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Serving your congregation and community means reaching people where they are, and the reality is most people in your community are online. That means that churches without online community, mobile giving, live streaming services, and a top-notch website are missing opportunities to share the gospel with those who need to hear it. Whether you’re an online novice or looking to improve your church’s current setup, Faithlife’s free and low-cost tools help you take your church online fast.

How to get your church online—fast

This page is dedicated to helping you get your church set up online in under 24 hours. We’ll only be covering the most critical technology needed to get your church online fast. Feel free to read the page from beginning to end or skip to the section most interesting to you right now.

Keep in mind, this page covers the bare minimum necessary to get your church online fast. But this is only the beginning. Once you’ve gotten your technology set up, make sure you also take the time to build out a solid digital discipleship strategy too.

Get started.

Who this page is for

Many small churches only have one or two full-time people on staff, and if you’re a team of one or a team of two, this page is definitely for you. If you’re in a larger church, here’s the church staff we recommend be involved with this process of taking your church online:

Gather your launch team together and go through the rest of this page as a group, starting with the video below.

The real reason churches should be online

Before you dig in on the technical work, take a couple minutes to watch this video so you can catch the vision for what this technology can do for your church

Let’s Get Your Church Online!

What I believe God is calling for all of us to do is to shift our thinking from the four walls of a building to the four corners of the earth. . . . If our focus is the building, and if church only happens there, we are missing 80 percent of the people.
—Nona Jones, author of From Social Media to Social Ministry: A Guide to Digital Discipleship

Build Your Community

Create a Free, Private Online Community for Your Church

With growing privacy and data concerns on most mainstream social media platforms, it’s more important than ever to have a private and safe space for your church to gather online.

Stay connected even when you can’t gather together in person

By creating a Faithlife group, you give your church a way to stay up to date with church announcements and prayer requests, engage small groups, communicate one on one, distribute sermon recordings, and much more. It’s totally free, and it’s the first step to taking your church online.

Follow the link below to find or create your church group, then complete the steps in the dashboard.
Find my church.

Online Community Platform

Set Up Giving

Enable Your Congregation to Give Online

More and more often, church members prefer online and mobile giving, especially when vacation, illness, and online-only services keep them from giving in person. Furthermore, churches that invite their members to set up one-time or recurring online gifts see more predictable budgets, leading to more opportunities for ministry. How do you bring together your members’ desire to give cheerfully with your church’s need for financial stability? Online giving, that’s how!

Start worry-free for free

Be prepared to accept generosity with Faithlife Giving—which makes giving unbelievably easy. It’s so simple to activate, you can set it up Saturday night and start taking donations Sunday morning. Additionally, givers have the option to cover transaction fees with each offering, allowing 100% of gifts to go toward your ministry.

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Online Giving Platform

Update Your Site

The Digital Front Door to Your Church

Your website is the digital front door to your church, so it’s vital that it clearly communicates what you’d want a visitor to know about you.

If you’ve already got a church website, make sure everything is updated, such as service times, location (especially where to join the service online), contact info, a giving link, and ways for people to get involved. Many churches also have pages explaining how people can serve or ask for help.

If you don’t have a church website, you can create a free, professional website in as little as an hour. See how Faithlife Sites makes it easy to build an elegant church website that updates itself.

A website that updates itself?

You read that correctly. Faithlife Sites keeps your content fresh automatically. Because Faithlife Sites is part of an integrated ministry platform, it’s always in-sync with the most current events in your church. Announcements disappear when the event is over, sermons publish to the site with a couple of clicks, and you can even automatically send emails to visitors!

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Church Website Builder

Record, Publish & Stream Your Service

Get Started with Live Streaming in No Time

When you live stream your church services, you can share the good news with people you’d never be able to reach otherwise. You can give people a look inside your church and show them what you’re all about. With everyone turning online for school, work, and connection, having a reliable way to stream your service is vital.

There are two simple ways to put your service online: live streaming (best) or prerecording and publishing your sermon online afterward.

