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  • I no longer can highlight bible text to the copy bible text application. I was able to do it before, but now when I highlight the bible text I want it does not show up in the copy bible verse block. I was using my ipad for bible study for getting clippings and had changed the "swipe to highlight" back on. I could not find a setting on my PC to make sure "swipe to highlight" is on????????
    1. Hello, I just wanted to ask a question about my passage guide section some of my books like Willmington's Guide to the Bible and all of my Clarence Larkin books that I own doesn't show on any section when I do the passage guide or when I study. They are in my library but it doesn't show in the passage guide. Can anyone help me? I've done my research about adding section but I can't seem to find the reason why it doesn't show.
      1. I will tell you how add Clarence Larkin books to your Passage Guide and then you can use that process to add anything you want. First, go to the Tools menu and load the Collection tools. Make a new collection of your Larkin books with this rule author:"Clarence Larkin" and then close the collection tool. Next load the passage guide and when it loads by the panel menu at the top there is an add link, click that link and add collections to your passage guide. When you add a collection like this it gets added at the bottom of the guide so go to the bottom and put wherever you want. If you hover over the title bar on this new collection tab you see a settings link so change it to your Larkin books. You can use this technique to customize your passage guide to however you want it.
      2. Thanks for your help! when i put all my Clarence Larkin books it leads me to the passage I want base on what I want to search. That's what I like about this.
    2. Is there a way to when scrolling through a Bible, can you scroll a line or two at a time instead of a full page? If there is, I can't find it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
      1. How do I get to look at different people's narratives. I can only see Ruth, Kings, Job, Acts, and Ezra.
        1. While in the Narrative Character Map
      2. Is there a way to reset the default global text size on resource text size aside for changing the program scaling? I'm pretty sure I set it on a global setting back when my eyes were better than they are now but I can't figure out how to do it anymore.
        1. Just opened Biblical People Diagrams for the first time & as a dark mode user, it's unreadable... the black text needs to change to white in dark mode... plz fix!!!
        2. Question... I'm doing a harmony study (A T Robinon's) but cannot highlight within the text. That seems to be the only resources where I cannot highlight. Is there a setting where I can change that? Thanks!
          1. Just purchased BDAG and it has indexed into my resource library. I want to utilize the different settings available. The help section is too vague to be useful for additional setup. Does anyone have this program up and running? Your assistance would be invaluable, thanks in advance.
            1. Is there a way to print a morphology chart? If there is I haven't been able to find it.
              1. I am a missionary in Chad and use Logos for study. Our internet is usually at about 250-400KBs. I have several video courses such as the video series for Grasping God's Word. The issue that I have is that these take FOREVER to load to the point that I can watch them. I am able to stream YouTube videos, but the videos in Logos will not even load at pace that makes them useable. Any suggestions? Faster internet is not available...
                1. Thanks for the question, Les. If you find yourself with temporary access to faster internet, you can download all the videos for watching later: https://support.logos.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020335691-Download-Media-in-Media-Resources Otherwise, you might have a better viewing experience at faithlifetv.com, where the video player does a better job of dynamically adjusting the quality of the video to suit your connection speed.
                2. Thanks. Maybe the Faith TV option will work
                3. I used a program while in the military to much more quickly copy large files over a satellite link. It was developed by CERN and is called bbFTP. It uses multiple streams when copying. Maybe LOGOS could adapt this method for large file copies.