• Logos 8 is an excellent upgrade, the software has been an invaluable tool for my spiritual growth. Thank you to all the team in logos that make possible the great value that these resources are in our quest to search for God's truth. I really appreciate the fast response of their sales team when I had required it. May God continue using your organization for the extension of the Kingdom.
    1. Like our brothers commenting below, I understand that Logos is a company that exist to make a profit, however is a christian company (I think). I believe that the program es extremely useful, I just bought it in February of this year and now the new product asks me to pay additional money to upgrade ( I had not finish paying for the Logos 6 yet), now, it is a great effort for us to be paying version 6. I was dissapointed that when we bought version 6 the company did not give us the oportunity to know the release of version 7 in such a relatively short time, now I need to pay more. The argument set before me is that I made a mistake since as they say now: "Yes, but buying the Full Feature Set and library together in a base package gives you a better deal on both. And since you need a substantial library for the features to be useful, you should buy them together." I am really disappointed that it came to this and I have not even completed payment for the program. The question is can I do something about it?