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  • This really stood out to me this morning, may we walk so close with God to be found friends of God.
    1. Cont.. Verse 28 reveals the reward of picking up your cross and following Jesus. If you left your brothers. Sisters or mother or father(kinsmen by blood) or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, will receive a hundredfold as their reward. Making those who have been last the first to received the rewards of His Kingdom.
      1. In this scripture many things come out. First, let us start with verse 18, " No one is good except God alone". Jesus was a pure sacrifice who was blameless and without sin. He himself asked why he was being called good if no one is good but God. That verse is something to ponder on. Verse 21 it mentions that Jesus looked at the man who stated that he has done all of what Jesus has asked. Jesus looks at him in love knowing that he has not. So many believers stay to Jesus I have done all that you asked of me nut there is always that one or two things that they are not willing to surrender to him. Surrendering to Jesus is giving him all we are and have and trusting him to put it together on our behalf if that is the Fathers will for us. Just withholding nothing from him. So many become dishearten with Jesus because they refuse to surrender all of who they are to him. Verse 27 states "With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God." This reminds me of how often we look to man to make things possible for us then become disappointed when it does not become. The scripture is teaching the disciples something do not go to man first for anything you are in need of but to the father where everything is possible. Making it a pattern to go to man first will weaken your faith in God because the choice to ask man first is out of order according to this scripture.
        1. (Matthew 10:16-25) The first verse Jesus states that he is sending you out as sheep in the mist of wolves, so be WISE s serpents and INNOCENT as doves. Innocent as doves in Greek AKERAIOS which means unmixed pure, blameless. Of the mind, without admixture of evil, free from guile, innocent, simple. Jesus compares his disciples as innocent sheep to teach that we are to meek and humble in our spirits, harmless and inoffensive in our lives and conversation. Doves only land in places where there is peace and stay far high in places when there is to much going on. Spiritually we should do the same be where there is peace and go high up in prayer when it seems the world is overwhelming to us and the people of God.
          1. (Matthew 10:16-25) The first verse Jesus states that he is sending you out as sheep in the mist of wolves, so be WISE s serpents and INNOCENT as doves. Wise in Greek is PHRONIMOS means to be prudent(acting with or showing care and thought for the future) and sensible. When reading this scripture it can miscommunicated as be as the serpent in his way of thinking. But it is not it quite the opposite. It says to show care and thought for the future which the serpent does not care for any future. The serpent is very sharp sighted, cunning and uses arts and stratagems for its own preservation. Being wise like the serpent is not the wisdom of him it is use preserving ourselves from the insults an rage of men, and not exposing's ourselves to unnecessary dangers: as lies, offence, or irritate, or be provoke to use ill forms, avoiding the snares and traps, no revenge seeking, meek and humble proceeding in the course of our calling.
            1. Mark 8:34-38 Taking up ones cross to Follow Jesus simply means death to everything else that is not of his kingdom. Death to desires death to fear. When I hear this scripture I literally see myself walking with a cross on my back. And though it doesn't mean to literally wear a cross, but my life should be so evident of Jesus (dead to self and alive in him )that people should know and say she picks up her cross. There should be evidence of Jesus in my everyday life. Not just by my words but by action, by obedience. Through the Holy Spirit we find strength leading on what we are to nail.
              1. As disciples, we need to use wisdom and discernment in all we do. We should not fear because the Holy Spirit will speak on our behalf. Often when placed in situations we can submit to fear or backlash and conjure up a response that does not come from the spirit of God. VS 20 states the holy spirit will speak on our behalf. As disciples we should listen before reacting. This will allow us to become like our teacher. Times will come when what we face now is nothing compared to the persecution that will come. But we must endure through the strength and reliance of the Holy Spirit.
                1. I have already assigned a group reading to start. It is a 10 day reading on Discipleship. As we go through the daily read I would like a report of what you received from that reading. I don't expect it to be short nor too long. But informational on the wisdom in that scripture.
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