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    Welcome to the Logos Search group. This is a place for users of Logos Bible Software to talk about searching in the Logos desktop, web, and mobile apps. Share and learn tips, trade search examples, ask and answer questions, and show some of the cool insights you've gleaned from Logos's powerful searching and unique data sets—and let us know how we can make Logos searching even better.
  • Does the WITHIN proximity operator work for verses in the Basic search? For example, can I search for instances where "fear" is mentioned in one verse and "holy" mentioned in the next verse by using "fear WITHIN 2 VERSES holy"? That exact query does not work, but is there something I'm missing that would make it work?
    1. Not fear “WITHIN 2 VERSES” but try “WITHIN 50 WORDS” or some other number
    2. Thank you.
  • How can I search for everytime the OT talks about God but doesn't use Elohim (but instead uses El, Eloah, etc.)?
    1. You could do a root search "<Root = lbs/he/אֵל:5> INTERSECTS god" and look at the results in Analysis mode grouping by Hebrew lemma. Then you would get something like this. The Logos Help file describes the Analysis view if you aren't familiar with it. But if this doesn't make sense please advise.
  • I am searching for glorify or glory with God or Jesus, I used what I have used prior to 8 ie: "glorify OR glory" AND "God OR Jesus" and get 0 results in the Bibles but 98 "fuzzy" responses. What is going on?
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      Got it. Your template put the pairs in quotes... Thank you
    2. , which template was this?
    3. Oh, I see. I think you used the "Both Terms" template, and inserted the OR operator in each field. Search Templates are pretty basic, and aren't designed to combine with other operators. Someday, I hope we'll simplify the overall search syntax, and build a more comprehensive query editor for complex searches.
  • Prior to Logos 8, the search function included a simple "Words of Christ" filter. I'm not seeing that now. Is it no longer available? Thank you
    1. It's still there. I don't think anything has changed. It's a search field. You'll find it in the All Bible Text drop-down menu. You can also invoke it with a search field prefix: wordsofchrist:love or woc:love.
    2. Got it. Sorry. I haven't used it in a while and forgot that it's there. I was looking in the filters. Thank you Phil.
  • Was Peter the first recepient of the fullness of God’s Grace ?
    1. , can you expound on the desired outcome of your question? Are you looking to find articles/discussions in your library that address this question? Is "the fullness of God’s Grace" an exact theological phrase, or are there other multiple ways to capture this idea?
  • Where can I find the Greek morphology visual filter
    1. , are you trying to create a specific visual filter, find one you've already created, or find one shared by the community? Are there particular Greek morphological characteristics that you're interested in?
  • Is it possible to leave "All Passages" in a Bible search, and then set the passage in the search window? Sort of like, <Range Hebrews> AND Jesus I change my search range fairly often as I study, and it would probably be faster to type than to click and select and type and clear, etc.
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      Yes. You'd build the search like this: Jesus WITHIN {Milestone <Hebrews>}. You could also use the INTERSECTS operator, which produces the same results: Jesus INTERSECTS {Milestone <Hebrews>}.
    2. Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but you might also want to consider <Person Jesus> WITHIN {Milestone <Hebrews>}, which will find all references to Jesus, not just the ones that use the word Jesus.
  • I would like to search and see how to find the different ways the Holy Spirit is referenced/describe by the use of synonyms that refer to it. As example I believe water and a dove is used as a reference to the Holy Spirit. I just upgraded to Logos 8 Silver and I watching videos and reading everything I can to learn about the software. But any insight here is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.
    1. We can search for Holy Spirit and referents like His, He and possibly water, dove e.g. <Person Holy Spirit> INTERSECTS water, dove --> where water, dove may be part of the referent. But the only result was for 'water' in Jn 7:38. If we right-click 'dove' in the context of Jesus e.g. Mt 3:16, we find a Figurative Language LABEL on the RHS. Click Search on the LHS and you get ---> {Label Figurative Language WHERE Category ~ <FigurativeLanguageCategory Simile, Narrow Scope> AND Source ~ <FigurativeLanguageTerm Dove> AND Target ~ <FigurativeLanguageTerm Holy Spirit> AND Type ~ <FigurativeLanguageType Dove as Holy Spirit>}. Simplify this to ---> {Label Figurative Language WHERE Target ~ <FigurativeLanguageTerm Holy Spirit>} and we get results for "water", "dove", "helper" etc.
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    2. Also look at Tools >> Bible Browser. Select a category and see if Holy Spirit is one of its under-categories e.g. under Figurative Language > Target
    3. Awesome! Thanks! This is very helpful!
  • Is there a way to search notes and the results be highlighted? I love the new notes tool but some of my notes are large and while a search identifies the notes that include the search term, wading through them all to find the match is frustrating and time consuming. Thanks for any help you can offer.
    1. Phil, thanks for your response, but the Ctrl+F feature is unavailable in notes and Search>Everything turned up lots of hits in Clippings, but nothing in notes. Do I understand correctly that the coming update will allow search access to the notes tool?
    2. Logos 8.4, which is beta and ships on April 15, should address both of these. Ctrl+F was working, but a bug caused it to break. I wasn’t sure if that was working or not in the stable version. Sounds like it’s not. Notes integration into Everything Search is also shipping with 8.4.
    3. Ok, great! Thank you