• Hey fam, Real quick, I just met with the Family Camp Committee and volunteered to head up the Recreation sub-committee. This is a committee that usually finds off-campus things to do wherever we host camp. Some of the things that were suggested were places to hike, places to host volleyball tournaments, and I'm sure there will be other things suggested. Since we are from here, I figured it would make sense for me to lead this sub-committee and get some input from GBRPC since Tahoe is in our backyard. Could I get 2-3 of you to be consultative members of this committee? It would probably just include a few conversations, nothing to in depth. If you can help, please let me know in the comments or PM me. Thanks!
    1. Hey fam, The bulletin is posted below. Remember, we are reconvening Sunday School this week. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
      1. GBRPC, There will be no prayer meeting this evening due to sickness. Please continue to uphold one another in prayer.
        1. Hey fam, This is a reminder that we have both the congregational meeting AND the Lord's Supper today. The congregational meeting will be at 2:30, and it should be pretty short and simple. There will be no children's sunday school or daycare, as we will have everyone together in the sanctuary for the meeting. Also, I forgot to put the Lord's Supper portion of the service in the bulletin. We will simply follow the pattern we normally do for the Supper. We will also have a potluck in between. See you this afternoon!
          1. GBRPC Family, Please review the attached GBRPC 2021 financials and proposed 2022 budget in preparation for our congregational meeting this coming Lord's Day. Please reach out to me directly with any questions, clarifications or concerns. Greg
            1. Hey all, Just wanted to share this quote from Robert Bruce with you that I came across, since we are partaking in the Supper this week. "When you are at the Lord's Table, watching what the Minister does outwardly, in breaking and distributing bread, in pouring out and distributing the wine, think of this: Christ is as busy doing all these things spiritually to your soul. He is busy giving to you His own body, with His own hand; He is as busy giving to you His own blood, with its power and efficacy. Likewise, in this action, if you are a faithful Communicant, think of what the mouth does, and how the mouth of the body is occupied outwardly; in the same way, the hand and mouth of the soul, which is faith, are occupied inwardly."
              1. Hey fam, Just a quick update. I’m feeling much better than yesterday, as the congestion and body aches have begun to subside. Please continue to pray for the fam as well, as some of the kids are now complaining about sore throats. Real quick, remember, for Sunday school this upcoming week we are having our congregational meeting. In order to have a quorum we need at least 4 communicant members; however, our preference is that all voting members be present, and that adherents also attend. Greg will put up the proposed budged this week for you to review. Sorry that our two week break from Sunday School and Potluck turned into a two week break from church. I’m looking forward to being together again this upcoming Sunday. Thanks again for your prayers.
                1. GBRPC Church Family, I also posted this through Kobi's Faithlife account, but it doesn't seem to post here. It's also posted to the Facebook Group. Please pray for our pastor and his family. Colin wasn't feeling well yesterday, but tested negative for Covid. However, in the interest of not exposing all of you to sickness we have decided not to meet this evening for public worship. Please consider joining together with our fellow Saints at the First Reformed Presbyterian Church (Fresno) or San Diego Reformed Presbyterian Church congregations. The Fresno RPC meets at 10:30 and San Diego RPC meets at 11:00. Both are on Facebook at the links below. https://www.facebook.com/reformedpresbyterianchurchfresno https://www.facebook.com/sandiegorpcna May you have a blessed Lord's Day as you take time for personal and family devotions and find rest in the Lord Jesus Christ. In Christ, Greg