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      • Matthew 25NIV2011

    Let’s turn together
    in our Bibles
    to Colossians
    chapter 1.
    & we’re gonna read
    verses 12-14.
    Colossians 1:12-14.
    & when you
    find that
    in Your Bible
    Pls stand for the reading
    of God’s Word.
    The title
    of today’s teaching is
    Give Joyful
    Thanks to the Father.
    In Colossians 1:12-14
    the Scriptures say:
    Colossians 1:12–14 (NIV)
    [keep] giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.
    For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,
    in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.
    You may be seated
    A global pandemic;
    A country in chaos;
    Gargantuan Gas prices;
    A tornado
    That tore thru
    our town;
    Men breaking
    all kinds of records
    in women’s sports.
    An uncertain future
    in this world
    for all of us.
    Those are very real issues
    That have been
    playing out
    all around us.
    & all those issues
    have something
    in common—
    You & I cannot control
    any of those things.
    We can
    & we must pray.
    & we must do our best
    to be salt & light
    in a tasteless
    & dark world.
    But if we focus
    on all the problems
    we see in the world
    We’re likely
    to find ourselves
    & Apprehensive.
    So, we need
    a dfrnt focus.
    & in today’s passage
    We’ll see Paul
    encourages God’s ppl
    to focus on something
    other than
    the problems that plague
    the world.
    Paul reminds us
    of one of the most
    important aspects
    of the Christian life.
    Something Paul
    talks abt over
    & over.
    Something we talked abt
    a couple weeks back.
    This is something
    that will
    change us
    if we constantly
    engage in it.
    Paul urges God’s ppl
    to Give thanks
    to the Father.
    Who is the Father?
    The Father is
    the God & Father
    of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    & if we’ve been
    born again
    thru water & the Spirit
    then He’s our God
    & Father too.
    Paul urges us
    to give joyful thanks
    to the Father of Jesus.
    No matter
    what’s going on
    in the world.
    We still have
    so much
    to thank God for.
    We can still give thanks
    in every circumstance.
    & to help us do that
    Paul shows us
    at least 4 reasons
    We shld
    Give Joyful thanks
    to the Father.
    Let’s pray
    Our Father in heaven
    We thank You
    for gathering
    us here today
    to worship You
    & to hear your voice
    thru Your Word.
    Help us
    to hear the truth
    & give us grace
    to obey the truth.
    In Jesus name.
    [Transition: The 1st reason:
    we shld
    Give Joyful to the Father
    is bcs...]
    The Father QUALIFIES His saints for the Kingdom of Light.
    Notice in Colossians 1:12
    Paul says
    Colossians 1:12 (NIV)
    [keep] giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light.
    The Greek word
    behind the word qualified means
    To make strong;
    To make sufficient;
    To make suitable
    for something.
    Paul says we shld
    Keep giving joyful thanks
    to the Father bcs
    The Father makes His saints
    & suitable
    to share in
    an inheritance in
    the kingdom of Light.
    There are
    many things in this life
    We may not
    be qualified for.
    Things we’ll not be
    Strong enough for;
    Or have sufficient skills for
    Or be suitable for.
    For example
    I’ll never be qualified
    to give you
    medical advice.
    I’ll never be qualified
    to fix your roof.
    & I’ll never be qualified
    to give anyone tips
    on how to
    keep frm going bald.
    I’m not qualified
    for those
    & many other things.
    But one thing
    I know for certain.
    One thing I’m sure of is
    I am qualified
    for the most glorious
    kingdom the world
    will ever know.
    I am qualified
    to inherit the glorious
    riches of the Kingdom of Light.
    Bcs of
    what my God & Father
    Has done for me;
    & what He is now doing
    In me &
    Thru me.
    The grace of our God
    Qualifies me
    for the Kingdom of Light.
    The grace of our God
    Qualifies all
    who trust in Jesus
    for the Kingdom of light.
    God’s grace
    changes us
    frm sinners to saints;
    God’s grace makes us
    A Holy ppl
    Who live a holy life
    Thru the power
    of a holy God.
