• Logos is fantastic! I've used it thoroughly throughout my years as a student at Moody Bible Institute.
    1. Bergen's commentary is clearly very well thought out and provides incredible insight into the books of 1, 2 Samuel. His outstanding addition to the New American Commentary series is worth adding to anyone's library.
      1. This was an absolutely unbelievable deal. It included the Tyndale NT Commentaries! Definitely worth the money.
        1. Can you help me please? How comprehensive is the commentary set? Does it include every volume? The problem with these upgrades is not knowing the exact contents. I'm looking for a good commentary series for my studies in Bible college but I have a tight budget. I know Baker's Understanding the Bible series is currently on sale but I have doubts about the academic depth of the series. Thanks. God bless.
        2. Hello Ken, I am a Bible college student too. The Tyndale commentaries are far superior to the "Understanding the Bible" commentaries. The Tyndale ones are are very in depth and are written by A list commentators like Wayne Grudem. With this upgrade, you will only get the New Testament commentaries, but if in the future you decide to get the OT commentaries, you will receive a discount for the set you already own. If I were you, I would go for this upgrade over the Baker one. Quality is far superior to quantity! Just check to see if you have the Tyndale commentaries already, as they come with most Logos 7 packages. Also check to see if you qualify for academic discount if you are a student at a Bible college. Try googling "logos student discount" if you don't already have it. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.
        3. Thanks Sean. I appreciate your advice! Helps to know what is actually included in the upgrade. I agree - the Tyndale series looks like a better option. All the best with your studies.
      2. The best commentary I have ever used. (Especially Bergen's 1, 2 Samuel portion)
        1. I cannot tell you how many times I have used this for study. Invaluable for exegesis.