Great Basin Reformed Presbyterian Church
May 1st, 2022
Evening Worship

 Great Basin Reformed Presbyterian Church

9725 S Virginia St

 Reno, NV 89511

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Rev. Colin Samul                                                 Elder Greg Kothman

775-636-2703                                                                  775-552-5777              



We welcome you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We hope you will be encouraged and edified, having heard Biblical

truth in love.

Great Basin RP is a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of

North America, one of the oldest denominations in the United States.

We are committed to the doctrines of Scripture and the formation of

loving community as a necessary fruit of the Gospel.

In light of the above, we believe that the most comprehensive and accurate summary of biblical teaching is found in the Westminster Confession of Faith, together with the Westminster Larger and

Shorter Catechisms. These documents were completed in 1647 as a summary of Christian belief and practice, with the desired intention of helping Christ’s church become unified in doctrine, government, and worship (John 17:11). In addition to the Westminster Standards, we also maintain the Testimony of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of

North America, which is our denomination’s own continuing and contemporary application of the Word of God to our current culture and context.

Set Up Schedule:

05/01 – Paul Adamson, Eric Churchill

05/08 - Owen Goggiano, Steve Pilcher

05/15 – Eric Maupin, Greg Kothman

05/22­ – Eric Churchill & Miles Brazil

05/28 – Will Meija & Paul Adamson

Nursery Schedule:

05/01 - Jordyn Brazil & Mele Samul

05/08 – Sandi Churchill & Evangeline Samul

05/15 - Kobi Kothman & Nate Kothman

05/22– Kelsey Pilcher & Sierra Kothman

05/28 ­– Jordyn Brazil & Mele Samul

Giving for the Month of April - $5041 (Goal - $5500)

Diaconal Fund - $663 (April - $559)


Oh come, let us worship and bow down;

Let us kneel before the Lord our maker.

Psalm 95:6



Great Basin Reformed Presbyterian Church


Today’s Schedule – May 1st, 2022

Catechism ...............................................................................2:30 PM

Evening Worship..................................................................4:30 PM


Psalm of the Month – Psalm 88B








*Call to Worship/Greeting                              Isaiah 40:1-8

*Praise                                                           Psalm 139B


*Prayer of Invocation

Reading of the Law                                         Matthew 5:21-48


Prayer of Confession


*Praise                                                           Psalm 51D


Scripture Reading                                            Acts 15:6-35

                                                                       Elder Greg Kothman

*Praise                                                           Psalm 127A


Prayer of Intercession                                      


Scripture Reading                                        Galatians 5:1-18


Psalm of Preparation                                       Psalm 119U (1,2)


           Prayer of Illumination


           Sermon -                       “Mortifying Sin in Step with the Spirit”


           *Psalm of Praise                                              Psalm 143D     





*Tithes/Offerings to GBRPC can be placed in the donation box on the

back welcome table










Mortifying Sin in Step with the Spirit (Gal. 5:16-18)



Theme: If we are filled with the Spirit; then we must also walk in step with the Spirit, while mortifying the works of the flesh.

Regeneration on the Conflict between the Flesh/Spirit (Vs 17)

           The Spirit/Flesh is like Oil/Water


           The Definition of the Spirit


           The Definition of the Flesh


“‘The body,’ then [refers] to that corruption and depravity of our natures whereof the body, in a great part, is the seat and instrument, the very members of the body being made servants unto unrighteousness thereby [...] it may [...] express the whole person considered as corrupted, and the seat of lusts and distempered affections.” -John Owen


           The Conflict of the Spirit and the Flesh (Rom 7:15-20)

Application: We can take comfort in the reality that our struggle with the flesh is part of the normal Christian life


The Victory of the Flesh over the Spirit (Vs 18,16)

Being let by the Spirit and Justification (Vs 18)


Walking in the Spirit and Sanctification  (Vs 16)


Israel missed the Grace being offered in their Worship (Vs 23-24; 29:13)


Application: The Spirit will have the victory over the flesh; therefore we must “walk” in the means of grace.


The Necessity of Actively Mortifying the Flesh (Vs 16B)

           The Necessity of Repentance



           The Necessity of “Amputation” (Matthew 5:30)

Application: We are to subdue the flesh under the Spirit; and that will happen as we walk in the Spirit


Prayer Requests.