    & bcs God’s grace
    makes us saints
    we’re then qualified
    to receive
    an inheritance
    among holy ppl
    in a holy kingdom
    made for holy ppl
    in the kingdom of light.
    Paul says this again
    to the Elders in Ephesus
    in Acts 20:32.
    Paul says
    Acts 20:32 (NIV)
    “Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.”
    Thru the grace
    God gives us
    thru His Word
    God’s ppl are built up
    & made strong
    to live sanctified
    or holy lives.
    Lives where we’re
    set apart FRM
    sinful purposes
    & set apart FOR
    God’s righteous purposes
    as children of light
    in the kingdom of Light.
    & if we
    Continue in the faith—
    Continue living holy lives—
    thru the power
    God’s grace
    We will inherit a share
    of the eternal kingdom
    our Father prepared for us
    bfr the creation
    of the world.
    Our earthly minds
    Cannot even begin
    to comprehend
    The riches of the inheritance
    God has prepared for us
    in the kingdom of Light.
    In Colossians 1:13
    Paul calls it
    Colossians 1:13 (NIV)
    ...the kingdom of the Son [God] loves...
    It’s a glorious kingdom
    that will one day
    fill the earth
    w/ the glory
    & righteousness of God.
    When Jesus comes again
    the kingdoms
    of this world
    will become the kingdom
    of God the Father
    & His Son—
    Jesus Christ.
    & one of the most
    marvelous truths
    abt this kingdom is:
    All the saints
    will co-inherit
    this kingdom
    w/ Christ.
    Listen to what Paul says
    abt this in Romans 8:17:
    He says:
    Romans 8:17 (NIV)
    Now if we are children [of God], then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.
    & again
    in 2 Timothy 2:12.
    Paul says
    2 Timothy 2:12 (NIV)
    ...if we endure, we will also reign with him.
    Listen to that:
    We will co-inherit
    all things
    w/ the Lord Jesus!
    We will share
    in the glory
    of the Lord Jesus!
    We will reign
    w/ the Lord Jesus!
    & this is one reason why:
    When I pray w/
    my kids at night
    I always tell them:
    “You’re destined
    for greatness
    bcs You’re God’s kids.”
    Why do I say that?
    Bcs that’s what
    the Scriptures teach.
    When we’re God’s saints
    we’re destined
    to inherit something
    far greater
    than we can imagine.
    But let’s
    not get it twisted.
    Let’s make sure
    we keep this balanced.
    We’ve gotta understand
    that this inheritance
    is not in the kingdoms
    of this world
    in their current condition.
    I’m not sure why
    anyone wld want to
    inherit the mess
    we see in the world
    right now.
    Our inheritance
    is in the kingdom
    of God’s Son
    in the world to come.
    & we only inherit
    that kingdom
    IF we share in
    Christ’s sufferings.
    IF we endure
    until the end
    like Christ did.
    If you’ll read
    right thru the NT
    you’ll see this theme
    on nearly every page.
    The sufferings
    come bfr the glory.
    We’ve gotta start
    & finish this race
    to inherit
    the kingdom God
    has prepared
    for His children.
    & we’re able
    to do that
    Bcs God’s grace
    qualifies us
    for the kingdom of Light.
    So, let’s keep our eyes:
    our focus
    on that kingdom.
    Let’s focus
    on the glorious inheritance
    God promises his saints
    in the kingdom of Light.
    & let’s keep giving
    joyful thanks
    to the Father of Jesus
    bcs He qualifies His saints
    for the kingdom of Light.
    & let’s also give joyful thanks
    To the Father
    for a 2nd reason.
    The Father RESCUES His saints from the dominion of darkness.
    In Colossians 1:13:
    Paul says…
    Colossians 1:13 (NIV)
    …[God] has rescued us from the dominion of darkness...
    All of humanity
    is under the dominion
    of powerful enemies.
    & humanity’s enemies
    Are not
    what they may seem.
    Not enemies
    we can see.
    Our struggle is not
    against flesh & blood.
