Grace Fellowship Church of Overland Park
April 19, 2020
The Law Unravels Us...and That's Good!
Discussion Questions
  1. Reread Rom 7. Perhaps take turns readings: vv. 1-6, 7-12, 13-20, 21-25.
  2. Briefly summarize the main point of each section with one statement each.
  3. Describe the “abusive husband” of the Law throughout your life. Discuss feelings, effects, self-image, etc. (If the “abusive husband” analogy doesn’t work for you, that’s OK - just talk about the Law and the “try-harder to self-justify” systems we adopt.)
  4. In those times when we identify strongly with vv. 15-24, how do we feel about ourselves? Why?
  5. How much of those feelings are really because of the words of the “abusive husband” of the Law? (Are there any other voices helping to create those feelings?)
  6. What from this chapter might help you invite the Holy Spirit into your sin issues rather than hiding from Him?
  7. How does v. 25 frame the entire chapter? How does this verse affect you?
  8. How do we reconcile Rom 7:18 and Rom 7:24 with Psalm 139:14?
  9. Is there anything good about our Romans 7 struggle while we’re in this period of “Already, but Not Yet”? Discuss.
  10. Discuss anything else from this chapter that stands out to you or generates a question.
  11. Paul says we die to the Law so that we can be “married” to Christ and that we die to the Law so that we can serve in the new life of the Spirit. What is one way you would like God to help you live out a “so that” this week?

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