is having done. Next Tuesday, March 24th we will be heading up to University of WA hospital, for three days of intense testing. Doug has pulmonary fibrosis along with Barrett's esophagus, which has caused a chronic cough that has lasted over a year now, and is getting worse! Prayers are so welcome for safe and uneventful travels, safe human contact, and successful testing. This has been a very long time coming and although we have Faith, it is a pretty scary time to be traveling!! LOL We also pray that the doctors are able to find a way to help Doug heal, along with God's healing touch. Thank you everyone!!! We truly appreciate all the prayers that we can get!
    1. Thank you Susan and Jenny! We truly appreciate your kind words and prayers!
    2. Praying that you have safe travels and that the hands of the doctors be guided by God. Bless you!
    3. Any updates? Did you make it there and back?
  • What a beautiful thing to wake up to
    1. Welcome, Doug and Pam! Glad you are here!
    2. Greeting, and Praise the Lord. Even with whats going on around us, the Lord has giving us a beautiful day.
    3. Praise the Lord, indeed! Welcome, Richard! Glad you are here.
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    Easter Sunday

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      Palm Sunday

      Sunday, April 5th, all day
      Friendly Street Church of God
      2290 Friendly Street, Eugene, OR 97405
        1. Yes! So glad you were able to join!
        1. Wahoo! So glad to see you!