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  • Continue from previous post: Unable to highlight verses in bible and copy them to Microsoft Word. Every time I delete the current verse and then try to highlight new verses, it goes back to my previous copy text.
    1. I have the same comment from 7 months ago. I have lost the ability to highlight a text in my ESV bible and copy and paste to Microsoft word. I have my bible and Copy Verse linked. I am using Win 11. Can anyone help?
      1. Copy Bible Verses is one feature that was better in WordSearch and has not improved much. While it is great to be able to customize formatting, the feature has quirks that can cause one to lose the work put into a list of scriptures. If minimized or put into the background, all of my work is often lost. While Logos is by far a better application than WordSearch was, I long for the days of WordSearch while using this feature!
        1. I am trying to input a list of verses to copy and paste into Word. It sort of works the first time - sometimes is pulls the list and copies it, other times when I hit copy it removes my list and instead inserts a prior list I had worked on. Once I get into this loop I can never get it to pull my current list. Every time it inserts a prior list into the selection box then goes and searches it. I have a list of verses used in our SS lesson that I would like to print out. The verses cross various NT books. I've followed the directions for listing the verses. It just doesn't work. Any suggestions? I had the same problem in Logos9. It seems worse now. For example my list might look like: 1tim2:8-15;1tim2:8;1cor1:2;1thess1.8;ps63:4;lam3:41;isa1:15;job16:17;ps24:3-5;jam4:8 (no line break)
          1. Please enhance this tool so that multiple versions can be selected and coped at the same time. It would be a big help.
            1. I would like to copy a verse so that when I paste it into PowerPoint with a specific font, font size, bold, and color. Can I change a setting in copy bible verses or in the past function in PowerPoint? If so can someone give me some direction on doing so? I know that I can Create a New Style, but I don't see how I can control the font, font size, and color. I am able to bold or not bold.
              1. Copy Bible Verses Copy and paste function stopped working in Logos 10. I'm OS is Windows 11. No "Copy and Paste." How do I get it to work in Windows???
                1. Thanks for the report. We're investigating.
                2. In my studies this morning, the <Copy and Paste> button in the Copy Bible verses appear to be working normally, whereas 2 days ago it was greyed out and only the <copy> button was functional. what changed? i don't know. thanks for looking into the matter.
                3. Doug, glad to hear that it is working now. Could you have changed the "paste to" target? Only some applications, like MS Word, support the "Copy and Paste" feature.
              2. Copy Bible Verses Copy and paste function stopped working. It neither opens a Word doc nor paste into and open Word document. Has anyone seen this behavior before? Thanks
                1. Hi, Brian. Is this on a Mac? Sometimes you have to set permission for Logos in your OS security to allow it to paste to other apps.  1. Go to System Preferences>Security>Privacy>Accessibility  2. Click the Lock icon and enter your computer password  3. Check the box for Logos. (If it’s not there for some reason, you should be able to add it from the + button, and look in Applications for Logos.)
                2. I'm having the same problem with Windows 11. No "Copy and Paste." How do I get it to work in Windows???
              3. Please add the option to copy the same passage from multiple texts at the same time. It would be helpful. And adding the choice to paste the passage sequentially or interleaved would be a plus.
                1. I am trying to add a soft return to the HTML formatting in the Copy Bible Verses tab but cannot get anything to cause each verse to be on a separate line WITHOUT adding a line after the return. I know the soft return will do that but I can't get it to work.