·      Pray for Sandi’s Aunt Jackie who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

·      Pray for Tobi Hackett, Chloe and Stephanie, and Danica Churchill as they work through the situation in Edmonton  

·      Pray for Andrew that he gets a better shift with his job so that he can worship with us each Lord’s Day.

·      Pray for wisdom for the Kothmans in dealing with parental health needs.  

·      Pray for Kobi’s friend Kim who had surgery for breast cancer.

·      Pray for RP Church Planters and for Rev. Hemphill as he is beginning to church plant in Boise, ID.

·      Continue to Pray and give thanks for Eric Maupin who has experienced some relief from long COVID symptoms

·      Pray for Pastor’s Family friend, Mark, who has Kidney Cancer

·      Pray for Randy who is a missionary in the Middle East

·      Pray for Deacon Eric Mulder at the Edmonton, CA Congregation who has completed treatment and has his first post treatment MRI in April.

·      Please pray for Rev. Jon Maginn with pain and sleep issues.

·      Pray that Piper Macaluso would sleep through the night and give her mom some much needed rest!

·      Pray for Tyler Macaluso’s father, Tony, who is carrying the weight of issues within his family.

·      Pray for the Churchill’s Niece/Cousin Natalie

·      Pray for Shanna’s Back and for the success of her treatments

·      Pray for Pastor’s Uncle Tim who had a heart attack.

·      Pray for Rev. Patrick McNeely’s wife Jaclyn who was recently diagnosed with a genetic condition known to produce cancer.

·      Pray for Sandi’s Coworker Pam who was recently diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.







This Week’s Congregational Prayers

Prayer for our Nation

·     Pray that our leaders would come to know Christ and submit to him

·     Pray for an end to Abortion

Prayer for our Church

·     Pray for those who are struggling with discouragement and Depression

Prayer for our Presbytery

·     Pray for our Church in Brea, CA as they look for a new Pastor.

Prayer for our Denomination

·     Pray for our upcoming Synod Meeting

Prayer for Local Churches

·     Pray for Mt. Rose OPC and Rev. Scott Johnson

Prayer for Missions/Fraternal Denoms

·     Pray for the RP of Ireland

·     Pray for persecuted brethren












This Week’s Confessional Meditation

10.1. Preaching the Gospel consists in the offer of salvation through Christ to sinners, accompanied with such an explanation of the various parts of God’s Word as may help to persuade men to receive Christ as Savior, and to live and walk in Him.

2 Cor. 5:20; Matt. 28:20; Isa. 55:1-3.

2. The elect are effectually called by means of the Gospel offer. This offer is not a declaration to any sinner that his name is in the Book of Life. It is founded upon God’s command to offer Christ and all His benefits to sinners. There is no inconsistency between the biblical doctrine of particular redemp- tion and the command to offer the Gospel to all men.

3. We reject the teaching that the Gospel offer of salvation is freely and truly offered only to the elect. We reject the teaching that particular redemption is to be so understood and presented that Christ as ransom and propitiation is not preached or offered to all men indiscriminately.

4. We reject the teaching that all will be effectually called and ultimately saved.

5. We reject the view that those who are diligent and sincere in a false religion have eternal life.

This Month at GBRPC

Today (05/01) – We welcome you as you join with our us in worship of the Triune God! If you are a regular visitor please reach out to Rev. Samul about the Faithlife App for giving and Church communication. 


Mon. (05/02) – The Ladies Bible Study will be held at the White House at 6PM.


Weds. (05/04) – We will be having our prayer meeting at the Macaluso residence at 6PM. 


Thus. (05/04) ­– The TGB will be meeting at 6:30PM. Please request a zoom link from Rev. Samul if you would like to attend.



Sunday School will be on break from 6/19-9/4 this year


                                   Significant Dates in the Congregation


Eric Churchill 5/20

Mattheus Brazil: 5/24/2015

Margaret Adamson 5/24/16


Brazil 5/03/13

Reading of the Law

Matthew 5:21-48NKJV

New Testament Reading

Acts 15:6-35NKJV

Old Testament Reading

Galatians 5:1-18NKJV

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