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  • Welcome to 10 days of free Bible study training! Tell us a little about yourself and what you hope to get out of the course.
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    Over the next 10 days, you’ll learn a proven method for understanding the biblical writers’ original meaning—and how to bridge the gap from ancient context to life today. Click or tap “Follow” above to receive daily videos that will help you put essential Bible study skills into practice. Just by following this group you’ll be automatically entered to win a free Logos Bible Software base package! If you already own Logos we’ll automatically add the course to your Logos library when you join the group!
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  • could use a free version of logos more than ever. lost my job but the work never ends!
    • God blass you all I am very interested at what happened and what God show us
      • God blass you all I am very interested at what happened and what God show us
        • Hi, I'm Kymberlee from San Diego, CA. I'm excited to start this 10 day study training and hopefully through the assistance of the Holy Spirit learn more about the original writings of the Scriptures and how to best apply to life today. I am in absolute awe & love with God, Christ Jesus and His Holy Spirit! Such sovereign holiness. Beyond words of gratitude to have received His grace and salvation! Currently going through enormous trials but I am committed and faithful to my Lord. I trust Him. Blessings to you my brothers & sisters in Christ.
            Kym, Stay humble though these trials knowing that God is God and we are not. He has you right where He wants you to learn what you must and reach those only you can. Blessings Realized. Brad.
        • Have finally finished studying the ten days challenge .Have also gained incredibly insight regarding the methods and various approaches for studying the Bible. Thanks again to faith life for providing us with such a needed experience. Shalom. Pastor PBKhumalo. South Africa.
          • My name is Melinda, I am from Oklahoma and I have been blessed beyond measures with an amazing husband and beautifully healthy children.
            • Interpretation and application. It helps to communicate a clear message to your audience.
              • Eric from Hong Kong.
                • Newly retired, and want to spend more time in the Word than I could when working. This tool could revolutionize my study to get to know God on a greater level than I have ever been before. BIll
                  • It is what is needed for christians for a wonderful exploration and blessing through the Word of God. Jan Keyser