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    Together doing what we can't do alone. May 2021

    Helping Depressed People

    We all run into them. Maybe you are one? Knowing what to say, how to say it, and when to listen is not always easy.

    Recently I noticed my "go-to" set of pastoral tools was lacking. All the books, the memorized Scripture, and experience never prepared me to counsel people "to close."

    As a good Christian, I look for answers in the Bible. Sometimes I even do an internet search.

    I discovered a tool, tried it myself, and found it helped me comfort a person with love.

    I hope you'll find this helpful too. Visit the link and see for yourself.

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      "Together doing what we can't do alone." April 2021

      Meet Dr. & Mrs. Burdick

      Please welcome Dr. Timothy and Mrs. Jennifer Burdick. In an unprecedented demonstration of support, representing seventeen of our churches by a unanimous vote, Dr. "Tim" Burdick accepted the call to serve us as our Lake County Baptist Association Mission Strategist.

      Tim received his Doctorate in Ministry, emphasizing church growth, from New Orleans Baptist Seminary, his Masters in Divinity, emphasizing pastoral ministries, from Liberty University Theological Seminary, and his Bachelors in Science, with a focus on Biblical studies, from The Baptist College of Florida.

      Tim's wife Jennifer received her Master of Arts in Education from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and her Master of Education from Liberty University. Jennifer retired from teaching to come alongside Tim to help him serve in ministry.

      Tim & Jennifer enjoy time with family, attending our churches to worship, and meeting new people. Their hobbies include Tim's amateur radio and Jennifer's discovering new recipes to try. Both Tim and Jennifer enjoy spending time outdoors and frequent the South East USA for periodic getaways.

      Together, Tim & Jennifer frequently pray, support one another's spiritual journey, and encourage one another to give their very best to serve Jesus. Both Tim and Jennifer look forward to visiting with pastors and church staff and joining with all of our churches in worship in the months ahead.

      Please be sure to pray for our churches' associational ministry as the Burdicks begin their new adventure. Your ongoing financial support, meaningful prayers, and dogged determination to cooperate with other SBC churches in our area will undoubtedly reap a mission-focused and God-honoring harvest.

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        Thursday, April 8th  •  10–11 am (EDT)
        Lake County Baptist Association
        124 N Joanna Ave, Tavares, FL 32778, USA
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          "Together doing what we can't do alone." February 2021

          We are Growing

          It is my pleasure to introduce you to our newest Watchcare candidate Aviva Iglesia Christiana.

          In the picture from left to right: Jeff Singletary our Area Strategist to the Florida Baptist Convention, Pastor Joel of Aviva Iglesia Christiana, and Tim Burdick our AMS Interim and pastor FBC Minneola.

          Traditionally a church joins the SBC by approaching their local baptist association and requesting to enter into an agreement we call "Watchcare." In the LCBA, we vote to consider new churches and then "watch" them for about one year before making an official recommendation to accept them into our group. We look for their cooperative investments, which are not limited to supporting the association and cooperative program financially, and their participation in intra-church functions and attendance at associational meetings. Also, we attend their services and learn about their doctrinal positions. Once fully satisfied, the association votes to receive them into full membership.

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            Thursday, March 4th  •  12:30–2:30 pm (EST)
            First Baptist Church of Leesburg
            220 N 13th St, Leesburg, FL 34748, USA
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              "Together doing what we can't do alone." February 2021

              Helping Churches in the Pandemic

              The Lake County Baptist Association's historical records note, "The obituary committee shown above as standing committee, was a special committee in some years." In addition to the "obituary committee" that no longer meets, churches submitted the required information such as number and names of delegates, church size, letters (dismissed, excluded, restored, and deceased), along with other information deemed important to other churches. Annual church submission, like the obituary committee, are no longer part of what we do. Changes in our society, world, and even our denominational structure often dictate how we do what we do. As a result, our churches and the association changed in the years since our organization began. Change to meet the current-day demands help is part of a healthy strategy to reach more people for Jesus.

              While the Word does not change, we do so that we can continue to and better reach the world with the message of the Gospel. How to improve how we reach people for Jesus in the past year-plus living during a pandemic was, and continues to be, a challenge. Using my office in the association as an example:

              To serve you better: 

              1. I hooked up with our county and other religious leaders to determine how we can better serve our communities.
              2. I launched a website, an association social media site, sent a weekly email to pastors and church leaders.
              3. I surveyed our churches, discovered and met needs, and leveraged the association to benefit savings passed along to our churches.
              4. I led the association to add a budget line freeing money for needy churches and pastors hurt by the pandemic.

              In different ways, all my responses were somehow connected to serving our churches during a pandemic. That work continues.

              I am pleased to announce the addition of numerous COVID helps for churches to our LCBA website. Visit lakebaptist.org and click the "COVID Church Help" link.

              Tim earned his doctorate from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He serves as pastor at FBC Minneola and as the Interim Associational Missions Strategist for the Lake Couty Baptist Association.

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                ReadThe Connection
                "Doing together what we can't do alone"

                Getting off to a Great Start

                by Pastor Tim Burdick

                Hello Lake County Baptist Association,

                The New Year is a great time to start a newsletter. Each copy of "The Connection," your Lake County Baptist Association newsletter, will feature local pastors, missional specialists, and many additional contributions to inform and encourage you.

                This month we hear from Pastor Cliff Lea from FBC Leesburg and Dr. Fred Boone, our very own "Sunday School Doctor." Next month we'll hear from Pastor Brooks Braswell from FBC Umatilla and Pastor Justin Burger, the youth and children's pastor at FBC Tavares.

                I'm working with convention leaders, seminary professors, and laypersons at the forefront of the mission field. I hope this content blesses you, your church, and ministry and helps all serve together to build the kingdom.

                Dr. Burdick serves as pastor at FBC Minneola and as the Interim Associational Missions Strategist of the Lake County Baptist Association.

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                  Merry Christmas to all. What a wonderful time of year. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus, remember to let the love of Christ shine on all people.