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  • How to copy more than one verse at a time in Logos 11
    1. I love the Copy Bible Verses tool and use it regularly. Can it be enhanced so I can copy more than one text containing that verse ie: copy the Greek or Hebrew as well?
      1. I have lost the ability to select a style when I want to copy a verse. I can select the version and where to copy it, but not the style. Any ideas?
        1. It looks like you've created a style with no name. Click the Panel menu (three vertical dots). Choose "Delete style" to remove it and go back to a built-in style. Or choose "Edit style", then enter a name for this style and click Save.
      2. Is there a way to organize the order of the Copy styles? I primarily use two different Copy Bible Verses styles. It would be nice if they were the first two I saw on the list.
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          For some reason, my Copy and Paste feature will no longer automatically open Word or automatically paste into Word. It's one of my favorite features. Can anybody help? I'm using a PC running Windows 11 and have Logos 10.
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            Hello ! What would be the syntax for a Copy Style that replicates the style of anchor verses, albeit with the full selected text ? I like the way anchor verses stand out with the outline box and small grey text, and would be happy to have that same style to refer to selected verses in my notes.
            1. Looking at Logos help, I don’t think outline box format is possible.
          2. Has anyone figured out how to set a certain font for the copy bible verses tool. I really want it to default to SBL font style but do not see a way to accomplish this.
            1. After the last update, the Logos "Copy Bible Verses" lost much of its functionality. It does not allow me to copy specific verses, but only allows the pre-defined pericopes in the dropdown list. Very frustrating. Logos needs to fix this
              1. System reboot. Problem solved.
            2. all of a sudden, the function will not let me fully define what verses I want, it will only default to a pericope. It used to let me define exactly the verses I wanted. why change?
              1. So now in Logos 26.0, suddenly using the Copy Bible Verses tool changes the font that is inserted. How do I fix this? I want it to paste into the target doc's font, obviously.
                1. We are investigating this issue. I'll be sure to update this thread once we have more information. Thank you for your patience!