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      Thankful Hearts

      Here we are in the month of November and as I look around me I can see some of our tree leaves changing colors. As I drove down Hillcrest in Millbrae I can see that some of the trees have begun to lose their leaves while others are changing to red, orange, and brown. It reminds me of how wonderful our God is in allowing us to view the beauty in this season. One more item to add to my list of thankfulness.

      On Sunday Pastor asked us to make a list each day of the things we are thankful and we can share during our next service on Sunday. I can tell you that it's hard to come up with just one item each day as from the time that I wake up I'm thankful that I am alive, breathing and able to praise His name as I begin my morning. I'm thankful for the electricity to read my devotional and spend few minutes with Him before I begin my day.

      Then I'm off for my morning walk and let me tell you each day I thank him for the ability to walk and spend time in nature and look at the beauty of what he has created for us to enjoy. During my walks I can see the deer, the rabbits and the wild hens that are busy looking for their breakfast and am reminded to thank him to be able to see them up close as they are used to seeing people that they don't run away and they trust us not to hunt them down.

      I need to learn to continue to trust the Lord each day that he is my protector and will watch over me just like these animals have learned to trust us that we will not harm them.

      There are many more items on my list each day but this is how I begin my mornings when I can get up early enough to enjoy and thank the Lord for what he has given me.

      I pray that as we go through the rest of the month that you remember to thank the Lord for his provision in our lives and the many blessings he gives us each day. Above all let us not forget to thank Him for giving us life through Jesus Christ and the blessed hope of living with him in eternity.

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              Are you ready? Estas Listo?

              As we near the end of summer today and begin the first day of Autumn tomorrow I am reminded of a poem I learned a long time ago. It talks about the different seasons of the year and how God calls us to share His Good News to those around us. Due to the busyness of life we tell the Lord not now but I will do so later only to find ourselves at the end of our journey to tell the Lord that we are ready and now have the time. The Lord responds to us and tells us that we are at the end of our journey and we can no longer go back and make up for lost time. May we all examine our hearts and learn to share the Good News where ever we may be at and if we can't go to support those who can to spread the Gospel. Come Lord Jesus Come! Your Bride is anxiously waiting and prepared for you!

              Al acercarnos al final del verano hoy y comenzar el primer día de otoño de mañana me recuerda un poema que aprendí hace mucho tiempo. Habla de las diferentes estaciones del año y de cómo Dios nos llama a compartir Su Buenas Nueva con los que nos rodean. Debido al ajetreo de la vida, le decimos al Señor que no ahora, pero lo haré más tarde, sólo para encontrarnos al final de nuestro viaje para decirle al Señor que estamos listos y ahora tenemos el tiempo. El Señor nos responde y nos dice que estamos al final de nuestro viaje y que ya no podemos volver y compensar el tiempo perdido. Que todos examinemos nuestro corazón y aprendamos a compartir la Buenas Nueva dondequiera que estemos y si no podemos ir a apoyar a aquellos que pueden difundir el Evangelio. ¡Ven Señor Jesús, Ven! ¡Tu novia está esperando ansiosamente y preparada para ti!