• Prayer update: Greg Russell’s prostate surgery went well and quick. He is recovering. Please pray for a speedy recovery. The Lord is good!
    1. Please pray.

      Please pray for the following requested prayer needs: Larry Horton’s cousin Tim almost died last night. He hadn’t eaten in a week because he couldn’t swallow and wouldn’t go to the doctor. His sister talked him into going to the hospital and come to find out he had NO fluid in his body. The specialist said he had Sjogrens disease. Once they gave him IV fluids he was able to talk and swallow. They are testing for everything at this point. Also, please continue to pray for Greg Russell who is undergoing an operation Monday for his prostrate removal. In Christ alone, Pastor Hartley
      1. Please keep these in prayer: Alice McNary, who is looking better. Pray she gets her strength back and keeps her joy in Christ. Greg Russell, who is having surgery next Monday. Faith Hartley, she has 70% and is closing in on enough support to enter the mission field once again.
        1. Please pray.

          Grace in our Lord. Please keep Alice McNary in your prayers. She has a bowel blockage. Pray the Lord grant her courage and strength, confidence and joy, so that she might find all her comfort in Christ. If you are in Goodyear and wish to visit her just email for her address.
          1. Please keep Bernadette in your prayers, she is experiencing great pain. Please pray the Lord eases her pain and gives her great comfort.
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              Live stream of Sunday Service

              We are streaming, live, Sunday Service. If you wish to watch, please “friend” Good Shepard EPC on Facebook - you will receive a link on Sunday morning to join. Please remember to mute your microphone before the service starts.
              1. Please keep Michael and Shaun in your prayers after the passing of their uncle.
                1. Please keep Kay Smith in your prayers, she has broken her hip.
                  1. We're praying for you Kate for you to get better
                2. Birthday cookout on June 13, following the worship service. Yum yum
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                    Mens golf outing on Saturday, June 13th. This is the first one - you won’t want to miss it. Details to come.
                    1. This will be on Saturday the 12th