August 14th, 2022
Reflecting the Son in the Valley
Order of Service

Green Valley Baptist Church

10:30 a.m.

Worship Service

Welcome & Announcements

Hymns of Praise No. 56

To God Be the Glory

Hymn No. 508

Love Lifted Me

Pastoral Prayer

Hymn No. 516


Hymn No. 526

The Solid Rock

Offertory Prayer -Don Gilbertsen

Offertory Music - Marilyn Schum

Special Music - Kenzie Fowler


Message - Dr. Mike Hattabaugh

Invitation Hymn No. 519

Jesus Is Lord of All

Benediction - Don Gilbertsen


Connection Cards: Please fill out a connection card if you are a

first-time visitor, have special needs, a prayer request, or if you

wish to talk to anyone on the pastoral staff. Completed cards may

be dropped in the offering plate or given to one of the ushers.

Wedding Anniversary Celebration: at GVBC on Friday, September 2nd at 5:00 pm, John and Donna will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Tickets are required. Linda Harper will have tickets today, or you may see Kelly in the office Mon-Thurs. You must have a ticket to attend.

Shepherding Ministry meets: Tuesday, Sept 23rd at 2:00 pm

in the Conference room in the church office. All Welcome!


Cindy Clark - Aug 14

Judy Stewart - Aug 14

Lilianne Hayes - Aug 14

Vicki Spies - Aug 15

Marie Freiberger - Aug 17

David Cry Aug -18

Tania Hansen - Aug 18

Sally Weber Aug - 19

Deacon of the Week: Don Gilbertsen

Alternate of the Week: Billy Biby

The men serving on our Deacon Ministry Team are servant ministers who are called to help our pastors meet the needs of the church family.

This Week at GVBC

Sunday, Aug 14 - (Bible Reading – Jonah 1-2)

9:00 am Sunday School Classes

10:30 am Worship Service – Dr. Mike Hattabaugh

2:00 pm Silver Springs Bible Study & Worship

6:00 pm Life Group

Monday, Aug 15 - (Bible Reading – Jonah 3-4)

Tuesday, Aug 16 - (Bible Reading – Micah 1-2)

11:30 am Saints Alive – Game Day.

Bring a sack lunch!

Wednesday, Aug 17 - (Bible Reading – Micah 3-4)

6:00 pm Prayer Meeting

6:45 pm Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, Aug 18 - (Bible Reading – Micah 5-7)

8:30 am Men’s Breakfast & Bible Discussion – ALL Welcome

10:00 am No Ladies Bible Study today - canceled

2:00 pm WOM Meeting – working on WMU Retreat

Friday, Aug 19 - (Bible Reading – Nahum 1-3)

12:00 pm CBA/WMU 24th Annual Women’s Retreat

The Retreat will go through Saturday at 12:00pm

Saturday, Aug 20 - (Bible Reading – Habakkuk 1-3)

CBA/WMU 24th Annual Women’s Retreat