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Knowing Scripture: Apocalyptic Literature and the Psalms
Apocalyptic Literature and the Psalms

Knowing Scripture: Apocalyptic Literature and the Psalms


Review of Prophetic Literature

Review of the Prophetic Perspective

Apocalyptic Literature

Definition of Apocalyptic Literature

Exegetical Principles for Prophetic Literature

1.Following the Author’s Intent

2.Pay attention to the sources of the image (Rev. 1:20; 12:9)

3.One must see the visions as a whole and not press all the details (Rev.. 9:7-11)

Common Apocalyptic Imagery


Sea (Dan 7:2-3)

Sands of the Sea/Stars of Heaven (Gen. 22:17; Hos. 1:10)

Day of clouds and darkness; blood and fire and billows of smoke etc (Is. 13:10)

The North (Ezekiel 38-39; Dan. 11:6-40; Rev. 9:17,18)

The Marriage of the Lamb (Rev. 21:2,9)

The Psalms

Overview of the Psalter

The Division of the Psalm (1-41, 42-72, 73-89, 90-106, 107-150)

The “DNA” of the Psalter (Psalm 1 and 2)

The Structure of the Psalter (Psalm 22-23)

Types of Psalms

Psalms of Praise

Psalms of Lament

Psalms of Thanksgiving

Psalms of Confidence

Psalms of Remembrance

Kingship Psalms

Special Psalms


-Fugitive Psalms

-Temple Songs

-Enthronement Psalms

-Egyptian Hallel

-Songs of Ascent

Principles for Seeing Christ and Singing “with Christ” in the Psalms

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