• Is there a way to view a document before you add it to your own?
    1. How to I get my documents into Logos 8? I found a simeon trust workflow I'd like to download. It shows in my documents. I can't get it into Logos 8 and would love not to have to recreate the wheel with my own ST workflow.
      1. Is there a reason why there's not an option to publish a document for anonymous users [no login required] to view? It seems like it would be beneficial for Faithlife as a whole to allow anyone to view what is being done/created by Logos users. Requiring a login (new account to be made) just pushes people away from the platform and also users from using the tools.
        1. For example, I should be able to make something like a passage list (full version) and then share it on the faithlife site so anyone can see it. One use case would be to post my passage list url onto facebook. This would be an excellent way for Faithlife/Logos to share what their company does to the general public. But the requirement to create an account to view the passage list will turn people away.
      2. I created a small group for our church and shared a prayer list document with group. All of our i-phone users have a header menu in the group that has documents as an option, but our android users don't have this menu option (including me as admin). How do they access the prayer list?
        1. I too quickly backspaced and erased a quote I had in a sermon document...is there any way to do a back step to what was there before...? One of those arrows bending backwards...?
          1. Pressing Command-Z on Mac or Ctrl-Z on Windows will undo your last action. (this works in most other applications, too!)
          2. Are there any plans to support versioning of documents? Sometimes you cannot just undo your last action and need an older version of the document.
        2. When trying to view a "Clipping" via https://documents.logos.com/ I get a runtime error (see attached pic). This happens in both Windows and Android versions of Chrome. Who should that bug be forwarded to?
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