    It’s not against
    other humans.
    Our struggle is against
    spiritual creatures.
    It’s against:
    The unseen
    principalities & powers;
    The spiritual forces of evil
    in the heavenly realms.
    As John says in
    1 John 5:19 (NIV)
    We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.
    All of humanity
    outside of Christ
    is under the dominion
    of darkness;
    Under the control
    of the evil one.
    The world system is ruled
    by Satan
    who takes humanity captive
    to do his will.
    & how did
    humanity get here?
    It’s a story
    you might’ve heard bfr.
    Our 1st parents
    Adam & Eve—
    the 1st humans
    God created—
    Willfully chose
    to disobey God.
    & when they did that
    they surrendered their lives
    to their enemies
    made themselve enemies
    of God by their evil behavior
    & became captives
    to sin & Satan.
    & since then
    we’ve all been following
    in their footsteps.
    Instead of choosing
    to serve God
    & live as God commands
    We choose
    to disobey God.
    We choose to sin.
    & we surrender our lives
    to our enemies
    make ourselves enemies
    of God by our evil behavior
    & become slaves
    of sin & Satan.
    We’ve all gvn ourselves over
    To the spirit of Satan
    who is now at work
    in the disobedient.
    & Satan is so clever
    He convinces us
    That by disobeying God
    we gain freedom.
    He tells us
    all these rules
    we read in the Scriptures
    just keep us in bondage.
    That we’re
    better off w/ God.
    But nothing
    cld be further
    frm the truth.
    When we disobey God
    We separate ourselves
    Frm the source
    of abundant life
    & every good thing.
    & we find ourselves
    staggering around
    in the kingdom
    of darkness.
    Being steered
    dwn a road
    that eventually
    ends in death
    & destruction—
    Shut out frm
    the glorious light
    of the kingdom
    of God.
    & we have no strength
    to free ourselves
    frm the grip
    of our enemies.
    At one time
    we all find ourselves
    Taken captive by Satan
    to do his will.
    So, we need
    Someone to save us.
    We need someone
    who is
    Stronger than us;
    Stronger than sin;
    Stronger than Satan.
    We need Someone
    to rescue us
    Frm the dominion
    of darkness.
    & that Someone came
    When God’s divine Son
    became a human being
    & dwelt among us.
    W/O diminishing
    His divine nature
    God’s Son
    took on a human nature.
    He became one of us
    when He was
    Jesus is truly God
    & truly Man.
    Jesus entered
    the kingdom of darkness;
    To defeat our enemies;
    & rescue humanity
    out of the kingdom
    of darkness.
    But Jesus did this
    In a way
    nobody was expecting.
    The Son of God
    triumphed over Satan
    & disarmed him
    & made a spectacle
    of the powers of darkness
    not by fighting
    but by surrender.
    The sinless Son of God
    Surrendered His back
    to those who beat Him.
    He surrendered
    His cheek
    to those
    who tore out
    His beard.
    He surrendered
    His face
    to be slapped
    & spit on.
    He surrendered
    His life
    as an offering
    to crush Satan’s head
    & destroy all the works
    of the devil.
    The Son of God’s
    victory over
    our enemies came
    thru the Cross.
    Satan & all
    the forces of evil
    were defeated
    thru the death
    of God’s Son.
    But God’s Son
    Also came
    to defeat another
    one of humanities enemies.
    Jesus did not stay dead.
    Death cld not
    hold Him.
    The grave
    cld not keep Him
    frm rising again.
    Three days after
    His lifeless body
    was laid in a tomb
    The same Jesus
    who defeated Sin & Satan
    Thru His Cross
    That same Jesus
    Defeated death
    thru His Resurrection.
    & Jesus became
    the 1st born
    of a new humanity
    Bcs of
    what God’s Son did
    all of humanity
    can be rescued
    frm the dominion
    of darkness.
    We can be rescued
    frm enslavement
    to our enemies
    & become a part of
    this new humanity.
    By surrendering
    our lives
    to the one
    who surrendered His life
    for us.
