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  • May I work with Logos 8 in this Bible Study Trainning?
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      Yep! Things will look slightly different in Logos 8, but you should be able to follow the training videos without much trouble.
  • Three possible ways that Jonah impactful ways that this passage accelerated my understanding of the Almighty were: Firstcan be effective in my walk with God
    Three ways to apply Jo
    1. ya it's great!
      1. The most perfect place a man can be is by God's side, the biggest gift a friend in Christ can give you is keep you in their prayers and the wisest choice any man can take is to Choose Christ Jesus. my life before and after salvation clearly explains the indescribable ways God meets man and works wonders in their lives........someone quoted in a song "he is no man to lie" when he says once he frees you, you are . free indeed he means it. my life after salvation has been explained by me having a companion in the times when the world deserts me, a supplier in the times when my finances can not support me yet even these finances i call mine are his provisions. our God is so indescribable. as i sell his gospel in exchange he sells me more...................so we are about o to close 2018 and my request to fellow believers is make it a goal to disciple many many people during the next year at least more than what you could have done this year and do not make that your only goal but rather grow the Christ you introduced them too in them. let them move form the mere knowledge to a place of experiencing them as you int urn make it a burden for you to also minster beyond just the emotions of men. minister into their hearts, and spirit. clear their consciousness and i pray you never cease.
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        1. That’s very nice & true. But scripture also tells us to witness as far as the ear, it’s the holy spirits job from the ear to the heart, for we know not the correct timing.
        2. Thanks so much for your inspiration. It has really blessed me. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue putting inspiration message for the group to grow up in its faith.
        3. The Lord is faithful and Eternally graceful: His Love sure that He is Glorified and the world would know that He is God.
      2. Hi, I'm trying to learn to use my Logos for study and it seems the course 1 is different than my set up. For instance when they say to highlight by going to the tools bar, I don't have highlights there. I'm pretty much tech-less, so any help will be good.
        1. Hi , I think the videos may be using Logos 7. Are you perhaps working with Logos 8? the guy who will really know the answer would be , maybe he will help us.
        2. Lee, the Highlighting tool is available to all Logos users in the Tools menu. That's "menu," not toolbar -- so if you were looking for a button at top of the application, click on the Tools menu instead.
        3. Amen Adam, God Bless You
      3. thanks for your prayers, am stronger than ever. And today has been a real interesting day at church. our motion was "Am on a mission" and we discussed so much on discipleship and what Jesus really came to do here on earth. the preacher asked "what did Jesus come to do?" i dont know what you would have answered but i know that he came to reconcile men back to God and in turn he left us the the ministry of reconciliation to reconcile others(what are yet not in Christ) to himself. we took readings from John14:1-3, John 14:6, John 14:31. and further readings from Ephesians 1:20-23, and we talked about our portion in Christ which you find in Ephesians 2:6. i hope this blesses you. thanks
        1. its not been an easy time for me this season, for the first time in the two years i have spent in salvation, i daughted God's purpose for my life and i even nearly took my own life in two different attempts. but i thank God am getting better and i pray my brothers and sisters in Christ that you stand with me in prayer this season that the good Lord may grant me the strength to go on. Am better now but i really need those prayers and i know the spirit of God knows no distance so regardless of how far you might be i trust God will push me through when you pray with me. thanks
          1. My prayer for you is mighty protection from our Almighty God and for Him to not only get you through this season, but also give you a testimony of His faithfulness - for His glory - in Christ's Holy name. Amen!
          2. May the Lord strengthen you Jesus name Amen.
          3. Hold on!! GOD is with you!
        2. Today is October 15, 2018 I would like to change my reading plan from May 2017 to October 15, 2018 How do I make this change? Thank you, Jeannette
          1. Hi Jeannette, this can be accomplished several ways. 1) you can delete your existing reading plan and create a new one from where you are at currently 2) from your Faithlife page, look for Today's Readings (upper right corner) and select "Catch Up". 3) from your smart phone app, press the HOME button, then press and hold the reading you wish to update and select either, "Adjust to today" or "Catch up" 4) from your LOGOS software look for the reading plan (location depends on your layout selection) and select the "Catch up" link. Hope this helps. I'm not sure why they phone app is the only one with the "Adjust to today" option. I would like to see it on all access points (Hey Faithlife, hint hint).
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        3. Hi! I was wondering if you could restart the basic intro plan from Dec 2016 that has 30 days of logos lessons related to Jonah 1:1-10?
          1. I'm sorry for not replying, l want to start now if the opportunity is still there
          2. I also am able to start now if offered. Thanks
          3. I will also follow up soon if you start the process of studying for Jonah