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  • I wanted to post something here and I see I posted the same thing a week ago. I guess this is a non-functioning website
    1. , sorry. Some of these feature groups have more traction than others. I'll address your other question.
  • I have a lot of passages in the power lookup window. Why isn't there an option to save as a passage list?
    1. That's a good suggestion. I'm not sure why we never built that. I'll mention this to the team. cc: , In the mean time, the workaround is to choose Print/Export > Copy to clipboard, open a passage list document, and then from the Add menu choose Add passages from clipboard.
  • With the power lookup tool open I can right click on a word in my Bible, choose the 'selection' in the left panel of the popup, then in the right panel scroll down and click on power lookup and the dictionary meaning of the word I chose will appear in the power lookup panel. I expect the dictionaries are selected using the prioritised books list in the library. Is that correct?