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  • took me forever to remember/find my email and password, how is everyone doing, please pray for my family as someone is attempting to buy the house from the landlord and that if he buys it does not raise the rent or kick us out for a homeowning path
    1. Good to hear from you Erik! Of course we’ll be praying for you and your family. We hope that you plugged in to a good body of Christ in your area and that you and your family are doing well.
    2. We will be praying Erik!
  • Please pray for: From Amanda: Can you please add Kokeb and Sam to the prayer list ? They were very receptive ! Aaron and Danali… young couple at the park. Will consider the gospel and what they heard. -- Jeffrey Sprouts security guard- Karan- Sprouts check out organizer always grateful for a tract Cory-Pesto employee listened to a 1 minute Gospel message, took tract as he had to go back to work Septa worker upset at “my spirit”when I mentioned the judgment Woman in White Cheryl-my neighbor Kean-
    1. Was a little crazy out tonight but we got to share the Gospel! Please pray for: Bill Maleek, Woman took a Children's tract and read it out loud to her children and nieces and nephews, Alure Kaniah Aniff Louis Charlie Damon Gina Pajol John Joey(shared Gospel. Kept saying he was good enough to get to Heaven), Selah Oscar and 2 friends, Hanna Wayne and Faith, Acum-Muslim Sabrina-Muslim Antonio-firefighter with Catholic background hungry for truth ..so thankful to hear true Gospel Mike-listened carefully & admitted he’d go to hell if he died tonight & was concerned Ian-asked for prayer Stephanie- Family in front of Starbucks, 2 young men thankful for tracts Boy with skateboard read smart card tract then his bus came Katelyn
      1. Was a wonderful night witnessing praise the Lord! Each of us had a few opportunities to share the Gospel. Please pray for: From Diana: Mike with his bike, John with his dog, Jim was able to share the gospel to them separately for quite a while and they were open. Ptl ! Miriam from N Africa ( doesn’t speak English, an elderly catholic lady with a lots of pin on her bucket hat originally from Philippines), Scott, Muhammad From Bob: Prayer request. I helped Jada and Amanda move yesterday to Jenkintown. I started witnessing to a few of her male friends Jaheem, Nassir and 2 others. I started out with the red and blue curves. That reeled them right in and let me swing to the spiritual. They all affirmed their goodness so i took them through the Law. Jaheem was silenced but the other 3 kept justifying themselves. So I gave Jaheem the gospel in front of the 3. Then one of Jada's homosexual friends said that how dare i bring up this gay bashing message in front of Jada. I asked everyone there (13:of us) if i said anything bashing gays. All except that girl said i had not. I tried to engage with her but she wasnt having it. So i let her be. I believe she knows her sin but is not ready to give up the pleasure of sin yet. When I left i hugged and kissed Jada. She told me i didnt gay bash and that girl was listening to everything i said to the guys 2 women at park Gary and Bill(From a recovery house. Came to Jesus for a better life. I shared the Law and the Gospel with them and they were amazed. Thanked me over and over.Will get right with God tonight), Jared(shared Law and Gospel. He will get right with God right away. Prayed for him), Miles Stephen Jeremy, Derek David-asked him what it means to become a Christian & what Jesus did on that Roman cross & why Cora-12 y.o. doesn’t know where to start reading the Bible. Gave her Gospel of John Willa-only 3 y.o. can tell why Jesus came to do at Easter McKenzie- neighbor walking dog willing to take a Gospel tract & said she would read it Brandon-knows outline of gospel message but admits he is guilty would be guilty at the judgement..seemed concerned Jeremy-showed some knowledge of the Bible but was trusting in an experience. Listened to the Gospel but his questions were “is it ok to sin?” Pray he reads the Bible & gets right with God
        1. Praying you have a Blessed Resurrection Day! He is Risen, indeed!! Please pray for: Al-trusting in God paying for his debt of sin on the cross. Wanted a tract to give to a friend Mike-claimed that he keeps the Law 80% & had to explain that we are fully unrighteousness in our flesh & need Christ’s 100% righteous record Ramon-man selling phones who left the church 6 years before & would go to hell if he died tonight. He was open to hear what Christ did on the cross. Promised to read the Gospel of John tonight. Guy in eagles hat-said guilty as he accepted tract Isaiah-Had Romans 12:2 on his armband & I explained what Jesus did on Good Friday & why we need his righteousness Shelle-wearing God is dope sweatsuit & asking her why did God come to earth & Did she hear about the Lamb Of God?’ Ena- woman from Indonesian church making sure I wasn’t a JW Geraldo, Parthenia(coptic Christian. Shared Gospel), Prince(started crying when I asked where he was going to spend eternity. Shared the Gospel with him), Bob Ryan Michael-pray this man see his great need for God & get a Bible Amira- listened carefully to the whole Gospel Kenneth-concerned about his eternal destiny Kersti- she is longing for something deeper & listened well . May she remember to read the tract in the morning.From Kensington this morning: Noemi, Stefanie, Luis, Dionisio, Frida, Wanda, Robert, Justin, Jacob, Mike. Rachael
