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    ReadMore on Spiritual Gifts and other info
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    Finding your spiritual gifts and using them

    You can find the pulpit curriculum for this week at the small groups page of our website.

    Read this really helpful article on Spiritual Gifts before small group: https://www.crosswalk.com/faith/spiritual-life/how-to-identify-and-effectively-use-your-spiritual-gifts.html

    The article includes a short video answering the much debated question about the various "sign gifts." Have the gifts of tongues and prophecy ceased? Watch that too! Here is a direct link to that video: https://youtu.be/oR1iYusl7iQ

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      January 20, 2019
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      ReadPrayer request
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      From Michelle Metzger

      Michelle's mother has had a number of health issues over the last month or so and in the last couple of weeks she has gotten much worse. Here is the note that Michelle shared with me and she asked that I pass this along. I do not have all the details but obviously they need our prayer at this time. Michelle and the family are currently in Easton, Maryland.

      As you know my mother has been very ill for a few weeks. She is not getting any better and has been on life support for weeks. My family and I had to make the decision to remove life support from her today. We will be doing it this afternoon. Please feel free to share this with our church family. We are all handling it very well and have been very loving and supportive of each other. We thank you in advance for your prayers.

      Rich Shipe


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        ReadOf Shutdowns and "one anothers"
        Harvest Connect
        Need help? Know of anyone who does?

        The federal government is still under a partial shutdown. We are closing in on one month. I'm sure it is beginning to really impact people in our area. I know some in our church have been furloughed. Others may be indirectly impacted as well.

        This moment might be an Acts 2:44-45 and Acts 4:34-35 moment for us!

        Do you need financial help? Please don't be shy and let the body of Christ come around you. We can gladly follow the early church in Acts in providing for the needs of one another. God is faithful to provide and this might be the way he has planned to provide.

        Additionally, think about it as an outreach opportunity for your neighbors or other people you know outside of our church. Is there anyone around you that needs help? Maybe with your leadership we can rally the church to help them?

        Keep us in the loop!

        Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. -Hebrews 13:16

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          ReadNo worship gathering today
          Because of weather we are cancelling

          Looks like we have about six inches right now in Ashburn and more falling so we are going to cancel our service.

          We'll see you next week!

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            We'll decide tomorrow

            Because our service is in the evening we have the luxury of waiting until tomorrow morning to make a final decision on our weekly worship service.

            We'll plan to make a decision by noon tomorrow so check your email by then for a final decision. Stay safe out there!

            Here is a great snow verse for you!

            Isa 1:18

            “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD:

            though your sins are like scarlet,

            they shall be as white as snow;

            though they are red like crimson,

            they shall become like wool."

            Isn't it awesome how God gives us such awesome reminders of what he has done for us?! I love it.

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              ReadChoose to Grow
              Harvest Connect
              Choose to Grow Pulpit Curriculum

              This week we restart small groups and you can get the pulpit curriculum for this week here: www.harvest.bible/small-groups

              Scroll to the bottom of that page for the list of pdfs.

              In this week's pulpit curriculum you'll find the chart that you can use for personal evaluation. This month we want to focus on how God might be working on us personally to grow. God is committed to our growth, are we?

              By the end of January you want to be able to complete this statement:

              Because of God's mercy, I commit to grow in _______________ .

              It is a privilege to serve you and I am excited to see how God leads us and grows each of us in 2019! The plan is to take three weeks for the Grow series and then we'll get back to Acts.

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                ReadHarvest Ashburn
                December 30, 2018