• My go-to Bible. The NASB (Logos edition) is the Bible I can mark up without beating up. I use it for everything: personal study, small-group leadership, following sermons, etc.
    1. Dr. Runge’s research helps me interpret the text with peace of mind. He’s painstakingly picked through the New Testament, marking up the text to give non–Greek scholars (like me) an informed gist of the authors’ discourse methods. Full disclosure: I work with Dr. Runge at Logos. He's cool.
      1. Terrific for OT exegesis. Every time I use it, I come across something I wouldn't get from a regular English Bible.
        1. I use Gold every day to study the Word, prepare to lead my small group, review and reflect on my pastor's sermons, and research any Bible question that arises in conversation with friends. I love it, and playing with its features is one of my favorite pastimes—probably one of the healthiest, too.
          1. Full disclosure: I work at Logos, but I didn't write this on the clock. ;-)
          2. I use Logos everyday....it is my everyday bible for prayer time, devotions, and bible study....I havn't tried any out yet but its got memory cards for scripture memory and even games!! I bought the Gold package cause I originally just bought the conversion upgrade package and unfortunately all the new bells and whistles features don't come included till you get to the Gold package and after having L5 and seeing some Morris Procter training and seeing what I was missing..then I upgraded again cause its really disheartening when you think you have things and you really don't......lines should be more clearer when you purchase....but as always my Logos guy Nate was awesome....he blessed me a hundredfold....Logos is the best and Nate is the goto guy in Sales!!!!
        2. I grew up doing word studies with these, and I'm still using them. Guess I’m still growing up, too.