I wanted to thank each of you who partner with us. I am humbled and amazed to see how God uses you every month to sow into our ministry. There are days I wonder, “God, how are we going to make it this month?” Then, I will receive a notice that someone deposited an amount into our ministry that week.

    My heart is grateful for each of you. You are the one’s who have chosen to remain anonymous. Your reward will be great in heaven.

    How can I serve you? I am indebted to you.


    Abraham Lankford


    1. ReadPreaching in Maryland
      September Revival Meetings

      Mission Accomplished!


      Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! We had wonderful meetings the last two weeks in the state of Maryland.

      I had the privilege to preach at Living by Truth Ministries on September 5 in Cambridge, Maryland to a group of nearly nearly one-hundred people. The church was hungry for the Word of God and earnestly desired to be corrected. I had a difficult word to deliver that I wrestled with for quite some time. The pastors encouraged me to share the word the Lord had laid upon my heart.

      At the end of the meeting I could not lead the invitation due to the great conviction in my own heart and in the sanctuary. The Lord instructed me to get on my knees, pray, and not to look at what was taking place in the people at the altar. I heard people groaning and crying deeply from great conviction from the Holy Spirit. This seemed to last for quite along time. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit working in the people. A deep repentance was taking place in the church. People were being drawn back to God.

      The pastors told me that the altars were filled with people. I rejoiced in the Lord that all I did was deliver what God had given me and the Holy Spirit gave the fruit.


      I preached three consecutive days in Chestertown, Maryland at my former childhood church. What an incredible joy to see nearly thirty people repent of their sins and receive the gift of righteousness on that Monday night.

      At least four people were saved on that Sunday morning in the worship service and others were saved on the streets as we went out to preach the gospel.


      One particular story stands out to me over the last two weeks. The last night of the revival I felt led to preach on, “The Spirit of Adoption.” As I ministered and invited prodigals to return home to the Lord, a woman ran to the altar weeping. She later testified that she was an orphan. Her mom had left her when she was twelve years old. She was running from God and had been living in sin but a friend had invited her to the meeting. That final night of the revival she came home to her Father and was restored. Her male friend she had brought came up to me and said he needed to speak to me. He asked me how he could be made righteous through Jesus Christ. I shared the gospel of righteousness with him. He believed and received the gift of God’s righteousness.


      We love you! As I traveled on the eastern Shore of Maryland I noticed the many combines gathering a harvest. The truth is that our ministry spends hundreds of dollars traveling and ministering in other states. We sometimes have to pay for our own lodging and food. We don’t complain. It is a joy to do this for Jesus. We would appreciate anything you can do to help us continue serving in evangelism. Every gift is a blessing. Whatever amount is on your heart is what you should give. We trust the Lord for our needs! As you sow into our ministry TOGETHER we will bring in a mass harvest of souls for the Lord. In Jesus’ name! Amen!

      1. posted an announcement


        Dear ministry partner, Please pray for me and my family as I preach a 3-day gospel meeting at the Chestertown Baptist Church September 12-14. Thank you for your support for our ministry. I will update you after the Gospel Meetings are over.
        1. ReadThank You Partner
          We Couldn’t Do Ministry Without You

          DEAR FRIEND,

          I wanted to take a moment just to thank each of you who pray for us and sow financially into our ministry. I will be speaking several times on the Eastern Shore this month and also meeting with leaders to plan Gospel Crusades for the future in places I have never ministered.

          I am learning that the lifestyle of being an evangelist is much different than that of a pastor. Honestly, I am thankful for the fifteen years I served as a pastor. I loved the people dearly that I had the honor to serve the Lord with. There was much more stability in being stationary. Now, I am flying and driving more than I ever have to preach the gospel. While this is exciting and I know I am serving the Lord’s perfect will for my life, it can be challenging financially.

          I am stepping out by faith to expand our outreach through every means available. As I mentioned before, in addition to speaking regularly in churches, at revival meetings, and training evangelist, we are going to be establishing a media presence to reach souls for Christ ALL over the world.

          Your financial support and continued prayers will help us to reach our ministry goals. We still need approximately $1,850 for the remaining equipment. ANY gift will help.

          You can support us by becoming a Monthly Partner today, by logging onto our website jesusbrideinternationalministries.org and clicking, “Give Here”. Click “Recurring” to become a Monthly Partner”.

          When you see the image above, I want you to imagine how much your support means to me and my family. As I said above, “We Couldn’t Do Ministry Without You!”

          We love you!

          Abraham Lankford

          1. Sep
            Sunday, September 5th  •  11 am – 1 pm (EDT)
            1. ReadHELP ME REACH OUR GOAL…
              We need to purchase the desktop above at $1,449.99.

              Final Cut Pro is $299

              I AM VERY EXCITED…

              Right now, we are on the verge of producing excellent videos with our 4K HD video cameras and recently purchased lighting and sound equipment. This has been a dream in my heart for many years.

              I believe the gospel will spread further than we could have ever dreamed through producing high quality videos with powerful biblical content.

              Just think about it this way, I could board a plane and spend over $5,000 just to get to other countries and host a gospel crusade for $50,000 (which I will be doing at various times) or I could develop an online media presence that could reach millions with the gospel and awaken a sleeping church all from my office.

              For under $2,000 I can purchase the desktop and editing software above which is powerful enough edit and produce next level videos that will inspire you (Our Partners) and potentially millions of others without the expenses of traveling and challenges we all face with the ever growing concerns of the pandemic.

