Lake View Community Church
Happy Father's Day
Service Order

Lake View Community Church

2043 Lakeview Road, Lake View NY 14085

(716) 627-5978      

Pastor Andy Frudd

June 16, 2019



Invocation & Welcome

815    Offering & Doxology


404    Faith of our Fathers

Good, Good, Father

793   For the Beauty of the Earth

As for Me and My House



“Godly Fathering”

Genesis  22:1-19


664  Take My Life, Lead Me, Lord  vs.1


Going Deeper w/The Stewards - June 30th @ 6pm


Wed 6/19:  Baseball Game

There is a Sign-up sheet for Mowing

Do you have any ideas for Summer Outings? See Andy, Bill, Ken, Donna, or Jo (Ad Board)

Interested in Membership or Baptism?

 See Andy or Bill!

Last week of Sunday School will be June 23rd!

Wonmen’s Retreat:  6/28 – 6/29

Arrive: 5:00pm - Dinner – Light fare

Bring: Snack to share for later PM

and 2 hand towels

7:00pm- Speaker

AM Breakfast will be served

Vacation Bible School



Day 3 – VBS Extras – Which continent am I?

(Last week’s continent was Asia)

·       This continent is home to 54 countries

·       One country on this continent has the highest rate of twins

·       The world’s biggest frog is found on this continent

             (1’ long and weighs 8 #)

·       One area on this continent your wealth is determined by how many cows you own

·       This continent is overall the hottest and poorest on earth

Our list of needs will be updated from now until our event. So- keep a keen eye



Plastic grocery bags

Shirt boxes

Used CD’s

Lids – mayo type

Deli containers – small

Clear plastic jars w/lids (like PB&J)

Yogurt cups/glue containers

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