• Patiently waiting. Could you please show us in a graph the funds you have committed vs the cost of production for this? If some would be able to see that, I an fairly certain that many "fence sitters" would make a commitment to get this in the hands of many Logos owners
    1. Hello ! Thank you so much for your interest in this resource and for your suggestion, because of our how our system is set up for community pricing unfortunately that's not information we're able to share, however you're more than welcome to make this a suggestion over at https://feedback.faithlife.com/
  • I see many things listed in the Fundamentals, which I already own. Why should I pay $99. to get new stuff? Seems redundant to me.
    1. I'm right there with you. I own over half of it already, so $99 is a lot to pay for things I already have. The updated software is already free to previous owners of logos, so that doesn't do anything either. it's frustrating that the really seem to market to the 5-10% of pastors that make a high salary, and have little for the 60% of pastors that are bivocational, scraping to make ends meet, yet are probably the ones most in need of something like the bronze package.
    2. Even with the Sale price of $20, I own so much of this package that it still isn't worth the price. You even list "Quickstart for Logos 8" as "New to you" although I have it as part of Logos 8 Basic. I wish I could understand Logos' attitude on dynamic pricing.
    3. It looks like Logos may actually read these comments; this is now available with Dynamic Pricing.