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    Welcome Everyone to The Greater Guild. We are glad to have you here, because you are important to us. We game, cosplay and love anime/manga. Our goal is to use our nerd talents to better help our communities, while practicing the teachings set forth by Jesus. Non-believer? No problem. You can still work with us in our community outreach, Extra Life and G:\ Drive Fundraisers. Follow us every Friday evening at 3pm MST and watch one of our Guildmasters play games. It is a fun way to connect, ask questions, and poke fun at bad gaming.
  • The Trifecta of The Guild

    Big Changes Coming to The Guild

    Some have noticed a purge of many of our posts and the lack of posting in our church regarding events and such.

    It is not to say there is time in the day, but not enough. Hence, here are the following changes occurring in the few months.

    1. Pastor Brandon will be withdrawing from Reclaim Church starting June 14th.
    2. A full meeting of the founders will occur to get back on track after the disaster that was 2020.
    3. A revamp of our streaming, starting with the cancellation of our Faithlife Live Stream.

    These three points may not seem groundbreaking, but the fact that we now need to start the process of building the Guild is becoming pronounced. These changes are not without merit or thought.

    Guildmaster Brandon has prayed daily for guidance and enlightenment. While many prayers are answered, several have forced a prospective change that will build the Guild in all aspects. He has not had a night of comfortable sleep since February, and is continually awake in the early hours praying and in meditation on where we are going.

    The reason for posting this our public church group is simple: full transparency for all who come here.

    We hope to see everyone online soon.