Hunt Springs Baptist Church
  • What do you seek?

    Whatever you seek, follow Jesus and you will find it.
    Acceptance? Acceptance from God and people?
    Assurance? Am I going to heaven? Do I have enough? I am good enough?
    Authority? are you looking foe another position or to improve you current position? To be associated with powerful people?
    Escape? Pressures of life? The meaninglessness of life? Boredom?
    Affirmation? Seeking fro people to tell you that you are Ok?
    Maybe some religious experience?
    Jesus uses us to tell others He has chose them.
    Jesus knows what you need
    Jesus makes you into who he needs you to be
    Jesus gives you more than you know you need

    Jesus choses us to accompany Him home.

    Jesus transforms us, as we follow him.

    Jesus delivers more than we seek.

    Jesus chooses us to accompany Him home.

    Jesus transforms us as we follow him.

    Jesus Delivers more than we seek.

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