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  • If you think that I am having to purchase all of these things from Faithlife, you're NUTS!!!
    1. The software is not "FREE" The dictionary is not FREE. Is this another one of many gimmicks so as to peddle the word of God?
      1. I expect to pay for more if I want more than the introductory offer😳
    2. Jesus also spoke about deep sleep with Lazare...and the child...yet we have death to the next demension. I concluded " deep sleep " is a mystery for us Human. God is awsome...
      1. English is my second langage. Before I can give an answer, I have to translate the text to 2 langagues Creole French > English. not prepared to do the translation at this time. thanks God is able...will do one day.
        1. How can one not make a sin while you are on earth. As the Story of Jonah is learning experience for us all. May the Holy spirit help me live to what God my creator created me to be. I believe and I thank you..
          1. Is too much to follow.
            1. very confusing
              1. Sometimes we become scared when we first here the Lord .It's not that we do not won't to obey him, it's just that we are new in faith and must grow in faith . Like Jonah we must trust in the Lord and he will bless us.
                1. I hear the Lord and I ran to the nearest church .they sent me to a Pioneer Church there we read and study the Bible and did carwashes and had church 3times a week.answer pray line for Pat Robert 700club.