    By turning our backs
    On Satan;
    by renouncing
    the lives we live
    in the kingdom
    of darkness.
    & by being united
    to God’s Son
    in His death &
    thru baptism.
    Thru our union
    w/ God’s Son
    God rescues us
    frm the dominion
    of darkness.
    The powers of darkness
    & death
    lose their hold
    over our lives.
    The chains
    that once bound us
    are broken.
    Let’s give joyful thanks
    to the Father
    bcs he rescues us
    frm the kingdom
    of darkness.
    being rescued
    frm the kingdom of darkness
    is really great.
    But the Father rescued us
    frm the kingdom of darkness
    to brings us into
    a better kingdom.
    [Transition: & that’s
    the 3rd reason
    We shld give
    joyful to the Father.
    Give joyful thanks
    to the Father bcs…]
    The Father RELOCATES His saints to the kingdom of His Son.
    In Colossians 1:13:
    Paul says the Father
    Colossians 1:13 (NIV)
    ...has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves...
    The Greek word translated
    “brought into” means:
    To transfer
    To move
    frm one location
    to another.
    Paul’s saying:
    When we
    hear & respond
    to the good news
    of the kingdom...
    When we
    turn away frm
    Satan & renounce
    our lives in the kingdom
    of darkness...
    When we
    turn our lives over
    to King Jesus
    are baptized into Christ
    & receive the gift
    of the HS
    we’re relocated
    to a new Kingdom.
    This is not future tens
    but something
    that happens now.
    Our citizenship changes.
    In the Church
    we become citizens
    of the kingdom
    of the Son God loves.
    & we spend
    the rest of our lives
    striving to become
    better citizens of
    God’s kingdom
    by obeying the commands
    of King Jesus.
    But the good news
    gets even better.
    When the Father
    relocates us
    to the kingdom of light
    We’re more than
    just citizens
    in this kingdom.
    Listen to Peter’s
    stunning statement
    abt the saints
    in 1 Peter 2:9.
    Peter says
    1 Peter 2:9 (NIV)
    ...you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.
    Notice these four phrases:
    God’s saints are:
    A chosen ppl:
    A Royal priesthood;
    A Holy Nation;
    & God’s special possession.
    Let’s burn
    those phrases into our
    minds & hearts.
    Bcs God’s ppl
    need to a more exalted view
    of what it means
    to be a Christian.
    Let’s ask the Lord
    To help us understand
    This is who we are
    in Christ.
    This is what we’re
    called to
    in the kingdom
    of God’s Son.
    Under the Old Covenant
    those four phrases
    were applied
    to National Israel.
    The Jews were
    God’s chosen ppl.
    But under
    the New Covenant—
    those phrases now apply
    to anyone who becomes
    a part of the Church.
    In the Church
    both Jews & Gentiles
    can become a part of
    God’s chosen ppl—
    a new humanity
    that Paul calls—
    the Israel of God.
    As we read in
    Galatians 6:14–16 (NIV)
    May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.
    Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything; what counts is the new creation.
    Peace and mercy to all who follow this rule—to the Israel of God.
    Paul’s point here is
    the things ppl are
    so proud of
    & divide over
    in this world—
    the identity markers
    that set us apart
    frm others—
    Our nationality
    Our race
    social status
    those things
    mean absolutely nothing
    in the kingdom of God
    since Jesus died
    & rose again
    as the 1st member
    of the new humanity.
    When we’re
    baptized into Christ
    we’re united
    w/ Christ.
    & we become a part
    of Christ’s body—
    the Church.
    & it’s here—
    in the Church
    as part of Christ’s body—
    that we become
    a part of
    the Israel of God.
    By being united
    w/ Christ
    in the Church
    frm any nation
    can become a part of
    God’s chosen race.
    The new human race
    God created
    in Christ
    & over which
    Christ is the King.
    & this new race
    is a Holy race—
    set apart frm
    the darkness of the world
    thru our union
    w/ Jesus
    & the gift of the HS.
    & this new race is
    also a Royal Priesthood
    a kingdom of
    priests w/ access
    to the King’s presence
    at any time
    thru prayer.
