• Please pray for Larry and Sharon Horton, as Sharon’s mom has gone to the Lord. please pray for Kirk and Bytha, Kirk is awaiting a bed and surgert
    1. Good Shepard Grace in our Lord Prayer notes: 1. Pat Whitmore asks that we pray for Elijah Reid, a close friend’s 17 month-old grandson, who is very Ill with meningitis. 2. Please continue to pray for Dave Duncan who has completed his I. Unotherapy and will have continued follow up therapy for cancer. 3. Please continue to pray for Marie’s son Chad who is battling cancer. In Christ Alone Pastor Hartley
      1. Good Shepard, Greetings in our Lord. As the Fall approaches and people return, our service times are changing. Here is the new schedule, which shall begin October 9th. Sunday morning study 9:45 a.m. Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Tuesday Men’s Prayer Breakfast 8:30a.m. Tuesday midweek study 11:00 We will be planning a work day in October to prepare the church building for the season. Information will follow shortly. I ask your prayers for the church as our people return and our times of fellowship increase. In Christ Alone Pastor Hartley
        1. PRAYER REQUEST: Good Shepard Grace in our Lord. Please pray for Larry Horton’s brother in law, Steve Hamilton, who had surgery last Tuesday for a bowel reconstruction. His mother passed away this morning. Pray the Lord’s kind mercy for the family in this trying time. In Christ alone, Pastor Hartley
          1. Good Shepard A reminder that our schedule for the summer is changed. we meet Sunday for study at 9:30 a.m. and worship at 11:00a.m. There is NO WEDNESDAY NIGHT study. This week, the mens prayer breakfast is on Friday.
            1. Please pray.

              Please keep Dave Duncan in your prayers. He found out he has bladder cancer. Pray the Lord will comfort and embolden him to face yet another trial in the flesh. In Christ alone
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                Please pray for Shirley Shlinkmann. She fell last night and is in surgery now to repair her hip. ALSO- here is the link to last Sunday’s messages. Remember, we are live-streaming the worship service every Sunday at 11 on Facebook. https://Youtu.be/ly7le- AqGWU
                1. YouTube link for sermons and study: https://YouTube.be/s6ttmOltWjw
                  1. Please pray.

                    Please pray for the Whitmore’s, whose home was robbed over the weekend. Much was taken, but all are safe; thank the Lord
                    1. A reminder: Sunday at 5 am, the men are invited to help cook for our annual pancake breakfast. Sunday at 6 am is the Sunrise Service at Good Shepard. Our weekly service will follow at 9 am.