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  • Interesting night witnessing tonight. Lots of action. Please pray for: Roy and daughter, Three folks heard the Gospel, Santo(will read the Gospel of John tonight), Juan, Louie Lopez, Zaniah and her son Logan(he loved the kids tract), Lin, Eve, Brandt, Jordanny, Jesus, Rick.
    1. We ran out of tracts to give out in DC. But they all were given out today. I have none left for tomorrow
  • Was a good night witnessing tonight. Some good conversations. Please pray for: Allieandro, Miguel, I’llbeback, Tony, Finn(heard Gospel and will repent/trust Christ tonight. Prayed with him), Annamay and her mom, Steve, Arthur, Nizear, Shay, Michael(heard Gospel and will consider what he heard. Prayed with him), Igottago, Patrick, Maleek, Katelyn and her baby Ella(this is the heroin addict who didn’t want help. She had her baby and is back on the street), Rameer, Nelson, Asia, Aries and 2 sons, Earl, Nicodemo.
    1. I headed out about 50 tracts today and saw many reading then but do not have any names. Pray for them.
  • The Glorious Gospel continues to go forth! Please pray for: Roland, Barbara, Kea, Diana, Will, Jim, Louis, Earnest, Tony, Barbara(Faith’s neighbor), Maria(Chris talked to her for 1/2hr and share the Gospel with her), David, Sean
    1. Name from witnessing tonight: Zara, Tuesday, Michael, Isaiah, Sam, Michael, Paco and friend, Ton, Joy, Sarah, Ron.
      1. Love the quote!!!
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      Can everyone seek out the Memorial Day event on their calendar 🗓 on Faithlife and RSVP? Can everyone also list under the comments in the event what food they’re bringing if attending? Thank you 😊
      1. We are bringing a green salad and 2 big bottles of soda. Looking forward to the baptism and a fun day.
    3. These are the names from the past couple of days. Please pray for: Shin, Melaka, Rebecca, Charles, Hesu, Vio, Joe, Lisa, John, Liz, Brian, Arthur, Linda, Omar, Jan, Connie, Dominique, Lance, Camille, Keenan, 2 Rite Aid workers, 2 Rite Aid customers heard the Gospel and took tracts, Joe(Chickie. He was an old Mafia Boss heard the Gospel), Brant(professing Christian who is drug addicted), Terry, Ashley, Steve, Alexis, Mary, Cynthia(shared Gospel and prayed with her), Angel, Armstrong, Ciana, Emmanuel, Eddie, Mike,
      1. Wanted to share an awesome picture of Broad and Snyder, where we witness. This was Monday May 16th. Scary and beautiful…
        1. Names from witnessing the past couple of days. Please pray for: Shaw, Frank(very receptive and Krista pray with him), Myra and Rosa(2 Catholic women heard the whole Gospel), Weston and Kayla(Nancy’s grandchildren, asking questions), Mark and another man(Kenny witnessed to), Lynn(Anne’s friend having seizures(, Andrew, Dennis, Gloria and Bruce
          1. Names from witnessing tonight. Please pray for: Adidas, Caleb, DJ, A grandma with child, Wrangler man, Ailiyah, Amos, Dolly, Jordan, David, Tagu, Valorie, Rozel, Ebony, Michael(Amazon driver), Mariam, Sherly, Mark, Meridian, Abbie(my dog sitter), Steven. Thank you for faithfully praying…
            1. Just got to share the Gospel with Brett wearing a T-shirt that said, “Jesus is coming. Look busy.” Pray for Brett!