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  • Just a reminder that we won't be meeting tomorrow, June 6th. See you next week!
    1. We want to honor and pray for our 2023 graduates in service on Sunday, May 28th. If you or your family member graduated this year, let us know their name, where they graduated from and what their next steps are! Email us at office@lhcco.org.
      1. Just a reminder that we will be taking a break tomorrow, Tuesday 4/25, as our pastors attend annual meetings for the Rocky Mountain Ministry Network. See you next week!
        1. Please pray.

          William Vasquez called and asked for prayer: The Rentas family - Josh, Nicole, and the 2 kids - were in a serious accident this afternoon. They are on their way to the hospital, but it looks like they may all be OK. The occupants of the other car, however, may not be. One of the others may not have made it and there may have been drugs involved. Please pray for the Rentas family and everyone involved!
          1. Thank you for praying! The whole family is back home resting and recovering.
          2. We are so thankful for all the prayers and blessings we have received from our church family. Everyone is doing well and recovering at home. Thankfully Josh has been able to be home from work to take care of us as he was not involved in the accident. We love you all so much! We can’t thank everyone enough!
        2. We had a lady from the Westside call the church and let us know she has a studio apartment for rent for $700/mo. She's a believer and wanted to advertise at churches for a Christian renter. If you are interested, let me know and I'll get you her contact info!
          1. I know someone who is looking, could I have the contact information thanks, Victoria
        3. So, this is happening in our Tuesday Nights...
          1. In light of what is happening at Asbury, I thought it would be helpful to post this link to our sermon series on "Renewal." Almost every sermon begins with a story of a historical revival, which will help us have perspective on what is happening today. As was my prayer with this series, may God continue to visit us in life-changing and God-glorifying ways!