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        I am from Uruguay. I bought recently Logos 7 on my laptop but I need to access to the library. How result this assue? Blessing Myriam
        Hello ! I hope you will enjoy your new Logos 7. Have you downloaded and installed the program? I think that is the first step. After that the library will take some time to be downloaded by Logos, and after that it will need to index, which will take more time. If you purchased a large base package, this may all take some hours. Here is a link that should help: https://www.logos.com/install
    • From here in The Philippines, great thanks for the free LOGOS 7 Basic soft ware! What an awe some Bible soft ware!
      • Congrats! Enjoy from a fellow Pinoy! (at least half :-)
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        Thanks, sir Reuben, for the kind words. I'm surprised that you have Felipino heritage, it's not apparent in your features. I'm very happy and privileged to be here in Faith Life and to be using LOGOS here, and for the pleasure of reading all the myriads of resources here, including your wonder full videos show casing various aspects of Biblical studies and inter viewing Biblical scholars and theologians. Great and goodly works, please keep it up!
    • Every single day I am more troubled by those who proclaim to be Christ followers and yet show utter disrespect for Christ and the Gospel message. Let me first say this... There is but ONE message (the Gospel message) There is but ONE means of Salvation and that is through ONE name Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus the Messiah) There is but ONE Church (and I am not speaking about a denomination but a Group who FOLLOWS Christ as in the 1st & 2nd century) This is just three of my issues but at the same time to many phonies who have spot lights on them continue to deceive MANY and for EVERY soul they deceive they will reap judgement. To those who are preachers and teachers, stop trying to show off with intellectual talk and talk to your common man/woman with simple words. This is what Spurgeon was known for and why so many thought of him as an everyday man. Stop trying to build up your membership with all sorts of programs and outreaches and simply REACH the lost and dying sinner with love that Christ offers those who would CONFESS their sins and be saved. (stepping off the soap box)
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      • The LORD Jesus is in deed the Christ, which is also equal to saying that the LORD Yeshua is in deed the Messiah. There is no difference there, and there is no problem there. As to the Church, there is no doubt that the LORD Jesus Christ did found and establish His Church here on Earth, and that Church exists to day in this Planet.
    • Good day. I am using the free version of Logos. I have also completed the recent testing of the complete package. I have found that the Topic search and other tools does not work with the Afrikaans language resources I own for more than ten years. Now, my issue is this - I cannot invest in a superb system but it fails in the use of my main library of resources in most of its functionalities. How can I resolve the issue? PS. I have changed the interface language to Afrikaans to no avail in resolving my problem.
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        • I made a set of highlighting styles I use for my studies, can I make it so those highlights make clippings as well based on the label?? For instance I have one style called soteriology, it also has a label of soteriology... I would like all those highlights to be placed into a clipping called soteriology
        • Please can you tell me how to highlight phrases in the book I am reading? When I select and right click, the menu does not give this option. Thank- you.
          • My word! What options! I do have another question Adam. I noticed in the resource I was reading - Baker Commentary of the Old Testament - Psalm 1-41 that a small section was underlined, with a small note that 6 people had underlined that section! Would my underlining be also registered in other people's copies of the same resource? Do I have the option to turn on or off other people's underlining?
          • Yes, to both. That's called "popular highlights." It's collected anonymously (no one will ever see your personal highlights), and shows up once a certain number of people highlight a phrase. You can turn this off if you like in Tools, Program Settings.
          • Thanks Adam. Interesting!