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    Women's Conference Friday, October 22 at 7 pm and Saturday, October 23, 9 am till Noon. Click on link to register. https://flshare.net/q68tn9 If you have signed up on the hard copies no need to do this online sign up.
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    Welcome to Hoosic Valley Community Church. All of our Events and announcements will be able to be found here moving forward. Be sure to check out our Prayer Page (found in the menu tab).
  • GATHER is tonight! A new ministry for women in the early stages of family building through having school aged children in the home. Join us at church tonight at 6:30pm for dinner and time with other women going through the same stages of life. Dinner is provided, just bring yourself!
    1. Have fun! I can't make it tonight.
  • MISSION COMMITTEE TIDBIT Susan Perkins was approved as a BBFI (Baptist Bible Fellowship International) Missionary to Haiti in May1990.  For many years, HVCC has supported Susan with a monthly stipend to support her work in Haiti.  Susan officially retired on July 1, 2021, bringing an end to her ministry.  Due to Susan’s retirement, the Mission Committee has voted to discontinue financial support to her ministry.
    1. Nancy. I do not know
    2. I think it depended on whether they had raised up local people to do the work, which is something that she had been working on.
    3. OK - thanks, Tyler, training up the locals is important and valuable.
  • Mission committee (MC) news: Dear HVCC family. The MC decided at last night’s meeting, that in the interest of keeping everyone informed, the MC will begin providing periodic posts on Faithlife with the MC’s activities. A lot has happened in the last 4 months that we feel is important for you to know about, as well as plans for the future. Faithfully yours: Chris, Doreen, Jim, and Mary
    1. Thanks, Chris. It's always good to have an update. For me it's especially interesting for Missions - it's one of the two primary places of my heart.
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    Sunday, November 21st  •  8:30–10:00 am (EST)
    Hoosic Valley Community Church
    2024 NY 40, Schaghticoke, NY 12154, USA
    1. Good morning. Passing on an update for all those who are lifting up George and Bonnie. Later this week George will be discharged from Albany Med and moving out to Rochester to continue his long road of treatment at Strong Memorial Hospital. Please pray for the new med team that will be caring for George. Praying the transition with be smooth and that the chemo will continue to prove to be effective. Bonnie and George’s daughters both live in neighboring towns to the hospital which will make the months ahead a bit less challenging. We appreciate all of you who have been keeping them on your prayer lists. Bonnie said it best when she spoke of moving 4.5 hours away…“even though we are leaving we are taking all of those who are praying and supporting us with us. We are bathing in their love and prayers.” We appreciate every single one of you. We are so thankful for our strong family of believers who are storming the gates of heaven with us! ❤️
      1. Continuing to pray for you all my friend
      2. Keeping you in prayer.
      3. Praying
    2. CROCKTOBERFEST is tomorrow night! Bring your favorite crock pot food and a chair to sit by the fire. We start at 5pm. Please let us know if you’re coming. Hope to see you tomorrow night! 620 Brownell Rd., Greenwich
      1. We’ll be there
      2. I plan on attending. Hopefully my car will make it!
      3. We’re coming, but we might be a little late.
    3. Sunday services: 8:30 am and 10 am. We'd love to see you again.