          1. Good day to share the Gospel. Please pray for: Shelly and Annette Franny Reuben — older man at the park - shared gospel - he would not admit he was not a good person. Salib(gas station attendant),Tonette(Costco employee),Renell(Costco shopper, listened to Gospel), Jeremy(Costco employee), Edie Hachid, Andrea Issac and Nancy- Nathalie’s grandkids who has autism She asked for her health issues and direction regarding living situation Guideo & Kyle-Father,son of our neighbor accepted tracts Joey-explained that he is an evolutionary biologist who feels god in nature more that Catholic Church background. Shared Romans 1:20 ..no excuse Tein-accepted tract Mike- Sam-has church background but shaky with the Gospel. Gina took him thru the commandments and cleared up why Jesus had to die to pay for our sin debt. He is looking for a church & a job Thankful for a New Testament Bible
            1. Wow! I never heard this quotation before... I like it!
          2. People to pray for from today: My neighbor: Rita, the elderly couple Pat and John. Pat is catholic and John said that he is atheist. The reason he doesn’t believe there is God because God allowed hitler killed million people and done nothing to him. I was not able to share the gospel with him today. Pray that God will open the door. Natalie Dessa, Mike(very self righteous. Wouldn't let me finish. Said God will say to him, come on in to Heaven. I left him with a warning(Matt 7:21) and reminded him that Jesus said no one is good), Theo(couldn't talk but took tract), Ebony-took message very seriously Robert & Brittany- next door neighbors with new baby..God provided new opportunity to visit Steve-neighbor who accepted a tract(a big deal) Rocco & D (accepted tract) discussed God’s truth law & love Noel-needs repentance & faith Quaco- taxi driver
            1. There have been a lot of angry people out lately but praise God some stayed to hear the Gospel. Please pray for: Joe(says he got saved in jail but on drugs and homeless now. Shared Law and Gospel with him. He was very grateful. Kept shaking my hand), 4/2 - Dvorah - Walgreens cashier Tia(took tract), Ellen, Joe, Janet, Jason, Shan, young friendly man from India.
              1. Was a good night witnessing praise the Lord. Please pray for salvation for: Ortiz Jenifer Mimi Shelley Eric Frank Rafael Lori Mike Fred Mike Nami Dianne Micheal Raul Sunder John- brother in the Lord who accepted tract to give to another Sally-accepted tract freely Big Truck & friend-accepted tract to explore later James & Amber-believers from Block Church gave testimony, “Willie Nelson” -good man who is sure he is going to heaven because he says the rosary every day..appealed to him, Adam-knew Gospel but got away from faith implored to read the Bible & see Christ in everything Jewie-woman who thinks the Gospel is not for Jews Muslim man angry at me Many Rejecters & many tract accepters Jonathan—Adamant that he is pleasing to God because of what Christ did, however admitted adding works. Pray for him as his pride seems like a stumbling block. Shawn- Dominic Big Momma Pricilla Joe Evelyn Dora Lucy Alex, Marco and Sully(I heard them talking about God and shared the Gospel with them. They were very appreciative and hugged me afterwards. They also took tracts), Stephanie-Home Depot thankful accepted tract Connie-HD 4 people in a line waiting for Pharmacy to open heard Gospel Audrey
                1. More people to keep in prayer for salvation: Meredith-Catholic friend who trusts in her one time experience traveling on Patmos Island Christopher-Meredith’s live in boyfriend who believes when u die, Peter-Stylist friend who accepted tracts to ask his children to read to him about Jesus & Gospel Molly-tract Sienna- excited about reading tract & hearing Gospel again From Mandy: Heavenly - waitress at fishtown diner, said she had a hard time believing in God when bad things happen - gave her an analogy that just got her thinking and she is going to read the tract and look into it Marjorie Sissy Cyieed Tyreek(Tommy shared Gospel with him and he wants to visit FCA now).. From Diana/Jim: Gina, here are the names from this morning in Kensington : Ortiz Jenifer Mimi Shelley Eric Frank Rafael Lori Mike Fred Mike Nami Dianne Micheal Raul Sunder