• I expected a Windows App to be included in the latest Logos Version. But that was probably a bit naive. I still hope you will fix this for us.
    1. As one of those who has given up on this Windows Universal App, I have moved on to another product that does have one. Since it is pretty clear that they are not interested in this market, I ought not be afraid to mention names... but you can look in the Windows Store for something you can put in your Pocket. Does it have the breadth of offerings of Logos? No. Does it have the features? No. At least not yet. So I run both, and just purchase cross-grades for Logos.
    2. It would be more helpful if you just said which app it is that you are talking about. It sux that Windows 10 Mobile is being ignored, and I personally love the platform and look and feel, but Android has won for now and Apple and Microsoft are fading stars. Weird thing is, Android is a security and malware nightmare (just read the tech news from this past week) yet it is the dominant platform