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  • Seems most cognates are missing from the entries. For example, the entry for "Shalom" שָׁלוֹם has only *one* cognate listed, incredibly: Sh'lumieyl שְׁלֻמִיאֵל and the root of שָׁלוֹם "Shalom" is incorrectly listed as...well... שָׁלוֹם "Shalom" instead of שלם "SH-L-M" There should be many many many cognates for shalom other than this single proper noun listed. I can think several off the top of my head. (all entries I checked are deficient in this manner, I simply chose an example which anyone would recognize is lacking) The other Lexham Analyticals (for Greek) work great but the Hebrew one is unfinished/incomplete. The Greek alignment works though I haven't checked it for completeness. I hope this is just an issue of FL releasing a product not yet ready for production in order to meet a deadline, and the thing will get "finished" soon. As it stands; this is *not* a complete product as every entry I checked I can think of more cognates for those words in my head. Looking forward to having this tool available, when it's finished. If it's not finished within the return window timeframe I'll be forced to return it. 2 stars because it's just not done.
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      We're working on an immediate fix to this problem. Are there other issues in the resource that lend to an "incompleteness" and thus the 2 star review? Please let us know, . Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
      Love this resource. Isaiah, happy your putting in the work!
      Jeremiah and Isaiah, has the incompleteness been corrected? I am looking for a reliable lexicon for my graduate class, but I will need to see cognates.