Charge Conference

Thursday, October 17th, 2019  •  7–8 pm (EDT)
Carson UMC Carson, Virginia
ALL OF YOUR FORMS ARE DUE IN THE DISTRICT OFFICE ON THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3 The format of the charge conferences will be similar to last year. We will begin our time together with a brief approval of budgets and leaders for 2020. All of these should have been previously approved by your administrative/church councils. EACH CHURCH SHOULD HAVE A RECORDING SECRETARY PRESENT AS WELL AS ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO SIGN THE FORMS (unless they have already signed them). Please invite your entire church for the gathering. After a brief business segment, we will worship together. I am very excited about the opportunity to worship with you and your people! A key part of the worship service will include a video segment from each church! Each church is responsible for submitting a video recording of a testimony from your church (a God moment during this past year) lasting no longer than 2 minutes. The video can be of the pastor or a lay person. Please make sure they begin with saying their name and the name of the church where they worship. The videos will be used in the worship service. Grace and peace, Mercy and love,