    & in Christ
    thise new human race
    is also
    God’s special possession.
    God the Father calls us
    & rescues us
    out of the kingdom of darkness;
    To relocate us
    into the wonderful
    Glorious Kingdom
    of Light
    thru His Son.
    & in that kingdom
    God showers
    His holy ppl:
    w/ His grace;
    His Love;
    His Mercy;
    His Blessings.
    So that we can live
    as citizens
    of God’s kingdom.
    & for that
    let’s all proclaim
    the praises
    of our God & Father
    whose grace qualifies us
    to be a part of
    that kingdom.
    & let’s give joyful thanks
    to the Fatehr bcs
    he RELOCATES us
    to the kingdom
    of His Son.
    [Transition: & let’s also
    give joyful thanks to
    the Father
    for a 4th & final reason.
    Give joyful thanks
    to the Father bcs…]
    The Father REDEEMS His saints through the blood of His Son.
    In Colossians 1:14
    Paul speaks of God’s Son as
    The one
    Colossians 1:14 (NIV)
    ...in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.
    Other translations say
    God’s Son is the one
    In whom we have redemption
    thru His blood.
    & it’s very concerning
    to a lot of ppl
    that the NIV
    & most other modern
    don’t have the words
    “thru His blood.”
    & sadly
    I hear ill-informed ppl
    scaring God’s ppl
    & slandering the NIV translators
    & other translators
    claiming they
    “Took words
    out of the Bible.”
    But the reason the NIV
    & other translations
    don’t have the words
    “Thru His blood”
    in Colossians
    Is not some sinister scheme
    to distort
    God’s Word.
    Those words are not
    in the NIV in Colossians
    bcs those words are not in
    The Greek texts
    frm which
    the NIV translators
    translated Paul’s letters.
    This is what’s known as
    a textual variant.
    You might find this
    hard to believe
    but the NT did not
    fall frm the sky
    in a giant print
    red letter edition
    w/ black leather binding
    written in King James English.
    The NT was not
    written in English.
    It was written in Greek.
    We don’t have
    any of those
    original writings.
    These are also called
    the original autographs.
    We don’t have any
    of those.
    What we do have are
    thousands & thousands
    of Greek copies
    of the originals.
    & some of those
    Greek copies
    have different
    readings than other
    Greek copies
    of the same
    These variants include:
    dfrnt spellings
    of names or places
    dfrnt word order
    & addition or omission
    of words.
    One reason
    these variants exist
    is bcs of copying errors.
    Another reason
    brings us back
    to Colossians 1:14.
    Most textual scholars agree
    it’s likely that a copyist
    added the words
    “Thru his blood”
    To later copies
    of Colossians.
    But why wld
    someone add
    those words
    if they were not in
    Paul’s original?
    The copyist
    had likely also copied
    Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.
    & look at
    what Paul wrote
    in Ephesians 1:7.
    Paul says:
    Ephesians 1:7 (NIV)
    In [Jesus] we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins...
    Notice those words
    are nearly identical
    to the words in
    Colossians 1:14.
    It’s likely
    some copyists of Colossians
    added the words:
    “thru His blood”
    bcs that’s what they
    were used to seeing
    in Ephesians.
    Those are textual variants.
    Whether the words
    “Thru His blood”
    were originally
    in Colossians or not
    is not really
    that important.
    Bcs we know
    what Paul means
    in Colossians
    by reading Ephesians.
    In Paul’s understanding
    The Father redeems His saints
    thru the blood of His Son.
    & you can learn
    that truth
    no matter what
    translation you read.
    look over at
    the person nxt to you.
    & if you notice they
    fell asleep
    during that explanation
    abt textual variants
    lean over & tell them:
    “He’s done talking
    abt variants.”
    The Father redeems
    His saints thru the blood
    of His Son.
    Let’s talk abt
    the word:
    To be redeemed means
    To be released
    frm slavery
    to someone or something.
    & this release
    is based on
    a ransom price paid.
