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  • Our brother Bob went home to be with the Lord yesterday. Marie is grateful for everyone’s prayers. Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints…. Please pray for: A fifteen years moslem girl never heard the gospel( forget her name), a group of teenager, one name Jayden, he listened to the gospel, Camille loved the Gendron Catholic tracts and took a Bible Shelly is reading hers, Alajandro, Dolores Floyd-neighbor needing genuine repentance & faith Ian(3 drug addiction)-pray for readiness to fly out to rehab tonight. Also True Repentance from self salvation & faith in Christ alone Batman-pray he will read the Bible given, admit he is dead in sin & believe he will be judged by Gods perfect standard & go to hell unless he repents Tuli Rich-admit he is dead in sin T- Michele-needs to be rescued from the dominion of darkness……. When Batman first started coming around he didn’t want anything to do with the Gospel. Praise God that he continues to come around and now is listening and acknowledges his sin and took a Bible!
    1. When Batman first started coming around he didn’t want anything to do with the Gospel. Praise God that he continues to come around and now is listening and acknowledges his sin and took a Bible!
  • From Mandy in Va: 2 men at Walmart Carlos Rob - 12/29/22 in London Starbucks, waiting for ride, took tract said he hasn’t been practicing his Christian faith and doesn’t want to hear the gospel but will read the back, chatted about his son 21 at VCU majoring in philosophy, he’s a professional soccer manager for some soccer team. Talked with lady next to me she said she hopes the afterlife will be more fun and there’s no God and it’s about what’s inside, it’s about your faith and I said faith in what and she said her beliefs are personal and they’ll remain personal - works for government ——-From tonight:Linda Alex Juan Devin Jessica Ria Andrew Ilan Edward Jason Arlene, Ariana, Elsy, Sukai Also please continue to pray for Bob and Marie. He is rapidly declining. Marie needs prayer for strength and God’s wisdom in these last days with her husband. She’s very grateful for all your prayers.
    1. Please pray for: Bonny CJ Gina Nate Margaret Xavier Mike TN Art CJ Pete Pete Sprouts employees Karen, produce manager AJ accepted tracts thankfully 3 Philadelphia Dept of Revenue employees today accepted tracts Tre
      1. Thank you all for continuing to pray for the lost. Some good conversations tonight. Please pray for: David Zawaski, a devout catholic that Jim and Diana visited at nursing home. Marty, Teddy and Sophia, Joe Doug, SanAntonio, Shaquira Rosa Jason Anthony(shared Gospel with him. He wants to go to Bible Study. Referred him to FCA), Shirah(14yrs old. Got to share Gospel with her and her mom called her away, Anthony, From Nancy: Shelly and Camille ( ex Catholic nun who took 3 Mike Gend.., tracts about the Bible and Cath teachings etc
        1. The Gospel was shared a few times but mostly tracts given out. Please pray for: MartLynn Frank - chick fil a drive through, Lady at dmv Samier(Amazon driver took a tract and booklet) Tashima(mail carrier), Fran Shannaya Brianna, Fatima Doug SanAntoino
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            1. Really really cold tonight and no one stopped to talk but took tracts praise God! Please pray for: Alexander Albert Aimee Olivia Julio Jennie Laquisha Elizabeth Alberto 2 Mormons took tracts Alex Travon Montgomery Brooke ( the coffee shop girl in Wayne )
              1. Eight of us went to Dilworth Park at City Hall. It was packed with people watching the winter show and shopping at the little booths. We were able to give out many tracts and have some opportunities to share the Gospel. Please pray for: Kaleem(today's trash man), Jaden-ho hum about Gospel Bud-Catholic falsely assured that he’s ok received tract David(open to the Gospel) Amir-Security at Oregon Market heard whole Gospel..responsive Ben-Security at Aldis with Catholic background said had believing Gramma listened to whole Gospel also responsive Patrice-counting on her Parochial education Free-wearing Santa suit & accepted Santa tract & listened to Gospel news & challenge Omar-promised to read tract & even Bible verses Nick-came up to me and asked many questions. Agnostic Michael j fox look alike took new years tract Navajo-high school student beginning to think about God accepted tract & was able to hear abbreviated Gospel in 40 seconds—..responsive Mikai Lynnette Jamai Craig-New Ager willing to read tract Sarah-living on street for two years & very open about her addiction to fentanyl..admits she might die any day…praying she will call her family to go into rehab. She has heard the Gospel & needs to faith & repentance Lea Christine Kelly Ken(Jim shared Gospel)Diego and girlfriend 4 girls Maddie Sheryl Kevin-not feeling well so I said we would pray. Gladly accepted tracts Robert-very interested & responsive. Went home to get right with God Daniel-family needing God & his word, not wisdom of man & his Mother the “preacher” Jill-healing Cory-Security, thankful Family from suburbs 2 Postal ladies Rose-went from Jewish faith to Catholic to all denomination universalist church..doesn’t go to church or read the Bible & listened to whole Gospel. Doesn’t believe she is a sinner! Helena-young woman running a Tito’s raffle who has a Catholic background & now influenced by Buddhism. Wanted to hear Gospel & started reading Bible once but never heard whole Gospel before. Very grateful for 4 Gospels. Thanked me for staying & explaining. Helena David (security)-has own, made up religion but open to the tract message. Anthony(security)- knows he’s a sinner, listened to the gospel. Fred, a Lutheran who heard difference between “gospels”(liberal/orthodox). Damien-started: “are you a good person” but only got 1/2 way through. Carol -89 says she repents everyday needs more faith Lily - catholic (so willing to talk!) wants to read the Bible is going to, explained the gospel Cece
                1. It’s cold tonight but we still got to share the Gospel a few times. Please pray for: Katie Billy Mani Shaskia Kenny Anthony gave received tracks for me, Steven Nina Andy Aniah Darrell Arianna Dion Lewis Sylvia Charles Gina 2 police officers Mary Mills Lesley Javier Margaret---From Nancy: Shelly Ruby Camille Annette I shared the gospel at a tea party and especially got to talk to Camille but everyone listened
                  1. Another good night witnessing Praise God! A bunch of us were out sharing the Gospel. Please pray for: Carolina Joe-uncle a priest, took a tract Mary -took tract on the way to work James- on bike, took a tract said God bless Leela-took a tract, on the phone, young Shakia (little boy justice) she was so receptive, said she would read her bible more Taeil(Euhnee's brother), Maria Taze Maria Boobie Bora Anthony Javier Ania(listened to the Gospel and was very receptive.), Naseem Badeeez Kadee, Bus driver Orin, having trouble growing in his faith, getting to church due to asthma. Chris Rick Jason Darryl-realizes he needs to get right with God From Nancy-- Shelly Jewish neighbor I’m discussing Bible and gospel with