              God has always provided for us as we have obeyed Him. Can you help me as I take yet another of faith to obey the Lord?

              3 Ways to Give:

              1. Click: ‘Give Here’ on our website jesusbrideinternationalministries.org to help us purchase these last 2 items we need.
              2. Mail a check to Jesus’ Bride International Ministries PO Box 1001 Cambridge, Maryland 21613
              3. CashApp: $AbrahamLankford

              All gifts will help us reach our goal.

              Thank you so much for your love!

              Abraham Lankford

              PS. My first book is being edited by a professional editor as I write this. It will be out within a couple of months! I will let you know!


                Maryland Revival Meetings

                20 SOULS SAVED…

                What an incredible time I had ministering in Maryland this weekend. I was scheduled to preach three meetings initially but ended up preaching 5 times. One additional opportunity came at Great Marsh Park as I intended to be alone with the Lord but my plans, thank the Lord, were interrupted. A bus pulled up and over 20 people joined me under the pavilion where I was seated. They initially played some secular music but then a worship song came over their speakers. The atmosphere immediately shifted. A woman stood up and suddenly felt impressed to thank God. The leaders then asked if anyone else wanted to say anything. Then came the God moment, “What about you sir?” “Would you like to share something?” I responded, “Yes!” “I would love to!” I shared my testimony and preached the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. At the end, I asked if they would like to repent and receive the gift of God, Jesus’ Christ righteousness. They all responded, “Yes!” Within a moment all of them were converted and a joy came upon them all as they knew their names were now recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

                REVIVAL FIRES…

                Pastor Roger Reynolds of Thrive Church in Hurlock, Maryland invited me to speak for three consecutive nights for their Fresh Fire Revival meetings in their outdoor tabernacle. We both knew the Lord wanted me to attened these meetings. We could feel a sense of destiny over the upcoming meetings.

                From the moment I walked on the Shiloh Campground I could sense that the grounds had been sanctified for the. Lord. It felt surreal to be standing under the open tabernacle each night. Surrounded by beautiful fields of sweet corn and the sounds of the cicadas, it was nothing short of nostalgic. It seemed as if we were standing on a field of generations of dreams. 

                I sensed a genuine humility and longing for revival to break out at Shiloh Campground. The leaders dripped with passion and expectation as we entered the campground each night. There was a holy expectation that God was going to do what He promised. He was going to, “pour water upon him who is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground.” Isaiah 44:3

                The first evening I spoke on the topic of Revival. It seemed evident to me that all of us were there because we knew we had not arrived. At the end of the meeting I witnessed the people respond to God’s Word.  Some ran to the front to kneel before the Lord and say, “Are my hands clean O God”? “Is my heart pure?” Others groaned and wept for the blessing of God to be secured. The foundation was laid, yet we all sensed, there was more.

                The second evening I felt led to speak on the topic, “Travailing Prayer.” The word travail means, to experience the pangs of childbirth. It denotes having an intensity and fervency in our desire for revival. The Word of God says, “When Zion travailed, then she brought forth children.” Isaiah 66:8 I went on to explain that this type of travailing in prayer was the only way to secure the blessing of revival. The delivery of the message was saturated with tears. My heart was laid bare before the Lord and all the people. I could feel the travail in my own soul for revival. Something was being birthed. The people responded at the end of the message with an intensity in their prayers. All throughout Shiloh Campground you could hear weeping and groaning in the Spirit. Deep was calling unto deep. God was drawing us to Himself. No one wanted to leave. People laid prostrate on the floor of the tabernacle unable to move.

                Sunday morning came and I had the joy of preaching in Chestertown, Maryland at the Chestertown Baptist Church where my oldest brother Shane is the Sr. Pastor. I laid a foundation upon the subject of, Revival once again. I could feel a hunger throughout the sanctuary for the Word of the Lord. I shared with them some history on revival in the Bible and the great revival experienced in the Hebrides Islands in the mid 1900’s. I charged the elders that their work was not complete. I admonished foe them to earnestly pray as the two sisters 82 and 84 prayed in the Hebrides until God poured out His Spirit upon all of Lewis. I believe an initial work has begun there in that church and the leadership and elders will see it through. I will be conducting a three day revival there in the month of September. Please pray for these meetings.

                I want to thank you for partnering with us in our ministry. We are so thankful for all the Lord is doing through our covenant partners. Souls are coming to the Lord and the church is experiencing an awakening that I believe is leading into a state of revival.

                We Are Expanding:

                Recently, we have purchased equipment to launch a Social Media ministry on several platforms. We will be filming quality videos and sharing the gospel on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and various other apps.

                If you would like to help us by sowing into our ministry we would greatly appreciate it. We have ordered all the equipment except for a professional editing app that is rather costly. It is our desire at Jesus’ Bride International Ministries to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to create the highest level of videos we can to reach farther than we could through travel. God called me to take His love to the nations. Together, we can do this through your partnership. 

                1. Keep telling the good word..you made a Big impact on my life love you Pastor..
                2. I love you Kris!
                3. Thank you!
              2. Aug
                Sunday, August 8th  •  11:00 am – 12:30 pm (EDT)
                1. Sep
                  Sunday, September 12th, 11 am – Tuesday, September 14th, 8 pm (EDT)