    So, Paul’s saying:
    The Son of God
    Paid the ransom price
    to release us
    frm slavery.
    & the price Jesus paid
    was His precious blood.
    Paul goes on
    to explain further
    what the shed blood
    of Jesus redeems
    or releases us frm.
    He says redemption is
    Colossians 1:14 (NIV)
    ...the forgiveness of sins.
    The Greek word behind
    forgiveness here
    is better translated
    as freedom.
    We see it
    translated that way
    two times
    in Luke 4:18.
    Jesus read
    these words frm
    the Scroll
    of Isaiah the prophet.
    Luke 4:18 (NIV)
    “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free...”
    Jesus came to give
    freedom to the prisoners
    who were held captive
    & oppressed
    by Sin & Satan.
    This is what Paul means
    in Colossians 1:14.
    Jesus paid the ransom price
    to free us
    frm slavery
    to sin & Satan—
    to free us frm
    the sinful chains
    of our old life.
    & the price Jesus paid
    for our ransom
    was His blood.
    As Peter says in
    1 Peter 1:18 (NIV)
    For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors,
    As John says in
    Revelation 1:5 (NIV)
    ...Jesus Christ...is the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth...who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood...
    Jesus redeemed us—
    He purchased us
    w/ His blood
    so we cld be freed frm
    the sinful
    empty way of life
    we all once lived
    in the kingdom of darkness.
    Eugene Peterson
    brings out this meaning
    In the Message translation
    of Colossians 1:14.
    It says:
    Colossians 1:14 (The Message)
    the Son...got us out of the pit we were in, got rid of the sins we were doomed to keep repeating.
    If we wld grasp
    & live in light
    of this one truth
    our lives wld be
    so dfrnt.
    Our lives wld be
    so much more fruitful
    for the kingdom of God.
    & the modern church
    cld turn the world
    upside dwn
    like the
    early church did.
    We need to live
    in light
    of the truth
    that when we’re
    in Christ
    When we’re
    in the kingdom of God’s Son;
    We’re a part of
    the new creation
    a miracle happens.
    We’re freed frm our sins
    & free to live
    as God created us to live.
    Our guilt is gone;
    Our debt is paid;
    The chains
    of sin addiction
    are broken.
    & we’re free
    to run in the path
    of God’s commands
    & obey God
    thru the power
    of His grace.
    Jesus rescued us
    out of the pit
    we were in.
    & got rid of our sins.
    So, we’re not doomed
    To keep repeating
    the same sins
    over & over.
    shld stay in
    the pit of sin addiction.
    Thru the blood of Jesus
    We’re forgiven & freed
    frm the penalty;
    The power;
    & the practice of sin.
    & thru the power
    of the HS
    we’ve got
    divine energy to live
    in righteousness
    & true holiness
    as we live
    by God’s grace.
    & for that
    we shld give joyful thanks
    to the Father.
    God’s ppl
    have so many reasons:
    To keep giving joyful thanks
    to the Father.
    Let me encourage you
    To start w/ the 4
    we’ve talked abt today.
    Let’s give joyful thanks
    to the Father
    Bcs He qualifies
    His saints
    for the kingdom of Light.
    Give joyful thanks
    to the Father
    bcs He Rescues us
    Frm the dominion of darkness.
    Give joyful thanks
    to the Father
    Bcs He Relocates us
    into the kingdom
    of His Son.
    & finally
    give joyful thanks
    to the Father
    Bcs He Redeems us
    Thru the blood
    of His Son.
    For those
    & countless other reasons
    Today & every day
    Let’s give joyful thanks
    to the Father.
    Heavenly Father
    we thank you for
    the many blessings
    you promise us
    in Your Son Jesus.
    Thank You for
    Qualifying us for Your kingdom.
    For Rescuing us
    frm the kingdom of darkness
    Relocating us
    to the kingdom of light
    & Redeeming us thru
    the blood of Your Son.
    Help us live today
    & always in light
    of the truths abt
    who You’ve created
    us to be in Christ.
    In Jesus name.
    May the Lord...
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