• I have been challenged by your evaluative comments about children's Sunday School Bible teaching in your book, The Bible Story Handbook. Your childrens' resource bibliography in your book is now 9 years old. What additional resources have you discovered in the past 9 years, and which of those you've listed would now be excluded from your recommendations? What resources have you and your wife discovered that would capably inform Sunday School lesson writers about the educational "learning" development of elementary school children through highschool regarding biblical-theological ideas (congruent with modern research in learning & age development theory) that are age appropriate and inappropriate for these children & youth in their stage of development?
    1. Where does this alternate translation "Sea of Extinction" come from? I have heard a similar idea elsewhere, but am curious as to the original source of translating "Yam Suph" this way as opposed to "Reed Sea".
      1. Bernard Batto in his article "The Reed Sea: Requiescat in Pace" argues that the correct translation of yam sup/sop is sea of extinction/end referring to the Red Sea and dismisses "Reed Sea."
    2. Hello Dr. Walton I really appreciate your studies and research I want to thank you for sharing them with us. I share your commentaries with the people and groups I teach for deeper research.  thank you Sir