Prerecording and publishing your sermon online

While live streaming is usually the best experience, some churches simply aren’t able to live stream. In these instances, churches still have several options for getting their videos out to those who may have missed the service:

  • Publish your sermon recording online
    If you are already recording audio and video for your services, just upload the file to and give your church the link. It’s that simple. They can then watch from any device, anytime.
    Go to Faithlife Sermons.
  • Publish your sermon to your church’s TV channel
    Your members can access your church’s Faithlife TV streaming video channel at or on Faithlife TV apps. If you’ve uploaded your recordings using Sermons or Proclaim, they will already show up in your church’s channel.
    Learn more.

Live streaming your service

If your church has the budget and resources, here are a few additional tools you might consider for a more polished recorded and/or real-time experience.

  • Record and edit sermon presentations and audio
    Faithlife Proclaim is church presentation software with the ability to automatically record, edit, and publish your sermon, slides, and audio. It even integrates with live streaming providers like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Get started by downloading Proclaim, and get 30 days free.
    Download Proclaim.

Bonus: 4 Tips for Worshiping Together Even While Apart

When you use Faithlife Proclaim along with all the other tools above, you unlock some additional features to make your online experience feel seamless. With Faithlife Proclaim 3.0, you can...

  1. Overlay text on your live stream
  2. Use on-screen annotation to draw more attention
  3. Customize your monitors
  4. Send notes directly to confidence monitors

Watch the video below to learn more about these awesome features.

Follow the link below to find or create your church group, then complete the steps in the dashboard. Find my church.

Church Online FAQs

If you’re new to church technology, this is all probably a little overwhelming. We’ll do our best to address some of the most frequently asked questions and common concerns.

  • I’m not tech-savvy. Can I really set this up myself?

    You won’t have to do any of this alone (but you can do it all yourself if you want to). When you purchase Faithlife Giving or Faithlife Equip, you’ll be assigned a customer success manager (CSM) to help you implement the products and customize them for your church. Faithlife also has a church support center that’s open every day of the year (yes, even Sunday mornings). And for the DIY types, each product has a launch dashboard that will walk you through the steps to get everything set up.

  • I already have one or more of these services through another provider.

    Making the switch is easy. If you’re currently in the middle of a contract with another provider for giving or something else, but you’re interested in moving over to one fully integrated solution like Faithlife Equip, please give our sales team a call. We’ll work with you so your church can manage the switch financially.

    Schedule a call.

  • Does Faithlife Giving integrate with my accounting software?

    We currently have CVS exports and a Workato integration available, and more integrations are on the roadmap. If you don’t see what you need, please leave feedback for our team.

    In addition to CVS exports, Faithlife Giving integrates with popular technology tools, including Workato, Servant Keeper, and Ministry Tracker. Speak with our product experts to learn more about our current and future integrations.

    Schedule a call.

  • How is Proclaim different from PowerPoint?

    Proclaim is specifically designed for churches. For example, it comes with access to 50+ Bible translations and shows Bible verses in context with the On-Screen Bible feature. It also includes a number of powerful integrations like Planning Center, Elvanto, WorshipPlanning, CCLI’s SongSelect, Logos Bible Software, and Faithlife Pro Media, so you can spend less time building presentations each week. Check out all the cool features available with Proclaim.

    See features.

  • I’m also looking for a ChMS, and I don’t really want to purchase more fragmented technology.

    Have we got good news for you! Faithlife has built the world’s first integrated ministry platform, which includes Logos Bible Software, a robust ChMS, all of the products listed on this page, a full suite of communication tools, stock photography and media, and more. You can get all of this in one bundled product called Faithlife Equip.

    Learn more.

  • This all sounds great, but what does it cost?

    It really depends on which products you want to purchase. A church could get started with many of the solutions above for free and gradually add on products as needed, or they could dive in and purchase the full integrated ministry platform, which starts at under $200/month. Pricing is based on your church’s weekly attendance.

    See pricing.

Get Everything You Need to Take Your Church Online for One Low Price

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Getting Your Church Online Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

For some, the idea of setting up new technology for all of the different things we listed above is both overwhelming and terrifying. We tried to make this page as simple as possible and provide all the resources you’ll need to get started. However, if you ever get stuck, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Free Support 7 Days a Week

Get LIVE HELP from our Church Support Center, 7 days a week. Our team is ready to help you set up the tech that will take your church online.

Ready to get started now? Call (888) 634-2038 or scroll down for more quick tips.

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Get Everything You Need to Take Your Church Online for One Low Price