• I love the Logos Tech Tips! But is there a way to make them mobile friendly? These are the only emails I get that look this way so I thought I should let someone know. Thank you for all the hard work that go into these.
    1. Thanks for the feedback, . We'll take a look.
  • I just got a number of resources from the current 30% off library sale of Logos 8 legacy libraries and was planning to get more. However, when I try to open them, a message says they are not available on my desktop. I must either download them or view them on the web app, though they open perfectly on mobile. I stopped downloading resources because they take up so much space on my computer. Is there really no other option to use them on my desktop without downloading them? Yes, I did see that the descriptions say, "The Logos 8 Legacy Libraries reintroduce the classic libraries of Logos 8. This library is offered without features and datasets, making it the perfect standalone collection of resources to help grow your library..." So, does "without features and datasets" mean no ability to access them even as other non-downloaded resources are accessed? I suppose "standalone collection" means limited to certain parameters. Does this also mean the mobile operates like using the web app, which somehow accesses these resources differently, but the desktop does not contain that functionality to access non-downloaded resources? Thank you!
    1. Thanks for the speculation, too. I know the mobile app is written completely independent from the desktop, like two separate programs. But it would be a shame if the mobile had greater functionality or server access than the desktop just to handle text.
    2. We've never built streaming resources on desktop. We'd like to at some point, but we haven't gotten to it yet. What we introduced with Logos 8 is cloud resources, where you can choose the subset of your library to download for offline use and access the rest through cloud search. But to read them, you need to download them. The web app is exclusively streaming. The mobile app does both streaming and local.
    3. Thank you . I understand. And thank you again for reaching out as well.
  • Just wondering out loud if we will be able to change the default font size in Sermon Builder. It defaults to M but that is too small, be nice to have it set to L. Also, when selecting a word or phrase it would be nice if the Saved Style was on that bar as well as B I U. Sure would save a lot of time and frustration. But, thanks Logos for a wonderful tool for Bible study and sermon prep.
    1. This is what I mean. If this doesn't help, perhaps someone else has an idea.
    2. Yes, I have a couple of Saved styles I have created and use them often, but at least to me, it is cumbersome to have to go up to that bar to select. My idea is to have them available on the popup bar where you can select BIU Fill-in, add slides. etc. Not sure if it can be done, but those fellows at Logos have done wonders, surely that would not be too hard. Thanks, Kevin for your suggestions, hope you have a wonderful Resurrection week-end.
    3. For me if I save a style and then save the sermon as a template, the sermons I create from that template just come up with the saved settings already in place. But I think you're talking about something different. Blessings to you as well!
  • How do I put a book into a folder on the shortcuts bar I have folders made but can't remember how to get books into the folders.
    1. It's a new feature in Logos 9
    2. I do like it until the sun come out
    3. I had read about dark mode, but haven't tried it yet. I'm stuck in my rut!
  • I noticed the information pane isn’t working nothing comes up?
    1. Oh yes single click does it, I don't have it to update on hover, not sure if we are talking the same thing, I cannot see an option for that panel to update on just hover, and would find it very taxing on my computer if so. Here is image of what I am talking about. Are you talking about this Rev. Kev?
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      Ooo I found it in the 3dot for that panel....yeah I don't like that - I doodle with my mouse when reading :)
    3. Yes, that's it. And yes, it can also be annoying for the pane to update every time your cursor moves across something, lol. All depends on how quickly you want or need the information, I guess. Glad this worked out for both of you. The Information Tool, Power Lookup, and Explorer Tool are all very handy.
  • I'm having an issue with adding single verses from the WuestNT in the sermon builder. If I only want 1 John 4:9, for example, it will add 1 John 4:7-10. And since I cannot edit a verse inserted automatically (which would be great if I want to bold something by the way), I can only fix this on the slide but not in my notes. I think that other translations are subject to this as well (MSG comes to mind). Changing options, like "Block Paragraphs," "One verse per slide," or "Fully Formatted" does nothing to fix this. This problem exists in Logos and Proclaim. Are there any workarounds?
    1. , unfortunately, Wuest didn't provide verse breaks in his expanded translations. As a result, we don't know where one verse ends and the next one begins. He provided only paragraph ranges.
    2. I understand. Is it possible to enable editing the text in a future release? I hate to lose the nice formatting, but find a whole paragraph to be (sometimes) more than what I need in certain scenarios. Thank you for responding.
    3. Editing Scripture blocks is coming soon to a beta near you! :)
  • I just saw this My Faithlife
    1. How do you request forms in a book get rescanned at a better quality, The forms at the end of Bod by God are so small they are unusable/unreadable 370x240px is not a good quality for something intended to be printed/wriiten on
      1. I am getting to grips with logos 9 after a long hiatus (God is good), I would like to recommend some time be spent on the "Notes" function in future updates- this tool could be much more powerful than it currently is perhaps with the following suggestions: Folders - A user can create custom folders in the notes tool to organize research, passage studies, and word studies as well as daily devotional reflections. If this is currently available it's not clear in what way to organize it. Titles- A note should have the option of having a title to easily identify it currently the notes function simply utilizes the first few lines of a note as a reference. Templates- It could be useful, especially to new users (and new Christians) to have a template function for common note taking forms such as the S.O.A.P method etc In the same way Logos organizes a users study interface with workflows it could/should orginize a users note taking workflow.
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          Hi Ian, You can create individual Notebooks, however many people prefer to use tagging which can also be filtered. https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018492791-Using-Notebooks has some images and tips. With regards to Templates, you may wish to look at Workflows which will create notes based on form inputs. Having just looked, it looks like someone has already created a SOAP one that you can duplicate into your own documents. I don't know how applicable it is, but it might be a good starting point. The Workflow will create a new Notebook for the bible reference you are studying, and the individual responses will be individual notes within this Notebook. https://documents.logos.com/documents/394fe380b5b14b6dbba98edeca74764c/details https://www.logos.com/features/workflows
        2. NOTEBOOKS! that's the missing link I was looking for- Because the left-hand panel defaults to FILTERS I missed the notebooks tab- this makes ALL the difference in y attempts to organize my studies. Thanks Kevin!
      2. I noticed that the spell check is not working in my notes, I have it on yes in the program settings did I miss something?
        1. , version 9.3 introduced a bug with spellcheck. We're shipping a fix soon. We're sorry for the inconvenience.